What Chakra Style Is Boruto?

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In the expansive universe of Naruto, the legacy of chakra has been passed down from one generation to the next. The essence of this life force manifests in different individuals through various chakra styles, reflecting their inner strength, potential, and abilities. Boruto Uzumaki, the spirited son of Naruto and Hinata, carries within him a chakra style that is as intriguing as it is distinctive. In this blog post, we embark on an illuminating journey to unravel the enigma of Boruto’s chakra style, exploring its origins, composition, and the fascinating amalgamation of elemental energies that define it. Join us as we delve into the depths of Boruto’s chakra, unlocking the secrets that make his power truly exceptional.

What chakra style is boruto?

The Essence of Karma:

Boruto’s Extraordinary Legacy Boruto’s journey begins with the awakening of Karma, a mysterious and powerful mark that intertwines his fate with that of the Ōtsutsuki clan. This enigmatic force not only grants him incredible abilities but also opens up a path of discovery into the vast realm of chakra manipulation. Through Karma, Boruto taps into a reservoir of ancient energies, breathing life into his chakra style like no other shinobi before him.

The Fusion of Elemental Forces:

Boruto’s chakra style represents a captivating blend of two primary elemental forces: Lightning and Wind. Lightning, symbolizing speed, precision, and raw power, merges harmoniously with Wind, epitomizing flexibility, mobility, and adaptability. This fusion gives birth to a unique chakra style that possesses the strengths of both elements, weaving a tapestry of electrifying gusts that electrify and disrupt opponents.

The Lightning Surge:

The Lightning aspect of Boruto’s chakra style bestows upon him the ability to harness the intense power of electrical energy. His Lightning Release streamlines his attacks, enhancing his speed and granting him the capacity to unleash devastating techniques such as the Lightning Style: Purple Electricity. This enthralling technique allows Boruto to unleash a torrential barrage of electrifying bolts, enveloping his adversaries in a storm of crackling power that leaves them paralyzed with awe.

The Whirlwind of Change:

Complementing the Lightning aspect, Boruto’s Wind Release augments his chakra style with an unparalleled degree of versatility. By harnessing the boundless force of the wind, Boruto can manipulate gusts to alter trajectories, create protective barriers, and even generate powerful projectiles. His Wind Style: Gale Palm technique exemplifies this remarkable control, enabling him to release compressed bursts of wind that slice through obstacles with unparalleled precision, sweeping away any who dare to stand in his path.


The Mystic Eye that Transcends Dimensions Beyond the extraordinary fusion of Lightning and Wind Release, Boruto possesses a rare visual prowess known as the Jougan, or Pure Eye. This mystic eye holds the power to perceive interdimensional phenomena, allowing Boruto to witness chakra in its purest form and detect hidden anomalies that lie beyond the reach of ordinary shinobi. The Jougan serves as a catalyst for his chakra style, amplifying his innate abilities and broadening his potential as a formidable force.

The Gaze into the Unknown: With the Jougan, Boruto gains insight into the intricate web of chakra that interconnects all existence. This extraordinary visual ability not only grants him a unique understanding of chakra but also unravels the secrets of spacetime itself. By peering into the unseen dimensions, Boruto can navigate through the folds of reality, bending the fabric of space to his will and harnessing its concealed energy for both offense and defense.

The Dimensional Shift:

Through the Jougan, Boruto possesses the remarkable capability to traverse between dimensions. This transcendent power allows him to navigate through spaces unseen by ordinary eyes, opening up a realm of possibilities for his chakra style. With a mere gaze, Boruto can create portals, shifting seamlessly from one dimension to another, confounding his opponents and granting him a tactical advantage that is unparalleled. This unique aspect of his chakra style not only showcases his inherent potential but also hints at the untapped depths of his abilities that are yet to be fully explored.

The Chakra Harmony:

The true essence of Boruto’s chakra style lies in the harmony between the Lightning and Wind Release, as well as the symbiotic relationship between his chakra and the Jougan. These elements intertwine seamlessly, amplifying each other’s strengths and creating a chakra style that is greater than the sum of its parts. Boruto’s chakra resonates with an energy that reflects his indomitable spirit, unyielding determination, and unending quest for growth.

The Evolutionary Journey:

As Boruto’s journey unfolds, his chakra style continues to evolve, guided by his experiences, training, and the bonds he forms with those around him. With every new challenge, his chakra style adapts, incorporating new techniques, and deepening his understanding of the intricate art of chakra manipulation. It is this constant evolution that sets Boruto apart, as he pushes the boundaries of his chakra style, striving to reach new heights and surpass the limitations that once bound him.


Boruto’s chakra style represents a mesmerizing fusion of Lightning and Wind Release, interwoven with the enigmatic powers of the Jougan. It is a testament to his unique lineage, his indomitable spirit, and his relentless pursuit of strength and growth. As Boruto embarks on his own path, his chakra style will continue to evolve, unveiling new depths and possibilities that will shape the destiny of the shinobi world.

What Chakra Style Is Boruto?
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