Tennis Racket Grip Size: 2 Ways to Find out the Best Grip Size for You

Tennis Racket Grip Size_ 2 Ways to Find out the Best Grip Size for You

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Tennis Racket Grip Size_ 2 Ways to Find out the Best Grip Size for You

The tennis racket grip size can be ignored when purchasing a new racquet as the new racquet gloss makes you think that the handle of the racquets is the same. But the truth is not so. 

If your hand does not fit, it will bring you a lot of disadvantages, even injuries. If the grip is small, you will easily twist the racquet out of your hand. If the grip is large, you will have difficulty in doing the serve and control of the racquet. Long-term inappropriate use of the racquet will result in an elbow injury. So how to choose the size and where do you read this information on the tennis racket?

What is Tennis Racket Grip Size

The tennis grip size is fundamentally the dimension of the perimeter of this handle’s octagonal cross-section. To put it differently, the outline of the grip represents the tennis grip dimensions.

In the US, the unit is in inches. For juniors, the typical grip size is about 4’’, and for adults, the average grip size is about 4 ¾’’. In Europe, the grip size is indicated from 0 to 5.

You can check this table below for conversion:

US  EU In Millimeters
4’’ 0 100-103mm
4 ⅛’’ 1 103-106mm
4 ¼’’ 2 106-110mm
4 ⅜’’ 3 110-113mm
4 ½’’ 4 113-118mm
4 ⅝’’ 5 118-120mm
4 ¾’’ 6 120-123mm

How to Know Your Proper Tennis Grip Size

There are 2 methods to measure your tennis racket grip size:

#1 Using a Tennis Racket

If you have a tennis racket available, then you can utilize it to measure your grip size. First, grab the racquet by the eastern forehand grip (your palm is going to be set on precisely the exact same bevel as the strings confront). Then use the index finger of the other hand and place it in the space between the palm and the ring finger. The following situations will occur: 

If your finger fits perfectly: This is the grip size for you 

If the place is too small: this grip is small 

If the space is too large: this grip is too big

#2 Using a Ruler

Using a ruler is another way to measure grip size if you don’t have any racquets to try. You will use the ruler on your dominant hand. 

First, open the hand with the fingers stretched out, the fingers touching each other. The ruler should be aligned with the ring finger. The one end of the ruler in the palm of the hand is placed in the center of the palm (where the second crease is). Your grip size is the length from the top of the ring finger with the endpoint of the ruler you placed in the palm of your hand.


How to Find Grip Size on a Tennis Racquet?

You can check the grip size on the butt cap of the racket or it may be printed on/inside the racket’s throat.

What Is the Most Common Tennis Grip Size

According to European measurement, the common tennis grip sizes for women are 1,2 or 3. Those of men are usually bigger, from 3,4 and 5.

What if My Grip Size Is in Between?

Tennis Racket Grip Size_ use overgrip

This is also very common. If your grip size is in the middle, then choose a smaller size, then use the overgrip to adjust it to fit your hand. The small grip size can be adjusted to bigger, but the big grip size can not be adjusted to small.


Finding the right grip size goes through a trial and error process. For adults, once you find the right grip size you will not need to fret about the grip size for your next racket purchases. For children, they are still growing so you do not need to worry too much.

Bonus: Check out This Video on How to Measure Your Tennis Grip Size

Tennis Racket Grip Size: 2 Ways to Find out the Best Grip Size for You
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