What Is The Smallest City In The World 2023?

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In a vast and bustling world, where cities rise and flourish, there exists a remarkable quest to uncover the tiniest urban gems. These minuscule settlements defy conventional expectations and captivate our imagination. Join us on a journey as we explore the enchanting topic of the smallest city in the world in 2023. From quaint villages tucked away in remote corners to unassuming towns that defy the odds, this blog post aims to unveil these hidden treasures that have charmed both locals and wanderers alike.

What Is The Smallest City In The World 2023?

Exploring Hum:

A Croatian Jewel Nestled in the idyllic countryside of Croatia, Hum claims the title of the smallest city in the world. This petite gem stands as a testament to history and the preservation of culture. With a population of around 30 inhabitants, Hum captures the essence of simplicity and tranquility. As you wander through its narrow streets, adorned with ancient stone houses, you’ll be transported to a bygone era. The town’s rich history can be witnessed in the remnants of medieval walls and the Church of the Assumption, which dates back to the 12th century. Hum’s allure lies in its preserved authenticity, inviting visitors to experience the harmony of a simpler time.

The Enigma of Vatican City:

A Microstate with Global Influence While Vatican City might be known as the spiritual heart of the Catholic world, it is also celebrated for its remarkably compact size. Nestled within the city of Rome, this independent microstate spans a mere 0.44 square kilometers and serves as the residence of the Pope. With a population of around 800, Vatican City stands as a unique blend of spiritual significance, cultural heritage, and international diplomacy. Visitors flock to marvel at St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums, which house a wealth of art and historical treasures. Beyond its religious significance, Vatican City symbolizes the captivating fusion of grandeur and intimacy.


A Belgian Gem amidst the Ardennes Tucked away within the picturesque Ardennes region of Belgium, Durbuy emerges as a delightful surprise for visitors seeking enchantment on a smaller scale. With a population of approximately 11,000, this charming town exudes a fairytale-like ambiance, captivating all who venture within its confines. Durbuy enchants with its winding cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and stunning natural surroundings. The town’s rich history is evident in its ancient castle and its preserved stone houses that have witnessed the passage of time. Durbuy also offers a feast for the senses with its culinary delights, inviting visitors to savor local cuisine in cozy restaurants nestled along the Ourthe River.

The Splendor of Buford:

America’s Tiny Town In the vast expanses of the United States, Buford stands as a testament to the concept of small but mighty. Located in the state of Wyoming, this unassuming town boasts the title of the smallest town in America with a single resident. With a population of one, Buford might seem desolate at first glance, but its rich history and captivating charm leave a lasting impression. Once a bustling railway town, Buford now welcomes curious travelers who are drawn to its unique claim to fame. Its lone resident embraces the solitude and shares stories of the town’s past with those who journey here, embodying the resilience and spirit of a place that refuses to be forgotten.

The Curiosity of Monowi:

A One-Person Town In the heart of Nebraska, Monowi holds the distinction of being the smallest incorporated town in the United States with a population of just one person. Elsie Eiler, the sole resident and caretaker of Monowi, is the embodiment of determination and self-sufficiency. This extraordinary woman is not only the mayor but also the librarian of the town’s charming library. Visitors are welcomed with warm hospitality, and the town’s centerpiece, the Monowi Tavern, serves as a gathering place for locals and curious travelers alike. Monowi’s story is a testament to the power of community, even in its most intimate form, and it serves as a reminder that size is no measure of significance.

The Hidden Gem of Molepolole:

Botswana’s Small Wonder Venturing into the southern African nation of Botswana, one encounters the enchanting town of Molepolole, which vies for the title of the smallest city on the continent. With a population of around 65,000, Molepolole showcases the diversity and vibrancy of African urban life on a smaller scale. The town resonates with a captivating fusion of traditional culture and modern development. Visitors are greeted by colorful markets, bustling streets, and welcoming locals eager to share their traditions. Molepolole’s cultural significance is celebrated through traditional dances, music, and the ancient Kgotla system, which serves as a communal meeting place for local governance and decision-making.

The Quaint Charm of Štramberk:

A Czech Jewel Hidden amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Czech Republic lies the enchanting town of Štramberk, often hailed as one of the smallest towns in the country. With a population of approximately 2,600, this idyllic gem captivates visitors with its well-preserved architecture, including its iconic wooden “Trúba” tower. Štramberk’s captivating folklore and legends add an air of mystique to the town, inviting visitors to embark on a journey through time. One cannot resist indulging in Štramberk’s traditional delicacy, the Štramberk ears, gingerbread pastries shaped like ears, as they explore the town’s narrow streets and soak in the tranquility of this hidden Czech treasure.

The Endearing Appeal of Ollolai:

Sardinia’s Tiny Town Nestled within the rugged beauty of Sardinia, Italy, lies the captivating town of Ollolai, which captures the essence of simplicity and rural charm. With a population of approximately 1,300, Ollolai stands as a testament to the preservation of traditional Sardinian culture and the revitalization of its historic center. Visitors are enchanted by the town’s stone houses, colorful murals, and the warm hospitality of its residents. Ollolai offers a glimpse into the island’s rich heritage, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in local traditions, sample traditional cuisine, and experience the timeless allure of a community that cherishes its roots.


In a world where size often equates to significance, the quest to discover the smallest city in 2023 uncovers extraordinary tales of resilience, cultural heritage, and the enduring spirit of community. From the enchanting streets of Hum to the intimate embrace of Monowi, these petite urban marvels captivate our hearts and remind us that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes. As we continue to explore the world’s hidden gems, may we cherish the beauty and uniqueness of these small wonders and celebrate the profound impact they leave on our lives.

What Is The Smallest City In The World 2023?
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