What did Princess Diana call William?

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In the realm of mother-son relationships, the bond between Princess Diana and Prince William remains one of the most captivating and cherished. Beyond their royal titles and public personas, they shared an intimate connection that was often witnessed through the endearing nicknames they called each other. These secret monikers revealed a tender side of their relationship, a glimpse into the warmth and affection they shared behind closed doors. In this captivating journey, we delve into the intriguing world of the special names Princess Diana bestowed upon her beloved son, Prince William.

Darling William: A Mother’s Love Blossoms

Within the regal halls of Kensington Palace, Princess Diana nurtured an extraordinary affection for her firstborn, William. To express this deep love, she fondly referred to him as “Darling William.” This endearing nickname encapsulated the essence of their bond, a term that spoke volumes about the immense tenderness and adoration Diana held for her young prince.

In the private confines of their mother-son relationship, “Darling William” became a symbol of comfort and reassurance. As the world looked on, Princess Diana sought to protect her son from the intrusive gaze of the media, and through this special nickname, she sought to shield him from the weight of his royal responsibilities. “Darling William” served as a sanctuary of love, reminding him that he was cherished unconditionally.

Wills: A Playful Connection

In the midst of a life governed by protocol and formality, Princess Diana’s nurturing spirit extended beyond traditional boundaries. In a lighter, more playful realm, she affectionately called her beloved son “Wills.” This abbreviated version of his given name not only provided a sense of familiarity but also showcased Diana’s ability to create an environment where they could escape the rigid expectations of royalty.

Through the nickname “Wills,” Princess Diana infused their relationship with an element of youthful joy and camaraderie. It represented a shared secret, a lighthearted bond that only they could truly understand. As they shared laughter and embarked on adventures together, this endearing nickname became a reflection of their shared playfulness, reminding William that he was still a child at heart, even amidst the grandeur of his princely obligations.

Sweetheart: Love Transcending Time

In the realm of affectionate endearments, few words carry as much weight and tenderness as “Sweetheart.” This timeless and cherished nickname was often whispered by Princess Diana to her beloved son, Prince William. Its resonance transcended the boundaries of age and signaled a deep emotional connection between mother and child.

As William grew older and embraced his role as a future king, the nickname “Sweetheart” took on new meaning. It became a reminder of the vulnerability and humanity that lie beneath his regal façade, reminding him of the love and support that always surrounded him. Through this endearing term, Princess Diana sought to preserve William’s compassionate nature and ensure that his heart remained open to the needs of others, even amidst the demands of his royal duties.

My Prince: A Legacy of Love

The fairy tale of Prince William’s life, while seemingly charmed, was not without its share of trials. Throughout these tumultuous times, Princess Diana served as a beacon of unwavering support, guiding her son through the challenges of his royal destiny. To convey her enduring belief in his potential, she lovingly called him “My Prince.”

In this heartfelt nickname, Princess Diana bestowed upon William the weight of his heritage, a reminder of his duty and the legacy he was destined to uphold.

Billy: A Whispered Childhood Secret

Within the walls of their private sanctuary, away from the prying eyes of the world, Princess Diana and Prince William shared a cherished nickname that invoked a sense of innocence and simplicity. Known only to them, William was affectionately called “Billy” by his adoring mother.

“Billy” represented a precious slice of childhood that Diana fiercely protected for her son. It was a name that harkened back to a time when life was carefree and the weight of royal responsibilities had yet to fully descend upon William’s young shoulders. In the cocoon of their love, “Billy” became a secret language that transported them to a realm of shared memories and unfettered laughter, where the world outside faded into insignificance.

As William grew older, the nickname “Billy” became a treasured symbol of the deep bond between mother and son. It served as a reminder of the unbreakable connection they shared, transcending titles and duties. Even amidst the demands of his royal role, William could find solace and grounding in the whispered echoes of “Billy,” a reminder of the pure love and simplicity that his mother had bestowed upon him.

Sunshine: Illuminating the Shadows

In the often tumultuous world of royalty, where duty and public scrutiny abound, Princess Diana sought to be a source of light and warmth for her son. In the shelter of their private moments, she would affectionately refer to him as “Sunshine.”

“Sunshine” represented the radiant joy and happiness that William brought into Diana’s life. It embodied the hope and optimism that she wished to instill in him as he navigated the complexities of his royal journey. Through this endearing nickname, Princess Diana not only expressed her deep love but also reminded William of the tremendous impact he had on her life—a reminder that, no matter the circumstances, he was her source of light in the darkest of times.

As the world mourned the untimely loss of Princess Diana, the nickname “Sunshine” took on a bittersweet significance. It became a poignant tribute to the enduring light that she had left behind in her son’s life. In moments of doubt or sadness, the memory of being called “Sunshine” by his beloved mother could serve as a guiding star, leading William back to the unwavering love and support that had always been his foundation.

Champ: Celebrating Strength and Resilience

Life within the royal family is often marked by intense pressure and unyielding scrutiny. To help her son navigate the challenges that lay ahead, Princess Diana bestowed upon William the nickname “Champ.” It encapsulated his strength, resilience, and unwavering determination to overcome any obstacle.

“Champ” served as a constant reminder that William possessed the qualities necessary to triumph in the face of adversity. It acknowledged his remarkable spirit and celebrated his innate ability to rise above challenges, much like a champion on a grand stage. Through this endearing nickname, Princess Diana instilled in William the confidence to face the trials that awaited him, assuring him that he had the heart of a champion.

In the years following Princess Diana’s passing, “Champ” continued to resonate in William’s life. It became a symbol of the indomitable spirit that he inherited from his mother—a spirit that enabled him to shoulder the weight of his royal duties while staying true to his authentic self. As he embarked on his own journey of parenthood, “Champ” served as a reminder to nurture resilience and strength in his own children, carrying forward the legacy of love and encouragement that Princess Diana had so beautifully woven into his life.

My Heart: A Love Beyond Measure

Among all the endearing nicknames that Princess Diana called her beloved William, none held greater significance than the heartfelt utterance of “My Heart.” This tender nickname encapsulated the depth of love and emotional connection between mother and son, transcending the boundaries of royalty and illuminating the unbreakable bond they shared.

As William’s mother, Princess Diana held him close to her heart, both literally and figuratively. The endearing term “My Heart” conveyed the immense love and affection she felt for her son, a love that knew no bounds. It symbolized the intertwining of their souls, a connection that would endure through time and space.

In the moments when life felt overwhelming or when challenges seemed insurmountable, the whispered echo of “My Heart” served as a gentle reminder to William that he was cherished unconditionally. It was a constant affirmation that he held an irreplaceable place in his mother’s heart, a place of solace and unwavering support.

Through the nickname “My Heart,” Princess Diana instilled in William a profound sense of self-worth and belonging. It reminded him that, no matter the tribulations he faced or the paths he chose, he was forever held within the embrace of a mother’s love.


The endearing nicknames exchanged between Princess Diana and Prince William were more than mere words. They were expressions of love, support, and connection that transcended the boundaries of their royal roles. Through these intimate monikers, Diana nurtured a bond of unwavering affection, creating a sanctuary of love and understanding for her beloved son.

As we explore the depths of their endearing nicknames – from “Darling William” to “Wills,” from “Sweetheart” to “My Prince,” from “Billy” to “Sunshine,” from “Champ” to “My Heart” – we catch a glimpse of the extraordinary love that flowed between mother and son. These names, whispered in moments of tenderness, will forever hold a special place in the tapestry of their relationship.

The legacy of Princess Diana lives on not only in the memory of her compassionate deeds but also in the enduring love she shared with Prince William. Through the secret language of their nicknames, she left an indelible mark on his heart, reminding him of the unconditional love and support that will forever guide him on his journey.

What did Princess Diana call William?
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