Pickleball Courts Near Me: 6 Ways to Find Pickleball Court Locations for Newbies

pickleball court near me

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pickleball court near me

Welcome to the pickleball game! There is no denying that you are here because you are a new player and wonder where are pickleball courts near me. It can be difficult to find a pickleball court if you do not have a good connection with the pickleball community. So today I’m going to give you some tips for finding the pickleball court closest to you. Finding pickleball courts is easier and quicker than you might think.

06 Tips to Find a Pickleball Courts Near Me


Certainly, there are many different ways to know about pickleball courts around you. But I can tell you the easiest and fastest way is to use USAPA’s smartphone app and the most popular one is “Places2play”. It provides a quick solution for the player to find the pickleball court around you. This application is extremely simple, once you give your location, it will display the pickleball courts around you, even the weather on the field for you to choose from.

Make sure you download the real “Places2Play” app, as there are many other similar apps that perform different functions. When you check the app store you’ll notice that the “Places2Play” app is an app that has hundreds of ratings. In addition, this application is completely free.

#2 Contact Your Local Ambassador

One of the most trusted and responsible organizations to promote our sport widely is the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA). There’s also an organization for Dallas and a number of other ambassadors.

Contacting a local ambassador is a great way to find a pickleball court for beginners, even advanced players. These ambassadors know each court well, and they will help you find the right venue. Also, in case you can’t find it on your own, they can even accompany you to the place.

Even if you can find pickleball courts through the Places2Play app, I still recommend contacting these ambassadors. This is a great way to connect with the pickleball community where you live.

#3 Join Local Pickleball Facebook Groups

If you’re a newbie and confused about where to play pickleball near me, join a pickleball Facebook group. By far the leading and largest social network that helps you reach a community of pickleball enthusiasts just like you is Facebook. The Pickleball Forum is the most popular group on social media today and a place where you should be there to share your passions and experiences.

However, in case you want to find some people to play pickleball with, then you should look for some of your local Facebook groups. This way you will be able to connect to enjoy the full pickleball match.

#4 Pickleball Meet Up Groups

If you still wonder about pickleball court locations, there have been many meetings organized by local pickleball groups and this certainly continues. Many places call this group of people clubs. Here, they always welcome new players to join. Once a member of a group, you and your friends can start playing together every day and can even sign up for tournaments together.

#5 How to Set Up a Pickleball Game Near You

One of the most engaging aspects of the pickleball game is that it allows you to connect with an amazingly large community. All you need to do is find a friend or two to start playing together. You can start playing on local tennis courts.

This seems simple but extremely important because you should not let space constraints hold you back. All you need to do is set up your own pickleball court and this is very easy to do. If you need more details on the court specifications or the process to set up a temporary pickleball court, just go online or watch the instructional video.

You should try to connect with people interested in the sport around you, as this will give you more excitement to maintain your daily workout as well as connect your relationships together.

#6 How to Find Pickleball Courts if I’m Not in the US

For international pickleball players, this is the biggest question posed. The USAPA in the United States has a bachelor of the names of all the courts in which you can play pickleball. However, you are in another country, so what to do? It’s best to look for local pickleball forums or join a Facebook group. In recent years, pickleball has developed strongly in some countries such as Korea, India, UK, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Canada.


Easy to see, pickleball is growing day by day, more and more pickleball tournaments are organized through local or private clubs. I hope in a short time you can find your own pickleball court to start playing the game with your friends. From there, you will continue to search for tournaments that are right for you. So go ahead, put on your shoes, grab your paddle and find a court near you!

Pickleball Courts Near Me: 6 Ways to Find Pickleball Court Locations for Newbies
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