Who is the Oldest person in Once Upon a Time?

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Once Upon a Time is a beloved American fantasy-drama series that captivated audiences for seven seasons. The show is known for its enchanting characters and intricate plotlines that spanned multiple fairytale worlds. One of the most fascinating aspects of the show was the agelessness of some of its characters. The showrunners masterfully incorporated characters who were centuries old, making them integral to the plot. In this blog post, we will delve into the oldest person in Once Upon a Time and uncover their secrets and contributions to the show.

Who is the Oldest person in Once Upon a Time?

The Dark One, Rumplestiltskin

Rumplestiltskin, also known as the Dark One, is one of the most complex and mysterious characters in Once Upon a Time. He is a master manipulator and has lived for centuries, making him the oldest person in the show. Rumplestiltskin’s backstory is one of tragedy and loss, which has shaped him into the character we see in the show. He was once a cowardly man who made a deal with the devil to gain power, but this power came at a price. The deal turned him into the Dark One, a cursed immortal who is destined to live forever.

Rumplestiltskin’s agelessness allowed him to be a crucial character in the show’s overarching plot. He was present during many important moments in history, including the American Revolution, World War II, and the creation of the Enchanted Forest. His knowledge and cunningness were valuable to other characters in the show, and he often used his powers to manipulate them for his own gain. However, as the show progressed, Rumplestiltskin’s character evolved, and we saw glimpses of his humanity. His love for his son, Baelfire, was one of his driving forces, and he was willing to do anything to protect him. In the end, Rumplestiltskin’s story came full circle, and he was able to redeem himself by sacrificing his life to save his family.

The Evil Queen, Regina

Regina Mills, also known as the Evil Queen, is another character in Once Upon a Time who has lived for centuries. She was born in the Enchanted Forest and was cursed by Snow White’s mother to live forever without aging. Regina’s backstory is one of revenge, as she spent most of her life seeking vengeance on Snow White for what she perceived as a betrayal. However, Regina’s character evolved throughout the show, and we saw glimpses of her humanity.

Regina’s agelessness allowed her to be a vital character in the show’s plot. She was a powerful sorceress who used her magic to manipulate those around her. However, as the show progressed, we saw Regina use her powers for good, and she eventually became a hero. Her love for her family, especially her adopted son, Henry, was a driving force for her character, and she was willing to sacrifice everything to protect them. In the end, Regina’s character arc came full circle, and she was able to redeem herself by saving everyone she cared about.


Once Upon a Time was a show that incorporated agelessness into its plot masterfully. Characters like Rumplestiltskin and Regina were crucial to the show’s overarching plot, and their agelessness allowed them to be present during pivotal moments in history. These characters’ longevity also allowed for character development and the opportunity for redemption. The show will always be remembered for its enchanting characters, intricate plotlines, and its incorporation of ageless characters.

Who is the Oldest person in Once Upon a Time?
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