Who owns Masters for Drake?

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Drake, the Canadian superstar rapper, singer, and songwriter, has been an influential figure in the music industry for over a decade. With his chart-topping hits and groundbreaking albums, he has amassed a massive fan following and achieved unparalleled success. However, behind the scenes, there lies a complex web of ownership and control over his music catalog. In this blog post, we delve into the intriguing question: Who owns the masters for Drake? Join us as we explore the various entities involved and uncover the intricacies of the master ownership landscape in Drake’s career.

Who owns Masters for Drake?

Young Money Entertainment

The Birth of a Collaborative Legacy Drake’s journey in the music industry began with his signing to Young Money Entertainment, an American record label founded by Lil Wayne in 2005. Under the Young Money umbrella, Drake released his breakthrough mixtapes, gained widespread recognition, and ultimately launched his successful career as a solo artist. However, when it comes to the ownership of his masters, the situation is multifaceted.

Young Money Entertainment, as a subsidiary of Cash Money Records, holds the distribution rights to Drake’s early releases. Cash Money Records, founded by Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams, is known for its notorious contractual disputes and legal battles. While the details of Drake’s contract with Young Money Entertainment remain undisclosed, it is likely that the label retains a significant portion of the master rights for his early albums and mixtapes.

Universal Music Group

A Key Player in Drake’s Discography As Drake’s popularity skyrocketed and his music continued to dominate the charts, the involvement of Universal Music Group (UMG) became increasingly significant. UMG, one of the world’s largest music corporations, inked a distribution deal with Cash Money Records, thereby acquiring a stake in the ownership of Drake’s masters.

Under this arrangement, UMG is believed to have obtained the exclusive rights to distribute and market Drake’s music. While the specifics of their agreement are confidential, it is likely that UMG exercises substantial control over the commercial exploitation of Drake’s catalog. However, it’s important to note that distribution rights do not necessarily equate to full ownership of the masters. The intricacies of the deal between UMG, Cash Money Records, and Young Money Entertainment remain shrouded in secrecy.

Drake’s OVO Sound

A Creative Hub and Potential Master Owner In addition to his affiliations with Young Money Entertainment and Universal Music Group, Drake founded his own record label, October’s Very Own (OVO) Sound, in 2012. OVO Sound serves as both a creative hub and a platform for emerging artists, showcasing Drake’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to nurture talent.

While it is unclear to what extent OVO Sound owns the masters for Drake’s music, it is conceivable that the label retains a degree of ownership and creative control over his recent releases. With Drake’s immense influence and involvement in the music-making process, it is plausible that he, along with key partners within OVO Sound, actively shapes the destiny of his masters. Drake’s autonomy and entrepreneurial ventures suggest that he is positioning himself for greater control over his artistry, potentially redefining the traditional power dynamics within the music industry.

Collaborations and Independent Releases

An Uncharted Territory Drake is known for his numerous collaborations with fellow artists, including some who operate independently or have their own record labels. In these instances, the ownership of masters becomes even more intricate. When collaborating with independent artists, it is likely that each party retains ownership of their respective contributions, sharing distribution and licensing rights as agreed upon in individual contracts.

Moreover, Drake has occasionally released music independently, bypassing his traditional label affiliations. In such cases, he would have greater control and ownership over the masters. These independent releases showcase his ability to navigate the ever-evolving music landscape and experiment with different business models that provide artists with the increased agency over their own creations.


Unraveling the ownership of masters for Drake’s extensive discography is a convoluted task, as it involves various entities, contracts, and undisclosed agreements. While Young Money Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and OVO Sound play significant roles in the distribution, marketing, and creative aspects of Drake’s music, the exact extent of ownership for each entity remains elusive. Drake’s entrepreneurial ventures and increasing involvement in shaping his own destiny suggest a shifting paradigm in the music industry, where artists strive for greater control and independence over their masters. As the story of Drake’s masters continues to unfold, one thing remains certain: his music and legacy will continue to captivate audiences worldwide for years to come.

Who owns Masters for Drake?
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