What type of Mormon can have Multiple Wives?

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Polygamy, a practice that involves having multiple spouses simultaneously, has long been associated with certain sects of the Mormon faith. While most people are familiar with the notion of polygamy, there exists a common misconception that all Mormons engage in this practice. In reality, the situation is far more nuanced. This blog post aims to explore the complex landscape of polygamy within Mormonism and shed light on the types of Mormons who may choose to have multiple wives. By delving into historical context, scriptural interpretations, and contemporary perspectives, we will uncover the diverse range of beliefs and practices surrounding polygamy within the Mormon community.

What type of Mormon can have Multiple Wives?

The Early History: Foundational Beliefs and Historical Context

In order to understand the varying approaches to polygamy within Mormonism, it is essential to delve into the early history of the faith and the foundational beliefs that influenced its development. Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, introduced the principle of plural marriage in the early 1830s. Smith claimed that he received revelations from God instructing him to practice polygamy as a sacred and essential component of the faith.

During this time, the practice of polygamy was limited to a small number of individuals who believed in the divine mandate for multiple wives. These early polygamists, known as “Early Mormons,” held a strong conviction that they were following the will of God and adhering to a higher law. Their commitment to polygamy was deeply rooted in their interpretation of religious texts and their belief in the importance of building large families to fulfill God’s plan.

The Fundamentalist Perspective: Modern Polygamists in Mormonism

While the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the LDS Church, officially abandoned the practice of polygamy in 1890, a significant number of Mormons have chosen to continue the tradition. These individuals, often referred to as “Fundamentalist Mormons,” espouse a different interpretation of the Mormon doctrine, believing that the renouncement of polygamy by the LDS Church was a departure from the original teachings of Joseph Smith.

Fundamentalist Mormons view polygamy as an integral aspect of their faith and seek to emulate the practices of their early Mormon ancestors. Within this group, the views and practices regarding polygamy can vary widely. Some fundamentalist communities practice a form of polygamy known as “plural marriage,” where a man may have multiple wives. These marriages are typically entered into through religious ceremonies and are recognized as valid within the community, though they are not legally recognized by the state.

Contemporary Perspectives: Diverse Beliefs and Practices

In contemporary Mormonism, the vast majority of adherents do not practice polygamy. The LDS Church, which is the largest and most well-known branch of Mormonism, officially denounces the practice and has strict disciplinary measures in place for members who engage in polygamy. While some Mormons may hold a theoretical belief in the divine origins of polygamy, they do not actively engage in multiple marriages.

However, it is important to recognize that even within the mainstream LDS Church, there may be individuals who hold more nuanced perspectives on polygamy. Some Mormons may view polygamy as a historical artifact, acknowledging its role in the early development of the faith but considering it incompatible with contemporary societal norms. Others may engage in intellectual exploration of the topic, seeking to understand the historical context and theological underpinnings without endorsing or practicing polygamy themselves.


Polygamy within Mormonism is a multifaceted topic that cannot be easily summarized or stereotyped. The historical context, scriptural interpretations, and contemporary perspectives on polygamy within the Mormon community are diverse and complex. By exploring the early history, fundamentalist perspectives, and contemporary beliefs, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of the types of Mormons who may choose to have multiple wives. It is through this nuanced understanding that we can engage in meaningful conversations and dispel common misconceptions surrounding polygamy within Mormonism.

What type of Mormon can have Multiple Wives?
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