Who Was Loki’s Wife?

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Loki, the trickster god of Norse mythology, is one of the most enigmatic and complex characters of the pantheon. He is both a villain and a hero, often playing both roles in the same story. He is a master of guile, deception, and magic, and his actions often have far-reaching consequences. He is also known for his love affairs and his many wives, including the mysterious figure of Sigyn. Who was Loki’s wife, and what role did she play in his life? Let’s take a closer look at Sigyn and her relationship with Loki.

Who Was Loki's Wife?

Sigyn: Loki’s Wife

Sigyn, sometimes known as Sigynn, was a goddess in Norse mythology and the wife of Loki. She is often depicted as a beautiful and gentle goddess who is devoted to her husband. According to some accounts, Sigyn was the daughter of the giantess Skadi. She was also said to be the mother of the wolf-god Fenrir and the goddess Hel.

Loki and Sigyn’s Relationship

Loki and Sigyn had a complicated relationship. On the one hand, they were deeply devoted to each other. Sigyn was devoted to Loki even when he was in trouble, and she was willing to stand by him no matter what. On the other hand, Loki was often unfaithful to Sigyn, and this caused a great deal of strife between them. Despite their differences, however, it is clear that Loki and Sigyn had a deep connection.

Loki’s Infidelity

Loki was known for his philandering ways, and Sigyn was often the victim of his infidelity. He had numerous affairs with other goddesses and mortals, and this caused a great deal of heartache for Sigyn. Despite her pain, however, she remained devoted to Loki and never abandoned him.

Sigyn’s Loyalty

Sigyn was known for her unwavering loyalty and devotion to Loki. She was willing to stand by him even when he was in trouble, and she never left his side. In some stories, Sigyn is even said to have sacrificed herself to save Loki from the wrath of the gods.

Sigyn’s Role in Norse Mythology

Sigyn was an important figure in Norse mythology. She was a symbol of loyalty and devotion, and her story was used to illustrate the power of love and sacrifice. She was also used as a cautionary tale, warning against the dangers of infidelity and betrayal.


Sigyn was an important figure in Norse mythology, and her story is still remembered today. She was the devoted wife of Loki, and her loyalty and devotion to her husband were legendary. Despite his infidelity and other flaws, Sigyn never abandoned Loki and stood by him no matter what. Her story is a powerful reminder of the power of love and sacrifice, and it serves as a cautionary tale against the dangers of betrayal and infidelity.”

Who Was Loki’s Wife?
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