Which Baseball Teams Are In The National League?

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 The American League and the National League are two leagues that makeup Major League Baseball. Both Leagues are divided into three regional divisions. It means that Major League Baseball consists of six divisions.  Here we will see Which Baseball Teams Are In The National League? 

Which Baseball Teams Are In The National League? The long-standing organization of baseball is the National League. It is divided into three divisions and has 15 teams in total. Three divisions are named National League East (NL East), the second is called National League Central (NL Central), and the last one is named National League West (NL West). In this article, each of the 15 National League teams will be covered individually.

National League Baseball teams: 

National League East (NL East) teams: There are five teams in NL East. 

Atlanta Braves: Since the beginning of professional baseball Atlanta Braves, previously known as Boston Red Stockings, is the only major league franchise that has the honor of competing in every season. The founder is Ivers Whitney Adams, and the team is based in Atlanta. The team has been crowned with several World Series championships in different years. Besides that, the team won 18 National League division titles.

Miami Marlins: Miami Marlins is part of the NL East. It is based in Miami. This professional baseball team wins several titles. The Marlins qualified for the postseason as the NL Wild Card winner and achieved their first winning record.  

New York Mets: When the franchise was founded, the name Mets was selected from several other options. A Flushing, Queens, New York-based American baseball franchise has won five National League division titles and has been crowned as World Series championships two times.

Philadelphia Phillies: The Phillies are the oldest continuously operating single-city team in American professional sports and have won the NL division title seven times. The Phillies have gone by both the Quakers and the Phillies. They changed their name officially to the Phillies.

Washington Nationals: This Washington, D.C., based baseball team plays in National League. The Montreal-based team was first known as the Expos. The team has won one NL pennant.

National League Central (NL Central) Teams: Similar to NL East this regional division has five teams.

Chicago Cubs: The most popular baseball franchise is the Chicago Cubs. The team also known as Cubbies or North Siders plays in National League. The team was originally called Chicago White Stockings and won six times National League division titles.

Cincinnati Reds:  Cincinnati Reds is based in CincinnatiOhio. Cincinnati said that their team the Red Stockings was the first baseball club to play at the highest level of competition. The Reds play in the National League and won nine NL division titles along with other titles. 

Milwaukee Brewers: The Milwaukee Brewers are a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based professional baseball franchise. The Brewers were formerly known as the Pilots when they were established in Seattle in 1969.  The team played in the American League too. 

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates, one of baseball’s oldest teams, have taken home five World Series championships. The Pirates switched from American Association to the National League. Before the team was part of the American Association. This Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based team was founded in 1882. 

St. Louis Cardinals: St. Louis is the oldest major league team. At first, called the Brown Stockings one of baseball’s most successful teams. It is second to the New York Yankees in World Series victories. Before moving to National League in 1892 the team played in American Association.

National League West (NL West) teams: Like the other two divisions there are five teams in National League West division.

Arizona Diamondbacks: The Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Arizona Diamondbacks were both established as expansion teams in 1998. Arizona Diamondbacks also called D-backs won the World Series in just their fourth season in Major League Baseball. The team defeated New York Yankees. 

Colorado Rockies: The National League’s Colorado Rockies are a professional baseball team from Denver, the United States. The Rockies who have never won a division championship made it to the World Series as an NL Wild Card participant.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers were previously known as the Atlantics and had their home base in Brooklyn, New York. The team played in the American Association and then joined the NL as one of four teams in the American Association. They won their first NL pennant in their debut year. 

San Diego Padres: San Diego Padre is a National League West division team. It is originally from San Diego. The team was endangered of relocating to Washington, D.C. because of underperformance in the National League but because of Ray Kroc, the team kept in San Diego. In their first win in National League, the team defeated Chicago Cubs. The team just won two division titles in total. 

San Francisco Giants: San Francisco Giants have won eight times the World Series, previously known as Gothams, were founded in New York City. The Giants became the team’s new moniker as a result of the proud manager of the team describing the group after the team’s extra-inning triumph. The Giants have achieved 23 National League championships.


National League is the replacement for the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players. The league is considered the oldest organization because it had founded back in 1876. There are three regional divisions in the National League, each division has five baseball teams. The teams include the Atlanta Braves, the New York Mets, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and others. The winners of the National League Championships play in the World Series. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many teams are there in American League?

American League together with National League is a part of Major League Baseball. Like National League, it is divided into three regional divisions called American League East, Central, and West. It includes 15 teams. Five teams in each division. The teams include the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, and others. 

How do baseball teams qualify for Major League Baseball?

The MLB divides the games into four tournaments for the postseason. Wild card Game winners play winners of the League Division Series. League Division Series winners of both leagues compete in League Championship Series for example the National League Divisions Series winners move to National League Championship Series. Then winners of the America and National League Championship Series compete in the World Series. The winning team in the World Series is recognized as the top American baseball team for that season.

Which Baseball Teams Are In The National League?
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