What’s new to Peacock September 2023?

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Peacock has emerged as a leading streaming service with a diverse range of content that caters to the taste of all age groups. From classic TV shows to new blockbuster movies, Peacock has something for everyone. As the streaming industry continues to grow, Peacock is keeping pace by constantly adding new and exciting content to its platform. In this blog post, we will explore what’s new on Peacock in September 2023.

What's new to Peacock September 2023?


Peacock has made a name for itself by producing original content that has become popular with audiences. In September 2023, Peacock is set to release a slate of new original series that promise to capture viewers’ attention. “The Last Resort” is a drama series about a group of strangers who are stranded on a deserted island and must work together to survive. “The Circle” is a reality TV series that features contestants who live in the same apartment complex but can only communicate with each other through a social media platform. “Blaze of Glory” is a sports drama series about a high school football team that is on a quest to win a championship.

Peacock’s commitment to original content has paid off in the past, and these new shows are sure to generate buzz among viewers. With its bold and creative programming choices, Peacock is becoming a major player in the streaming landscape.


Peacock is known for its extensive movie library, and September 2023 is no exception. The streaming service has added several new titles that are sure to appeal to movie lovers of all genres. “The Nanny” is a classic comedy that stars Fran Drescher as a nanny who becomes a surrogate mother to a wealthy family’s children. “The Sinner” is a psychological thriller about a detective who investigates a series of murders that seem to be linked to her own past. “The Guilty” is a crime drama that follows a police officer who receives a distress call from a woman who has been kidnapped.

These movies showcase Peacock’s ability to curate a diverse range of films that appeal to different audiences. By adding popular titles from various genres, Peacock ensures that viewers always have something new and exciting to watch.

Live Sports

Peacock has recently entered the world of live sports streaming, and it has quickly become a popular option for sports fans. In September 2023, Peacock is set to stream several high-profile events, including the NFL season opener and the US Open tennis tournament. Peacock’s coverage of these events will be comprehensive, with live streams, highlights, and analysis.

Peacock’s foray into live sports is a bold move that has paid off. By offering a mix of popular and niche sports events, Peacock is catering to the needs of different audiences. With its innovative approach to sports streaming, Peacock is carving out a unique space for itself in the competitive streaming market.

Kids Programming

Peacock’s commitment to providing content for all age groups is evident in its extensive kids’ programming. In September 2023, Peacock is adding several new shows that are sure to delight young viewers. “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” is an animated series that follows a group of students as they embark on exciting science adventures. “Thomas & Friends” is a popular children’s show about a group of anthropomorphic trains and their adventures on the railways. “Dora the Explorer” is a classic children’s show that follows the adventures of a young girl and her monkey friend.

By adding popular and well-loved children’s shows to its library, Peacock ensures that parents have a reliable source of quality programming for their kids. Peacock’s commitment to providing diverse programming for all age groups is commendable and sets it apart from other streaming services.


In conclusion, Peacock continues to innovate and expand its offerings in September 2023, with new original series, blockbuster movies, live sports, and engaging kids programming. Peacock’s commitment to providing a diverse range of content that caters to different audiences has earned it a place among the top streaming services.

With its bold programming choices and innovative approach to streaming, Peacock is poised to continue its growth and success in the years to come. Whether you are a fan of classic TV shows, blockbuster movies, or live sports, Peacock has something for everyone. So, grab some popcorn and start streaming your favorite content on Peacock today!

What’s new to Peacock September 2023?
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