Is Thanos the only eternal deviant?

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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are few villains that have captivated audiences quite like Thanos. His towering stature, menacing demeanor, and unparalleled strength have made him a formidable adversary for Earth’s mightiest heroes. But what makes Thanos truly interesting is his backstory. As an eternal deviant, Thanos is a unique being within the Marvel universe. However, the question remains: is Thanos the only eternal deviant? In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of eternal deviants, delve into Thanos’ origins, and examine whether he is truly alone in his eternal deviancy.

Is thanos the only eternal deviant

The Concept of Eternal Deviants

Before we can explore whether or not Thanos is the only eternal deviant, it’s important to understand what exactly an eternal deviant is. In the Marvel universe, the term “eternal” refers to a group of powerful and long-lived beings created by the Celestials, a group of god-like entities who shaped the universe. Eternals possess incredible powers and abilities, such as superhuman strength, flight, and energy projection. They also have an extended lifespan, allowing them to live for thousands of years.

However, not all beings created by the Celestials are Eternals. Some are Deviants, a group of beings with mutated genes that give them abnormal physical characteristics and powers. Deviants are often depicted as more monstrous and unpredictable than Eternals, and they are generally feared and reviled by other beings in the Marvel universe.

So, what exactly is an eternal deviant? It’s a being that possesses both Eternal and Deviant traits. These individuals are incredibly rare, and they possess an unusual combination of powers and abilities that set them apart from both Eternals and Deviants. Thanos is one of these rare beings, but is he the only one?

Thano’s Origins

To understand whether Thanos is the only eternal deviant, we need to examine his origins. Thanos was born on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, to A’lars, an Eternal, and Sui-San, a Deviant. As a result of his unique parentage, Thanos possessed incredible physical strength and durability, as well as exceptional intelligence and a talent for technology.

Despite his many gifts, Thanos was an outcast among his people due to his Deviant appearance and tendencies towards violence. He eventually left Titan and set out to explore the universe, becoming one of the most feared beings in the galaxy. Thanos’ quest for power and his obsession with death eventually led him to collect the Infinity Stones, which he used to wipe out half of all life in the universe in an attempt to bring balance.

Is Thano’s the Only Eternal Deviant?

Now that we understand what an eternal deviant is and Thanos’ backstory, we can examine whether he is truly the only being of his kind. While there are no other characters in the Marvel universe that are explicitly identified as eternal deviants, there are a few that share some similarities with Thanos.

One such character is Kro, a Deviant who possesses Eternal powers. Kro is an incredibly powerful and intelligent being, with superhuman strength, agility, and endurance, as well as the ability to project cosmic energy. While Kro is not an eternal deviant in the same way that Thanos is, his combination of traits makes him a close analogue.

Another character that shares similarities with Thanos is Tiamut, a Celestial who was mutated by the Dreaming Celestial. Tiamut possesses incredible strength and the ability to manipulate matter and energy. While Tiamut is not an eternal deviant per se, his mutation gives him similar abilities to Thanos.


In conclusion, while Thanos is the most well-known eternal deviant in the Marvel universe, he is not necessarily the only one. There are a few other characters that share some similarities with him, such as Kro and Tiamut. However, Thanos remains a unique and iconic character, thanks to his complex backstory and his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thanos’ combination of Eternal and Deviant traits make him a formidable foe for any hero, and his quest for power and his obsession with death have made him one of the most memorable villains in the Marvel universe. Whether or not there are other eternal deviants out there, Thanos will always stand out as a unique and fascinating character in the Marvel universe.

Is Thanos the only eternal deviant?
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