Ways To Watch MMA Online Free & Paid!

mma ufc streams free paid

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mma ufc streams free paid

If you are a big fan of the mixed martial arts game and want to watch your favorite fighters play, you will need to know how to watch MMA online for free or for a fee. There are a lot of options that will let you do this and it can be tough trying to pick one out. If so, this article is just what the doctor ordered.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the best websites that will help you make the right decision on which option is right for you.

What is MMA?

Mixed martial arts (also known as MMA or UFC) is a blend of various combat styles that uses striking, grappling, submission, and/or wrestling as their primary weapons. MMA is a combative sport with an athletic competition that focuses on a wide array of techniques and skills.

What you’ll find when you look for the best places to watch MMA online are websites that will let people watch the action for free with many paying subscribers in the mix.

There are three main options to watch MMA online. The first is through their official site. The second is by purchasing a subscription to access certain content. The third option is by going to one of the many websites that will let you watch MMA online for free when you sign up for an account.

We’ll take a look at each of the options below, providing a summary of the pros and cons of each one and then sharing with you the best sources for watching MMA online for free or paying.

Ways To Watch MMA Online Free & Paid

Watching UFC Online on the UFC Website

UFC is the top MMA group that has put on more than 300 fights for their fans. If you’re a fan of this sport, it’s likely you can appreciate the ultimate experience in watching it live and in person. However, if you can’t make it to one of their UFC events live and in person, one of your next best options is to watch MMA online. They have official channels for streaming online and they feature a wide variety of content that will entertain you.

One of the best features of their website is that you can purchase a subscription so you won’t have to worry about missing any of their events. You’ll also be able to find videos and highlights from the UFC, which means that you can catch up on things that you might have missed. It’s also a great way to learn more about their many fighters as they are interviewed and shared with the fans.

The website’s layout is easy to navigate and it’s one of the better sites on the market for watching MMA online. The UFC features a number of popular choices for streaming both live and on demand. If you’ve been looking for a way to watch MMA online, this website is your best option.

Watching UFC with a Cable Subscription

You may be able to go out and find a local bar that has the UFC fight streaming live through their network. If so, then this would be an excellent option to watch the fights without having to pay anything. However, if you can’t find a bar, you’ll want to check with your cable package. Believe it or not, many cable packages will offer the UFC Fight Pass channel so that you can watch MMA online without needing to pay anything extra.

The UFC Fight Pass channel isn’t on every cable package, but it does not hurt to ask the representative from your cable company. It’s likely that they have this included in their basic package as they realize that there is a large market for mixed martial arts fans.

There are certain cable providers that offer the UFC Fight Pass channel but are not advertised. You won’t see this channel in the guide and you’ll instead have to call up your cable company and ask them whether or not this is available to you. If it isn’t, then it would be a good idea to switch providers as there is no reason why they wouldn’t include this channel if they had the technology available.

You don’t technically need to watch the fights online as we’re well aware that there are plenty of people who like to go to the bar and watch. However, if you have a busy schedule and can’t get out to the bar, this is an excellent option for those who want to see what all of the hype is about.

The UFC Fight Pass channel is an official streaming service that offers exclusive content from the UFC as well as a wide range of other big name fighters.

If you are in the US and want to sign up, it’ll cost you $9.99 a month but is well worth it if you are interested in MMA. You’ll be able to watch all of the fights that aren’t on TV as well as the big PPV events for an additional extra charge.

It is overall a fantastic service that I’ve really enjoyed using since its introduction. I’ll admit, it’s ridiculous that the UFC still thinks it can charge $50 for a full year of access to all of their live events considering there are so many free alternatives (such as this one), but for those who don’t mind paying the extra money, there really is no better option than UFC Fight Pass.

Watching UFC Online Free

There are numerous ways to watch MMA online without paying a dime. We’ll look at two of the most popular options that are easily available and they are both free. Find out how you can enjoy free MMA online and filled with great content and then see which of these options best suits your needs.


UFC Fight Pass channel is only available to those who watch through their official website, which means you’ll need to pay a subscription fee in order to get access. The UFC.TV website has the same features as the official site, which is great news as they’re also free to use.

The UFC.TV website features both live and on-demand streams for your viewing pleasure. You can find any fight you want to watch and you’ll be able to catch up on things that you might have missed in one of their great highlights shows.

You will need to sign up in order to watch MMA online through their website, but it’s a really easy process. It will only take you a minute or two and you’ll be ready to log in, start watching and get the fight of your choice.

Sports Streaming Services such as UFC Fight Pass

If you don’t want to sign up through the UFC website, then you can still enjoy MMA online for free using one of the many streaming options available today. There are so many sites that have UFC Fight Pass that you will be able to find a list of them online if you search for it.

The best part about using one of these sites is that they’re free to use and they offer many features that are not available on the official site such as being able to watch the fight in HD. Many of them will also let you simultaneously see multiple streams in order to be able to enjoy a group viewing.

There are a few downsides to these sites as they may not always have the fight that you want. They also aren’t free forever and some of them will require you to pay for a subscription after the first month, which is one of the reasons why it’s best to just subscribe directly through the UFC or UFC Fight Pass channel.

The overall quality of all of the sites is fantastic and it doesn’t cost you anything to use them. They do have different features and some are better than others, but if you’re looking to watch MMA online for free, then these streaming services will definitely get the job done.

The Best Way to Watch MMA Online

There are a few different ways that you can go about watching MMA online. You can go to one of the sites we’ve mentioned or you can subscribe directly through the UFC Fight Pass channel.

The official site isn’t as good as some of the alternatives, but it’s still there if you want to use it. A local bar is also another great option if you can’t find any of the other websites or services that we mentioned. The UFC Fight Pass channel is so good because it offers all of the fights for a flat rate that makes it easy to just pay once and be done with it.

The best way to watch MMA online is through the official UFC Fight Pass channel and then using one of the streaming services if you’re looking to watch it for free. We’ve mentioned some sites but there are much more available and you’ll find them if you search for them, but in general, this is what we’ve found to be the best channel and service to use.

Which UFC Fight Pass channel is best for you?

There are a few different ways to enjoy UFC Fight Pass. You can find an article on the official site, but unfortunately, it’s not as good as some of the other options we’ve we listed above. There are also several different streaming services that have the channel, so it’s really up to you which one you want to go with. Overall the UFC Fight Pass channel is easily one of the best ways to watch MMA online but it’s not perfect and there are some cons that you need to be aware of.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to watch UFC Fight Pass, then we would suggest checking out the Roku 3. The Roku 3 is a streaming device that allows you to search for content throughout different apps and sites and also enjoy a quality HD viewing experience. If it’s getting a little bit old and you want to upgrade to something that will be a little more futureproof, then a refurbished Apple TV is worth checking out as well.

Ways To Watch MMA Online Free & Paid!
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