What was Marilyn Monroe’s eye colour?

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In the realm of Hollywood legends, few names evoke the same level of intrigue and fascination as Marilyn Monroe. Known for her iconic beauty and timeless allure, Monroe’s every feature has been dissected and admired by fans and scholars alike. Among the many aspects that captivate enthusiasts is the color of her eyes, which seemingly reflect the depths of her enigmatic persona. In this comprehensive exploration, we embark on a captivating journey through the kaleidoscope of Marilyn Monroe’s eyes, seeking to uncover the truth behind their mesmerizing hue and the enduring fascination they hold.

What was Marilyn Monroe's eye colour?

I. The Palette of Perception: The Varying Accounts of Marilyn’s Eye Color

A. Shades of Blue: The Iconic Azure Stare: One cannot delve into the world of Marilyn Monroe’s eyes without encountering the prevalent notion that she possessed a pair of captivating blue orbs. Numerous photographs and portraits showcase her with eyes that appear to reflect the vastness of the ocean on a clear summer’s day. Artists and photographers captured this hue, forever etching it into the collective consciousness of Monroe’s admirers. The azure color, reminiscent of sapphires or forget-me-nots, became synonymous with her image, symbolizing both innocence and seduction, alluringly intertwined.

B. The Mosaic of Hues: The Intriguing Debate: Yet, within the realm of speculation and interpretation, a captivating debate emerged, fueling the intrigue surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s eyes. Some accounts suggest that her eye color may have been more nuanced, encompassing shades that shifted depending on lighting and context. In certain photographs, her eyes appear to exhibit a hint of green or gray, adding an elusive mystique to her already captivating gaze. The interplay between ambient lighting, camera techniques, and even the viewer’s subjective perception all contribute to the ongoing puzzle of Marilyn’s eyes, rendering them an ever-changing canvas of colors, perpetually evading a definitive categorization.

II. Behind the Curtain: Unraveling the Genetic Makeup

A. The Genetic Tapestry: The Inheritance of Eye Color: To understand the enigmatic hues that graced Marilyn Monroe’s eyes, we must explore the intricate science behind eye color inheritance. Eye color is primarily determined by the interaction of multiple genes, with variations in these genes contributing to the diversity of hues observed in individuals. The most prominent determinant of blue eyes is the presence of a specific gene variant that limits the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the coloration of the iris. Genetic analyses have revealed that this variant, known as OCA2, is often associated with blue or light-colored eyes.

B. The Melting Pot of Possibilities: Ancestral Influences: The mystery deepens as we delve into Marilyn Monroe’s heritage, seeking clues to the origins of her captivating eye color. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, her lineage reveals a tapestry woven with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Monroe’s ancestry comprised a blend of Scottish, Irish, English, and possibly some Native American heritage. It is within this rich amalgamation of ancestral influences that we may find the genetic threads that contributed to her mesmerizing eyes. The intricate interplay of genetic inheritance and the unique combination of genes inherited from her parents paved the way for the captivating hues that adorned her gaze.

III. The Illusionists: The Influence of Lighting and Perception

A. Painting with Light: The Artistry of Illumination: In the realm of visual aesthetics, few tools wield as much power as lighting. It is through skillful manipulation of light that photographers and cinematographers create mood, enhance features, and convey narratives. When it comes to Marilyn Monroe’s eyes, the role of lighting in accentuating and transforming their color cannot be overstated. The interplay between natural or artificial light sources, their angle, intensity, and color temperature all contribute to the perception of eye color. Photographers, known for their mastery of light, were able to evoke and capture nuances in Monroe’s eyes, resulting in a kaleidoscope of hues that continue to captivate audiences to this day.

B. The Eye of the Beholder: Perception and Subjectivity: The human perception of color is a complex interplay between physiological processes and subjective interpretation. Our perception of eye color can be influenced by surrounding colors, environmental lighting conditions, and even personal biases. As admirers of Marilyn Monroe’s beauty, we view her photographs through the lens of our own subjectivity, imprinting our unique perceptions onto her iconic images. It is this interplay between objective reality and the subjective interpretations of her eye color that contributes to the ongoing debate and fascination surrounding the hues that graced Monroe’s eyes.


As we bid farewell to the captivating gaze that defines Marilyn Monroe’s iconic image, we find ourselves drawn deeper into the enigma of her eye color. Through the exploration of varying accounts, the genetic tapestry of inheritance, the influence of lighting, and the subjectivity of perception, we have journeyed through a complex labyrinth of possibilities. The allure of Marilyn Monroe’s eyes lies not in a definitive answer but in the captivating mystery that surrounds them. In the end, it is the elusive nature of her eye color that adds to her timeless appeal, allowing us to project our own interpretations and desires onto her iconic image. The enigmatic gaze of Marilyn Monroe will forever remain a symbol of beauty, allure, and the inherent mystique that defines a Hollywood legend.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s eye colour?
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