How to get free ETH in Metamask?

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If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you have probably heard of Ethereum, one of the most popular blockchain networks. As with any investment, you want to maximize your profits while minimizing your costs. Fortunately, it is possible to get free ETH in Metamask, a popular digital wallet for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. In this blog post, we will explore various methods for getting free ETH in Metamask, including airdrops, faucets, and staking.

How to get free ETH in Metamask?


Airdrops are a popular way to get free cryptocurrencies, including ETH. Airdrops involve receiving free coins or tokens for completing certain tasks, such as signing up for a new platform or following a project on social media. To participate in an airdrop, you will typically need to have a wallet address for the specific cryptocurrency being distributed. Here’s how you can find airdrops to earn free ETH in Metamask:

  1. Research on social media: Many cryptocurrency projects announce airdrops on their social media accounts, such as Twitter, Telegram, or Discord. Follow these accounts to stay updated on the latest airdrops and the requirements to participate.
  2. Join airdrop communities: There are various online communities dedicated to sharing information about airdrops. These communities often have members who share their experiences with different airdrops and tips for increasing your chances of getting free ETH.
  3. Use airdrop aggregators: Airdrop aggregators are websites or apps that collect information on various airdrops and provide users with a list of active airdrops. Some popular airdrop aggregators include Airdrop Alert,, and Airdrop King.


Faucets are another way to earn free ETH in Metamask. Faucets are websites that give users small amounts of cryptocurrency for completing a captcha or other simple tasks. Although the rewards are usually small, faucets are a quick and easy way to accumulate free ETH. Here are some ways to find faucets that offer free ETH:

  1. Research on Google: A simple Google search for “ETH faucet” will give you a list of websites that offer free ETH. Be cautious when using faucets, as some may be scams or contain malicious software.
  2. Use faucet aggregators: Similar to airdrop aggregators, faucet aggregators collect information on various faucets and provide users with a list of active faucets. Some popular faucet aggregators include Faucet Collector,, and Fire Faucet.
  3. Participate in giveaways: Some cryptocurrency influencers or communities host giveaways on social media or other platforms. These giveaways often require participants to follow certain accounts, share content, or complete other tasks. Although the chances of winning may be low, giveaways are a low-risk way to earn free ETH.


Staking is a process that involves locking up your cryptocurrency holdings in a wallet for a certain period of time to earn rewards. Staking is a relatively low-risk way to earn free ETH, as you do not have to actively trade or invest your funds. To stake ETH in Metamask, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a staking platform: There are various staking platforms that support ETH, including Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase. Research the different platforms to determine which one is best for you.
  • Transfer ETH to the staking platform: Once you have chosen a staking platform, transfer your ETH holdings from your Metamask wallet to the platform’s staking wallet.
  • Stake your ETH: Follow the platform’s instructions to stake your ETH. You may need to choose a staking duration, such as 30 days or 90 days, and agree to the platform’s terms and conditions.
  • Earn rewards: Once you have staked your ETH, you will begin earning rewards in the form of additional ETH. The amount of rewards you earn will depend on the staking platform’s rewards structure and the length of your staking period.
  • Staking is a great way to earn passive income with your cryptocurrency holdings, and it can be a great option for those who want to earn free ETH without actively trading or investing their funds.

Tips for maximizing your earnings

While there are many ways to earn free ETH in Metamask, it is important to be cautious and strategic in your approach. Here are some tips for maximizing your earnings:

  • Do your research: Before participating in any airdrops or faucets, make sure to research the project and the platform offering the free ETH. Be wary of scams or platforms that require you to share sensitive information.
  • Diversify your portfolio: Don’t rely solely on one method of earning free ETH. Instead, consider diversifying your portfolio by participating in airdrops, faucets, and staking.
  • Be patient: Earning free ETH through airdrops, faucets, and staking can take time, and the rewards may be small. Don’t expect to get rich overnight, but instead focus on accumulating small amounts of free ETH over time.
  • Keep your wallet secure: Make sure to keep your Metamask wallet secure by using strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Be wary of phishing scams or other attempts to steal your cryptocurrency holdings.


Earning free ETH in Metamask is a great way to maximize your profits while minimizing your costs. By participating in airdrops, faucets, and staking, you can accumulate free ETH over time and earn passive income with your cryptocurrency holdings. However, it is important to be cautious and strategic in your approach and to keep your Metamask wallet secure at all times. With these tips in mind, you can start earning free ETH and taking advantage of the exciting opportunities offered by the world of cryptocurrency.

How to get free ETH in Metamask?
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