Which Leg Should You Slide With?

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In baseball games, players always need to slide into the base to save themselves from the fielders. To increase the chance of their place in the game, runners master the strategy of sliding in the crucial moment. Let us know “Which Leg Should You Slide With?”

Which Leg Should You Slide With?

Because reaching the base is considered safe. The question that pops up in most people’s minds is, which leg to slide with or, which leg to fold to the chest? To get the answer, we have read further. 

Which Leg Should You Slide With?

No leg is specifically instructed for the players to use in the rule book. They can use any leg, to slide whichever they feel comfortable. Some batters are comfortable sliding on their back by extending their left leg. When the throw comes from the infield, runners extend their right leg. When the throw comes from the outfield, runners extend their left leg to reach the base. The sliding style varies from player to player. Some players prefer to keep their back toward the ball, and some are comfortable stretching their feet to the base to save themselves from the fielders. 

Sliding With The Most Comfortable Leg

When the situation arrives, players use whichever legs they are comfortable with to slide. Some players master sliding with their feet rather than a slide with their legs to the base. The better they master the sliding technique, the more chance they increase to save themselves from fielders. 

It’s better to experiment with sliding during the game. If the player is comfortable with sliding with their feet, they should do that. Which strategy they are comfortable with they should apply to play safe. If the players chose to slide with their unusual feet, then the slide might fail. 

Without proper practice, if the player tries to slide into an awkward position, then the chances of injury increase. For experimenting in a crucial moment in the game when the ball is in a shorter distance, they might get out. 

Sliding With Back Facing Toward The Ball

Base runners train themselves till they become comfortable sliding with any angle or leg. Through this, they increase their way to secure their position. 

No matter which leg makes them comfortable, according to some players, it doesn’t matter as long as they are used to stretching with any leg. As long as any of their strategies work any leg is good to slide on. 

Whichever comes naturally to players they should use that technique. Some players go with ease to the base with their backs facing toward the ball. 

Left Leg Tucked During The Outfield Throw

When a ball comes from the outfield and a player is on the bat and hits the ball in between outfields, during the first to second base run, it’s the crucial time for the runner. Their mind keeps thinking about which leg to slide on. 

Most players prefer to keep their left leg folded and their right leg spread because this position makes their back toward the ball which comes naturally to most players. This strategy is very effective and makes the feet reach the base as soon as possible. 

But this strategy becomes difficult. In that case, the player can tuck their right leg and spread the left leg. This position works to keep your back to the incoming ball. 

Why Slide On Your Back?

The main reason why players slide on their back is in case the fielder misses the throw. In that position, the player can stop the ball with their body. So that’s why it’s better to face away during a throw while sliding. Those players who master this position are easily able to move quickly during an impulsive situation. But, these position runners are also able to see if the defensive player got the ball. If the defensive player misses the ball, then the runner has the chance to make it through another base. Back facing towards the ball gives the advantage to see the ball’s position and quickly make through another base if needed, for the bad throw. 

When To Slide During the Game?

Those who join newly often ask one question that is, how do players know when to slide? Most players don’t slide onto a base because of this uncertainty. Usually, one player should slide onto a base when there’s a close game going on. Players can see the throw when they feel like the game is close, and the throw is still away from the defense, they should hurry to the next base and slide if needed.

If the couch instructs to slide, the runner should take the attempt.

Measurements Of The Field

The distance of 90 feet is used both on first to second to third base to home plate. For every four bases, the distance was the same.  The baseline is called each base distance. The runners don’t need to run straight off the line. The runners can switch from one base to another, rounding his path. Also, runners can run to home plate directly from second base. 

When a double-play situation comes, they have to make sure, to not get tagged by the opponent. The runner has to do this by running as fast as possible from one base to another through a straight line. Also can slide to the base if required. 

There is an exceptional rule, where a runner can run from home plate to first base. At half of the run line, there’s another line drawn to the right, just beside the foul ball line. The second chalk and foul line are drawn, for the batter-runner. The runner must run from the second line between home plate to first base and not from anywhere else. This area is called the three-foot lane for the runner so that he can run without interrupting the fielders to the first base. The only reason the runner can run from the third line is, not to interrupt the fielders. Three rules are included in the Official Baseball Rules. Major League Baseball Rule Book has these rules in Rule 6.05.


To watch a player slide at a crucial moment in the match is exciting. Sliding is a very important skill for a baseball player. Other than running, they also need to master the skill of sliding to secure their position in the game. If the player slides perfectly, then they can score more runs and extra base in the game.


Which Leg Should You Slide With?
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