The 5 Things Needed To Begin Your Win Reality Training

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Baseball is one of the sports that need more reality in their order of preparation for decision-making and coaching. This is because hitters in baseball require more tools to bring their next training virtual reality into existence for people to understand, this is why they should be aware of the baseball equipment needed, and it has also been in secret since its existence. Before that, you should know that the new concept that has been flying around that can help hitters keep track of their real data feedback against real pitchers during training is called Virtual reality, or in other words, WIN Reality. What tools are required for hitters or players to understand and practice baseball through virtual reality? What is the other information you also lacked? Let us know “The 5 Things Needed To Begin Your Win Reality Training”

The 5 Things Needed To Begin Your Win Reality Training

The 5 Things Needed To Begin Your Win Reality Training

Win Reality is known majorly for one thing, and that is to request a real-time and real date experience for hitters struggling to understand their game in the aspect of baseball. Through the help of these tech products that were made by engineers who can’t even play baseball for a living to make this product is applicable for all games in other for hitters it players to come back to the game and practice their game at an original game speed. Because this is another part of the challenges they face apart from not understanding their own game.

This article will allow you to be aware of all the tools you needed to make your baseball experience come into presence due to the effect of Win Reality, and some of the tools needed are listed below

  • Meta Quest 2 headset And Controllers

Meta Quest 2 also known as Oculus Quest (2) is a piece of equipment, or in other words, a headset that is used in virtual reality. It is helpful for people looking to practice and enjoy their Win Reality games without them having to be stuck with a personal computer or cut off their other device e.g phone.

Meta Quest 2 is built for baseball or softball good performance and improving their quality resolution. You will also find them with amazing designs like one headset and two controllers used during the games. This is because they are the only physical equipment that is needed for practice in virtual reality or WIN Reality. During games, one of the controllers is expected to turn into a virtual bat that is used in swinging at pitches while the other controller is used to help with your calibration. The more you use them, the more you understand their drills and the more professional you become with the Ocular Quest 2. This equipment can be acquired from stores like Amazon if you want to make a purchase.

  • Bat Attachment

As a baseball hitter, you will need to understand the drills about swinging actual bats during your practice with a WIN Reality. This is why you should make use of the tools to make your work easier and faster. Oftentimes, this attachment is considered an optional feature, as a promising hitter, you should know that all your equipment should be as spotless as your game. It will give you the benefit to either use it for baseball or softball games whichever thing you want to use it for, it will allow you to easily understand the drills and help your practices with the WIN Reality to look like an actual game

  • Reliable Internet connection 

WIN Reality can not be used in the absence of an internet connection or poor connection. You can try to prove yourself wrong by going to WIN Reality and expecting to open. All you will be seeing is no connection or the arrow streak moving, this is why an internet connection is one of the tools needed. Iternet connection in WIN Reality is also needed to download and to help you sync your daily or weekly data between your Oculus Quest 2 and your WIN Reality account from their website. To avoid working with the wrong details, the power of an internet connection is desired in WIN Reality training.

  • Reality Account

You can register for WIN Reality’s platform before you are given the option to register for their program. Given that it’s a professional platform, you may expect them to store onto important data, example is your  email address so they can keep you posted of important news and information and your full name and payment details for your name to be on their website. It is always free to sign up, therefore there is no cost involved. You can sign up up to three players on a record to use the WIN Reality platform for training so that you can switch up your games.

  • Membership Card

Before you can access the details on their website, you must have a membership card. You won’t have the option of a free trial to see if you are interested in their training program, unlike every other comparable platform; instead, you will be required to sign up for either a monthly or annual payment. The annual subscription is a few dollars less expensive than the monthly subscriptionn.

Steps Required In Training With WIN Reality 

You are expected to know the steps you must followw for this training, and this should be your next agenda once you have grasped the requirements necessary for WIN Reality. Below are the steps highlighted. 

  • Go to the Amazon website, or other store where you may purchase Oculus Quest 2, SwingTracker, and all you need.
  • To enroll in WIN Reality’s hitting program, visit their website. 
  • If you want to order your equipment before registering for the hitting program, you may be told where to do so. 
  • For your WIN Reality hitting program, enroll in their monthly or annual program. 
  •  Start your workout by going through your WIN Reality program.


WIN Reality program is a new concept that was created by engineers who have nothing to do with playing baseball or softball to help players or hitters come to terms with their games through their quality video program. This article has highlighted all the tools a hitter need if at all you are looking to sign up for the program.

 The 5 Things Needed To Begin Your Win Reality Training
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