How Much Do Syracuse Mets Players Make?

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Syracuse Mets is a smaller branch of the New York Mets and are a minor league team of the Triple-A grade. It was founded in 1961 and holds 2 divisional titles for the years 1989 and 2014. The team has 25 players included in Syracuse Mets as of 2022. Let us know “How Much Do Syracuse Mets Players Make?”

How Much Do Syracuse Mets Players Make?

The salaries of Syracuse Mets players are low in comparison to the Major League players. Syracuse Mets fall in Minor League; thus, the players make about USD 4,800 to 14,700. The salaries are reliant upon whether the player plays Triple-A or Double-A. Moreover, the salary of a minor league player can even be up to USD 187,000. Some make about USD 1,500 a month. Syracuse Mets players are paid during the baseball season, but the payments stop in the offseason.

The following are the estimates of the salaries of Mets Syracuse players:

  • Players in the top 75th percentile make about USD 187,200
  • The middle 50th percentile players make about USD 28,400
  • The players at the bottom of the curve make about USD 19,910

Factors Affecting Salary

There are several elements that have an impact on how much the minor league players make.


This refers to the experience of the player, how much baseball has he played in the past, and how many different teams.


Where on the roster the player lies and what position he plays, whether it’s a hitter or a pitcher, also has some impact on the salary.

Discretion of the owner

The players’ salaries are heavily reliant upon the capacity of the owner of the team to spend. They may want to cut back on the manager’s salary and spend more on the players, thus this element is at the owner’s discretion. 

Cut for the major league

Minor league players are paid after the major league players receive their salaries. New York Mets (Major League) have a current budget of USD 281.9 million. Thus, it affects what the Minor League, like Syracuse Mets will get, especially since the pay budget increased from USD 146 million in 2019 to USD 199 million. 


The salary is reliant upon what class the player plays in. For example, those who play Class A get around USD 290. 

Below are the following details (weekly):

Class A players’ salary is between USD 290 to 500

Double-A players’ salary is between USD 350 to 600

Triple-A players’ salary is between USD 500 to 700 

Syracuse Mets Contracts

The salary of each player is not the same as other players since different elements impact how much the pay is (discussed above). 

The contract a minor league player signs postulates the following:

  • Pay for one week at minimum is USD 400
  • Pay is different for every class; Class A gets USD 300, Double-A player gets a contract of USD 600, and Triple-A of USD 700.
  • Compensation for meals, housing, health, etc. is mentioned in the contract
  • The onus for signing the contract is USD 20,000
  • Players who made it to the top 75 in the minor league get about USD 747,500 bonus in the contract

Salary Of Players In Both Major And Minor League 

The salaries of players who play for both the Syracuse Mets (Minor League) and New York Mets (Major League) are different from those who only play for the Syracuse Mets. 

  • A player from New York Mets sometimes plays for Syracuse Mets as an option or for an official assignment
  • The salary for such a player starts from USD 57,200 
  • If the player has been on two major league contracts before, then the salary is USD 114,000

Issues Of wages For Syracuse Mets

Minor League players make a lot lesser than Major League players, whose salaries are in the millions. There are several problems with wages for Minor League teams:

  • Minor League players, like Syracuse Mets, are only paid for the season, not for training sessions or an offseason. 
  • Financial compensation for the travel of players is not sufficient 
  • Housing finances are not included for Syracuse Mets players, which is a major problem for them
  • These conditions affect the minor league players to live in difficult situations 
  • There is a huge difference in the salary of a major league player, which is about USD 4 million
  • On the other hand, minor league players make about USD 14,000 

Resolution Of The Wage Issue

  • There have been USD 185 million payouts for Minor League players
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) took over the affairs of the minor league teams
  • MLB cut out about 40 teams, thus solving a lot of salary-related issues for many players
  • The teams cut out were restructured by 120 affiliated teams, like Syracuse Mets


Salaries are low for Syracuse Mets and even other Minor League teams, who have filed cases against the concerned departments for this. However, steps are being taken to curb the issues and salaries have increased from 30% to about 70%. 


How Much Do Syracuse Mets Players Make?
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