Where Is The Big 12 Baseball Tournament?

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The Big 12 baseball tournament is a conference championship that was played in 1997 for the first time in Oklahoma City. The tournament is based on eight teams. The tournament is based on separate matches and team matches. There is double elimination in this championship.

Where Is The Big 12 Baseball Tournament?

Where is the big 12 baseball tournament?

The Big 12 baseball tournament was based on two group stages followed by semi-finals and then finals. For the year 2022, the tournament is played in Arlington, Texas usually in May. It is played in a stadium called Globe Life Field. It is expected the same venue will be followed for future matches. The defending champion of the Big 12 baseball tournament is the Oklahoma team. Texas was the other team that played with Oklahoma to determine the champions.

Brief history:

Up till now, there had been three different formats followed for this tournament.

  • 1997-98: For these years the format was such that six teams played the tournaments consisting of double elimination rounds.
  • 1999-2005: In this format, eight teams participated in the tournament. The format consisted of two four-team double-elimination rounds. The winners from each group were to play against each other to grab the championship.
  • 2006-2010: During this tenure, the format was such that two groups were formed and the toppers of each group were to compete against each other in the final to win the championship.
  • After 2010, the same format followed in the years 2010-2005 was revived.

Big 12 baseball tournament before 2022:

The Big 12 baseball tournament was initiated in Oklahoma City. And following this, the event used to take place every year in Oklahoma City. Except for the years 2002 and 2004, the venue was constant for the tournament.

Big 12 tournaments at present:

For the present year 2022, the big 12 baseball tournament was held in Texas. The event was held in Texas in the years 2002 and 2004 as well. Globe life field is the official host of the big 12 baseball tournament. The Globe life field finds it a great opportunity to host such a college baseball event. Globe life field is known for conducting several baseball tournaments held across Texas. It was inaugurated in 2020. It has the capacity of accommodating more than 40,000 people. 

Big 12 baseball tournament in upcoming years:

According to the latest arrangements, the big 12 baseball tournament will be held in Texas for the upcoming years 2023 and 2024. The events will be held at Globe life field as it is the major stadium for the baseball events held in Texas.

Schedule for Big 12 2022:

The matches were played between 25th May to 29th May. On 29th May, the final match to determine the champion was held. For the first two days, four games were played each day. In the next two days, a total of five matches were played. These matches were all called double-elimination rounds. And finally, the final between Oklahoma and Texas was played on 29th May. The total number of games played was 15. The teams that participated were TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, West Virginia, Kansas State, Baylor, and Kansas.

Winners of the Conference/tournament:

For the winners of the competition, there is a special package. The champions of the tournament can secure their positions in the greatest baseball tournaments i.e. NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) tournament. This tournament is held every year in May and June.


The big 12 baseball tournament is one of the most anticipated college baseball events. The event started in Oklahoma City and was later brought to be played in Texas for a few years. Globe life field is the host for the event as it is the home of baseball tournaments in Texas. The schedule of the tournament is based on team seeding. There are several teams invited to be a part of this tournament. Texas and Oklahoma are considered as two best teams in the tournament as they have maximum championships. The format being followed is the same as the one initiated in the year 1999. The format was revived in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which team has never won any championship in the Big 12 baseball tournament?

If we consider the original members of the tournament, then Kanas is the team that is yet to win a title. Other than it, West Virginia also has not managed to win the title.

  • Does the big 12 baseball tournament take place every year?

Yes, this event is held every year. Since 1997, when the game was initiated, it had been conducted every year except 2020.

  • Does the big 12 baseball tournament is always hosted in Texas?

The event mostly takes place in Oklahoma City except for the years 2002,2004,2022. The event is expected to be held in Texas in the upcoming years as well.

Where Is The Big 12 Baseball Tournament?
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