Where does Mets owner Steve Cohen live?

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Steve Cohen, by profession, is a manager for managing hedge funds and owned one named Point72. The 66-year-old bought the majority stake of 97.2% in New York Mets and hence became the owner of the major league baseball team in September 2020.  Here we will see Where does Mets owner Steve Cohen live?

Where does Mets owner Steve Cohen live?Where does Mets owner Steve Cohen live?

Mets owner Steve Cohen has numerous houses in several lavish areas of the state and live in the states. According to Forbes, his net worth as of 2022 is about USD 17.4 billion. Thus, one can imagine the level of investment he makes in his lavish homes. Mets owner Steve Cohen live in Connecticut, Greenwich primarily which is valued at USD 21.6 million but owns several other properties and summer homes. Apart from this mansion, the 66-year-old has two lavish summer homes in the Hamptons, New York. One of his most expensive apartments in New York is in the Bloomberg Tower valued at USD 115 million.

Being one of the richest personalities and major league team owners, it is only rational for the 66-year-old to spend his earnings on lavish residences. 

Residences of Steve Cohen

  • Mansion in Florida 

In 2019, Steve Cohen bought a mansion in Palm Beach, which is about 31,000 square feet in size for USD 21.9 million. 

Measurements of the property

  • Property measures 31,000 square feet
  • It surrounds 2.5 acres of area 
  • About 35 separate regular-sized properties could fit on 2.5 acres of land
  • A swimming pool which equals 250,000 gallons of water 

Inner details of the property 

  • There is space for 6 cars to be parked in the main garage
  • The property is decorated with several stone pillars and water fountains 
  • The main entrance has two staircases on either side 
  • The ceilings are 32 feet in vertical length 
  • The sitting area is blue velvet-themed and has Brobdingnagian chairs 
  • The walls give out a shiny look because the interiors of the walls are white marble and lasered with a stainless steel in-seam 
  • The property includes a wine cellar with illusions 
  • The massive kitchen counters are made of white marble 
  • There are a total of five kitchens, all made of white marble
  • There is a separate club and cigar room 
  • The master bedroom has a reading area, a balcony, and leather-seamed walls 
  • The bathrooms contain whirlpool showers and spa spaces
  •  There is a cinema room with a space of 20 people
  • A separate wing for children includes lavish bedrooms and bowling alleys 

Apartment in Bloomberg Tower, New York

Steve Cohen has an apartment called a duplex in the Bloomberg Tower that he bought for USD 115 million.

Measurements of the property

  • The size of the several apartments is 238 square feet
  • Residing in the tower, which is 320 feet high
  • The size of the duplex of the Bloomberg Tower is 8,400 square feet

Inner details of the apartment

  • One master bedroom of a massive size 
  • There are 4 children’s bedrooms 
  • One sitting area where the dining table and chairs are set at the end 
  • There are tasteful artwork frames all over the apartment
  • The floors are made of maple-taste 
  • The cabinets in the entire apartment are white 
  • The wallpaper is of a Venetian style 
  • What stands out most is the view of Manhattan from the 52nd floor of the tower 

Condo in Manhattan, New York

Steve Cohen’s condo in the Abington is priced at about USD 30 million, and is built in a 3-wing style, called a triplex. The theme of this condo is to indulge in art, which Cohen is an enthusiast of. 

Measurements of the property 

  • The size of the entire property is 9,600 square feet 
  • The building was established in 1905 but converted into a condo with 3 wings 

Inner details of the condo 

  • The entrance has two staircases made of Carrara marble 
  • The height of the ceilings, vertically, is 30 feet 
  • A spacious dining room is included in all wings, with wooden floors
  • The entire condo has artwork hanging on the walls, about the size of the windows 
  • The kitchen is marble-themed, and attached are counters, in case a person wants to eat there 
  • The first floor of the condo has a wing sized 1,200 square feet
  • The first floor has three bedrooms
  • There are several sitting areas, and offices
  • Walk-in closets are included 
  • Inside the condo is a gym 
  • There is a facility to take elevators to whichever floor one wants
  • Security systems are in place

Steve Cohen is known for being on the list of the wealthiest, given his investments in his hedge funds business and now, the New York Mets. His multiple earnings’ streams ensure the 66-year-old has enough to spend impulsively on a luxurious lifestyle, that comes with having numerous extravagant homes. 

  • What other places does Steve Cohen have?

A summer home in the Hamptons, which is sized 7 acres, and another residence in a similar area priced at USD 18 million. 

  • Which piece of art is inside Steve Cohen’s house?

Le Reve by Picasso was bought for USD 115 million. 

Where does Mets owner Steve Cohen live?
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