Who did Beth get Pregnant by?

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The Mystery of Beth’s Pregnancy: Speculations and Theories

It all started with a simple question: Who did Beth get pregnant by? Fans of the popular TV drama series, “This Is Us,” have been trying to solve this mystery ever since it was revealed in the season 5 finale. However, despite numerous clues and hints, the answer remains unknown. In this blog post, we will explore the various speculations and theories surrounding this topic, based on the available evidence and logical reasoning.

Who did beth get pregnant by?

The Background Story: Recap of the Show and Characters

Before we delve into the mystery of Beth’s pregnancy, let’s first provide some context and background information. “This Is Us” is a family drama series that follows the lives of the Pearson family, including Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their three children, Kevin, Kate, and Randall, as well as their extended family and friends. The show often employs a nonlinear narrative structure, jumping back and forth between different time periods and perspectives, to reveal the complex relationships and experiences of the characters.

Beth Pearson, played by Susan Kelechi Watson, is married to Randall Pearson, played by Sterling K. Brown. They have two daughters, Tess and Annie, and live in New Jersey. Beth is a former dancer and current dance instructor, while Randall is a successful businessman and politician. They have been together for many years and are portrayed as a strong and loving couple, despite some challenges and conflicts along the way.

The Clues and Hints: Analyzing the Evidence

Now that we have refreshed our memory about the show and characters, let’s move on to the main topic of this post: Who did Beth get pregnant by? To answer this question, we need to examine the clues and hints provided by the show, as well as the possible scenarios and outcomes.

First of all, we know that Beth is pregnant in the flash-forward scenes of the season 5 finale. She is shown with a visible baby bump, wearing a hospital gown and holding hands with Randall, who looks worried and emotional. This suggests that the pregnancy is not planned or expected, but rather a surprise or a complication. It also implies that Beth and Randall are still together in the future, despite some unknown challenges or obstacles.

Secondly, we can infer from the timeline and context of the flash-forward scenes that the pregnancy occurs several years after the present-day events of the show. This means that the father of the baby could be someone who is not currently a part of the main cast or storyline, or someone who has not been introduced or mentioned yet. It also leaves room for speculation about the state of Beth and Randall’s relationship in the intervening years, and what may have led to the pregnancy.

Thirdly, we can analyze the interactions and dynamics between Beth and the male characters of the show, to see if there are any hints or clues about a potential romantic or sexual connection. However, this is where it gets tricky, as Beth has not been shown to have any overt or significant flirtations or affairs with anyone besides Randall. Nevertheless, some fans have proposed several theories and speculations, based on subtle or ambiguous hints or interpretations.

The Theories and Speculations: Exploring the Possibilities

Now, let’s dive into some of the most popular or plausible theories and speculations about the father of Beth’s baby. Keep in mind that these are just conjectures and opinions, and that the show may surprise us with a completely different outcome or explanation.

Randall is the father, but there are complications

One possibility is that Randall is indeed the biological father of Beth’s baby, but that there are some complications or challenges that arise. For example, Beth may have undergone fertility treatments or artificial insemination, which could have unexpected side effects or complications. Alternatively, Randall may have had a medical condition or undergone a procedure that affected his fertility, and the couple may have turned to a sperm donor or surrogate. This theory would explain why the pregnancy is unexpected and why Randall looks worried in the flash-forward scenes, as it could mean that the baby’s health or well-being is at risk.

Kevin is the father, after a one-night stand or affair

Another theory that has been circulating among fans is that Kevin, Beth’s brother-in-law, is the father of her baby. This theory is based on some subtle hints and clues, such as Kevin’s close relationship with Beth and his history of impulsive and reckless behavior. Some fans speculate that Kevin and Beth may have had a one-night stand or a brief affair, perhaps during a vulnerable or emotional moment. This theory would create a lot of drama and tension within the Pearson family, especially given Kevin’s past struggles with addiction and relationships.

Deja’s boyfriend, Malik, is the father, after a secret relationship

A more recent theory that has gained traction is that Malik, the boyfriend of Beth and Randall’s foster daughter, Deja, is the father of Beth’s baby. This theory is based on some subtle hints and clues, such as Malik’s interest in dance and his closeness to Beth, as well as some foreshadowing in the show’s storyline. Some fans speculate that Malik and Beth may have had a secret relationship or fling, perhaps during a time when they were both feeling disconnected or unfulfilled. This theory would create a lot of complexity and tension within the Pearson family, as well as raise some ethical and moral questions about foster parenting and boundaries.

A new character or plot twist will reveal the father

Finally, there is the possibility that the show will introduce a completely new character or plot twist that will reveal the father of Beth’s baby. This could be someone from Beth’s past, such as an ex-boyfriend or a former dance partner, or someone from Randall’s political or business world. Alternatively, it could be someone who has not been introduced or mentioned yet, such as a long-lost relative or a random encounter. This theory would create a lot of suspense and speculation among fans, as well as open up new avenues for storytelling and character development.


In conclusion, the mystery of who got Beth pregnant in “This Is Us” is still unsolved, but there are plenty of theories and speculations to ponder. Whether it’s Randall, Kevin, Malik, or someone else entirely, the answer is sure to have significant consequences for the Pearson family and their relationships. Until then, we can only wait and watch as the show continues to unfold its complex and emotional narrative.

Who did Beth get Pregnant by?
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