What is Lucifer’s age?

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Lucifer is a character found in various mythologies, religions, and fictional works, and therefore, his age is dependent on the specific narrative he appears in. In Judeo-Christian mythology, Lucifer is commonly associated with Satan, an angel who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven. His age can be traced back to the creation of angels, which is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible. Some religious scholars believe that angels, including Lucifer, exist beyond time and space and are ageless entities who do not experience time in the same way that humans do.

What is Lucifer's age?

In other mythologies and fictional works, the age of Lucifer differs depending on the storyline. For example, in Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” Lucifer is portrayed as a charismatic and powerful angel who was cast out of heaven for rebelling against God. The story does not specify his exact age, but it implies that he has been in existence for a long time.

In the TV series “Lucifer,” the character is depicted as a fallen angel who has been on Earth for thousands of years. The show’s writers have explained that they came up with this estimate by assuming that Lucifer fell from heaven during the time when humans started cultivating crops.

In “The Sandman” comic book series, Lucifer is portrayed as an ageless entity that has existed since the beginning of time. He is depicted as an enigmatic and powerful figure who is both respected and feared by other supernatural beings.

In some pagan mythologies, Lucifer is associated with the planet Venus, which is also referred to as the Morning Star. Although the age of Venus can be traced back to its formation around 4.6 billion years ago, it is unclear when the association between the planet and the mythological figure of Lucifer arose.

In conclusion, the age of Lucifer varies depending on the specific mythology or fictional work he appears in. In Judeo-Christian mythology, his age can be traced back to the creation of angels, but it is not specified in the Bible. In other narratives, his age varies from being an ageless entity existing beyond time and space to estimates ranging from thousands to billions of years old.

What is Lucifer’s age?
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