How to Pitch Softball Properly

How to Pitch Softball Properly

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How to Pitch Softball Properly

How to pitch softball properly with fastpitch speed is one of the most important lessons in pitching. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pitcher, there is a lot that you should know about fastpitch fastballs. If you want to get better at pitching, you should learn how to pitch fastball properly and consistently. For example, what is the proper grip for the pitcher? What should be the speed and spin on a harder pitch?

How to Pitch Softball Properly


Many pitchers have a very hard time with fastpitch because they do not strike the ball properly on a harder pitch. This happens for many different reasons. Maybe they are learning how to pitch slower and harder, or maybe they are trying to develop a “breaking ball” to use in certain situations, such as when they need to get a hitter out. Perhaps it is all of these things, but one thing that you should keep in mind is that the more consistent you can be with the way you throw hard-pitch fastballs, the better chance you will have of success. Here are some helpful tips to help you learn how to pitch fastpitch correctly and consistently.

Tips to Help You Learn How to Pitch Fastpitch

Learn to Keep The Ball at The Last Minute

One tip on learning how to pitch fastballs the right way is to understand that you will need to learn how to keep the ball in play at the last minute.

There are three pitches that you can use on offense: hardpitch, softerpitch, and slowpitch. Each has a purpose and use in your hitting strategy, so you need to understand how to pitch each one correctly. For instance, a hard pitch should be used early in the count. You will have plenty of time to work on keeping the ball in play at the end of the count if you have a good hard pitch.

Softer Pitch

A softer pitch should be thrown at the end of the count or when you are attempting to get a base hit. The faster pitch speeds up the baseball and the harder pitches slow it down.

If you learn how to pitch fastballs correctly, you will be able to successfully hit the ball with a faster speed and more of an impact. This will allow for maximum power and distance.

Practice What You Will Actually Do in an At-Bat

Another tip on learning how to pitch fastballs correctly is to practice what you will actually do in an at-bat. When you come to bat, you should already be in your comfortable starting position.

Do not go too fast before you warm up, and make sure that your glove is ready to go.

Once you have done all of this, you can start to learn how to pitch softballs.

Always use your glove’s fingernails to strike the ball with the bat as if you are playing catch. It is very important that you are comfortable with the motion and how to do it before you ever even step up to the plate.

Your Lower Half Make the Downswing

One other way to learn how to pitch fastballs properly is to have your lower half make the downswing. Instead of lifting your shoulder, turn it inward. This will produce a much more violent downswing which will help generate a faster pitch.

In order to have the most violent downswing possible, turn your hips outward. With the hips turned outward, they will hit the ground first giving you a powerful downswing.

Knowing how to pitch fastballs correctly is not something that can be learned in a short amount of time. However, if one takes the time to learn how to properly pitch a softball, they are ensuring that they will always be successful with their craft. For instance, if you are trying to throw a fast pitch, you do not want to kneel too far back in order to keep the pitch low. This will most likely lead to bad technique and will lead to poor strikes.


If you are looking for information on pitching softballs, you are in luck. There are many sources available on the internet that can provide you with helpful tips and advice. These sources will also show you how to pitch fastballs the right way. The best thing to do is to ask a professional or a team of instructors at a pitching academy. They will help you develop your skills on how to pitch fastballs the correct way.


How to Pitch Softball Properly
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