Pickleball Court Dimensions: What You Should Know to Build a Pickleball Court Yourself

pickleball court dimensions

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pickleball court dimensions

The pickleball game is very flexible as pickleball players can utilize the court of other sports. But, what are the pickleball court dimensions? You can build a pickleball court yourself if you get these figures right.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Pickleball players can play both indoors or outdoors on badminton courts and tennis nets.

The sport is played with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes. It can be played in a single or double player, for all ages.

Pickleball Court Dimensions 

So what is the size of a pickleball court? and what areas the players must notice in order not to lose points.

How Big Is a Pickleball Court?

Pickleball is inspired by badminton. Therefore, a pickleball court has the size equivalent to a doubles badminton court. The size of the pickleball court is 20 x 44 feet. The Pickleball court uses the same court size for both singles and doubles.

Pickleball Court Diagram

The layout of the pickleball court is divided into 3 main parts. 

The first area is the non-volley zone, which covers the space from the non-volley line to the net. In pickleball, this area is often referred to as the “Kitchen”.

Then, there are service areas. The left serve area includes the left half behind the non-volley line.

The right serving area includes the right half of the court behind the non-volley line. 

These areas are 10 feet x 15 feet.

Due to the similarity with other sports such as badminton and tennis, courts are not only built for pickleball but also be converted from pre-existing tennis courts or badminton courts.

Pickleball Lines on the Court

The width of the pickleball lines is 2 inches and is white, different from the color of the court.

The court’s dimensions include the dimensions of the lines. Above, we talked about the size of a pickleball court (20 feet x 44 feet). This includes the widths of the lines.

The net is 44 feet long, dividing the court in half. The two lines that are most parallel and farthest from the net are called the baselines. The baselines and sidelines are perpendicular to each other at the corner of the court.

The non-volley line is in the center of the court, on both sides of the net, 7 feet from the net, creating the “Kitchen” area.

Pickleball Net

pickleball court dimensions - pickleball net

In pickleball, the net must be at least 20 feet long. The mesh size should be small enough to prevent the ball from passing through gaps.

Nets also have a 36-inch high. It will only be 34 inches high in the center of the court because of the strap in the middle. To adjust the mesh and prevent it from sagging, the center strap is placed in the center of the net. Some pickleball courts don’t use the middle strap, so it will naturally be a little lower in the center of the court.

Surface Specifications

The professional pickleball court is coated with AcrylotexPB, a surface coating product. The surface of a pickleball court is similar to an outdoor tennis and basketball court. They are constructed of non-invasive silica sand that prevents slipping.

Suggestions for Pickleball Court Outdoor 

Outdoor courts should also consider the following factors:

  • First, the courts must be built so that players avoid looking at the sun. Therefore, placing a north-south court will help ensure that players are not looking at the sun.
  • In addition, the fence keeps the ball in the playing area. Wire fencing is often used because it has the advantage of being cheap and allows people to see through it.
  • Finally, the windscreens are attached to the fence. This prevents the wind from affecting the ball. Due to the outdoors, the Fence must be made of anti-rust material. It should be between four and ten feet (1.2m – 3m) high. This fence must be high enough to separate the audience from the player, as well as divide the other pickleball courts.

Tennis Courts vs. Pickleball Courts

The tennis court and the pickleball look almost exactly the same. However, when converting your tennis court into a pickleball court, there are a few key differences to keep in mind:

Pickleball Tennis
Court Size 20’ (~6 m) wide, 44’ (~13.4m) long 60’ (~18.2m) wide, 120’ (~36.6m) long
Singles and Doubles Court Size 20’ wide, 44’ long Singles court size: 78’X27’

Doubles court size: 78’X36’

  • Single and double court size: For tennis, there are court areas called “doubles alleys” on the right and left sides of the court that can be used by teams of two. In pickleball, the court size is the same for singles and doubles.
  • Net: Both nets are 36 ”(91.44 cm) long, pickleball net measures 34” (86.36 cm) in the center.


Above is some information about the pickleball court. After grasping the basics, tips for you in building a court, please pay attention to the material on the court surface as it relates to bouncing as well. Attention should be paid to the type of paint on the surface and the warranty period as it relates to the anti-slip surface.

Pickleball Court Dimensions: What You Should Know to Build a Pickleball Court Yourself
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