Is iPhone 14 Pro Waterproof?

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In today’s tech-savvy world, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. They accompany us everywhere, from capturing memories to staying connected with loved ones. However, accidents happen, and water damage is a common concern among smartphone users. With each new iteration, iPhone models aim to improve their durability and resistance to water. In this blog post, we will delve into the question on everyone’s mind: Is the iPhone 14 Pro waterproof? We will explore the various aspects of the iPhone 14 Pro’s water resistance, including its official rating, advanced technologies, and real-world performance.

Is iPhone 14 Pro Waterproof?

The Official Water Resistance Rating

One of the primary indicators of a smartphone’s water resistance is its official rating. Apple, known for its attention to detail and commitment to user experience, provides official ratings for its iPhones. The iPhone 14 Pro, like its predecessors, is likely to come with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. However, as of the time of writing, the iPhone 14 Pro has not been released, and thus, its official rating remains speculative. To understand the potential water resistance capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro, we can examine the IP rating of its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro.

IP68 Rating: The Gold Standard

The iPhone 13 Pro features an IP68 rating, which has become the gold standard for water and dust resistance in smartphones. This rating signifies that the device is dust-tight and can withstand immersion in water up to a certain depth for a specified duration. While the iPhone 13 Pro’s IP68 rating guarantees protection against dust particles, it is designed to withstand water immersion of up to 1.5 meters (approximately 4.9 feet) for a maximum of 30 minutes. This means that accidental splashes, rain, or even a brief drop in water should not cause any significant damage to the device. However, it is crucial to note that exceeding the specified depth or duration can compromise the device’s water resistance.

Advanced Technologies in iPhone 14 Pro

With each new iPhone release, Apple strives to push the boundaries of technology, enhancing the user experience while ensuring robustness. While the specific features of the iPhone 14 Pro are currently undisclosed, we can anticipate the incorporation of advanced technologies to improve its water resistance capabilities.

Sealed Design: Apple has consistently worked on refining the design of its iPhones to enhance water resistance. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to continue this trend, featuring a sealed design that helps prevent water from seeping into the internal components. Tight seals around buttons, ports, and other vulnerable areas will aid in safeguarding the device against accidental water exposure.

Waterproof Materials: Another aspect that contributes to water resistance is the materials used in the construction of the device. Apple has been progressively utilizing waterproof materials, such as special adhesives and gaskets, to create a more resilient enclosure. These materials serve as an additional barrier, reducing the likelihood of water ingress and enhancing the overall durability of the iPhone.

Advanced Sealing Techniques: To improve water resistance, advanced sealing techniques are often employed during the manufacturing process. These techniques ensure that vulnerable areas, such as the SIM tray, speaker grilles, and microphone ports, are adequately sealed to prevent water penetration. By employing state-of-the-art sealing techniques, the iPhone 14 Pro is likely to offer enhanced water resistance compared to its predecessors.

Real-World Performance

While official ratings and advanced technologies provide insights into a device’s water resistance capabilities, real-world performance is often the ultimate test. Users want reassurance that their iPhones can withstand accidental encounters with liquids and survive daily challenges. Although the iPhone 14 Pro’s real-world performance remains unknown until its release, we can draw some conclusions based on the experiences of previous iPhone models.

Adventures in the Great Outdoors: Many smartphone users take their devices along on outdoor adventures, exposing them to more extreme conditions. From hiking trips to beach outings, these activities often involve exposure to water, dust, and other elements. The iPhone 14 Pro, building upon the durability of its predecessors, is expected to handle these outdoor escapades admirably. Its water resistance will enable users to take stunning photos and videos in the rain, capture memories by the pool, or navigate through dusty terrains without worrying about potential damage to the device.

Enhanced Waterproofing for Peace of Mind: Apple’s continuous focus on innovation and customer satisfaction suggests that the iPhone 14 Pro will aim to provide users with enhanced waterproofing capabilities. While it may not be explicitly marketed as “waterproof” to avoid any misleading claims, the iPhone 14 Pro is likely to offer an impressive level of water resistance. This will give users peace of mind, knowing that their valuable device is well-protected even in scenarios that involve accidental submersion or exposure to water.

Important Considerations

While the iPhone 14 Pro’s water resistance capabilities are expected to be impressive, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Limitations of Water Resistance: It is crucial to understand that even with a high IP rating and advanced technologies, no smartphone is completely impervious to water damage. Water resistance is not a guarantee against all water-related incidents. Users should exercise caution and avoid deliberate or prolonged exposure to water, as exceeding the specified limits can compromise the device’s resistance.
  • Regular Maintenance: To ensure the longevity of water resistance capabilities, regular maintenance is essential. Keeping the device clean, promptly drying it if it comes into contact with liquids, and avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive materials during cleaning will help maintain its water resistance over time.
  • Accessories and Third-Party Modifications: Adding accessories or making modifications to the device can affect its water resistance. Using third-party cases or modifying the device in any way may compromise the seals and barriers designed to protect against water. It is advisable to use Apple-certified accessories or consult official guidelines before making any modifications.


While the iPhone 14 Pro’s official water resistance rating and specific details are currently unavailable, it is reasonable to expect significant improvements in its water resistance capabilities based on Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience. The combination of an advanced IP rating, cutting-edge technologies, and real-world performance of previous iPhone models suggests that the iPhone 14 Pro will offer impressive water resistance, ensuring durability and peace of mind for users in various scenarios. As always, it is importantto exercise caution and follow the recommended guidelines to maintain the device’s water resistance capabilities over time.

In the end, the decision to purchase the iPhone 14 Pro should be based on a holistic evaluation of its overall features, performance, and personal preferences. While water resistance is undoubtedly an important consideration, it is just one aspect of what makes a smartphone truly exceptional. As we eagerly await the release of the iPhone 14 Pro, we can look forward to exploring its full range of capabilities and the innovative solutions it brings to the palm of our hands.

Is iPhone 14 Pro Waterproof?
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