Why can’t Eren use the Founding Titan?

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In the thrilling world of Attack on Titan, one of the most perplexing mysteries revolves around Eren Yeager’s inability to wield the full might of the Founding Titan. This enigma has left fans speculating and pondering, delving deep into the intricacies of this colossal tale. In this blog post, we embark on an exploration of the factors that contribute to Eren’s inability to harness the immense power contained within the Founding Titan. Through a meticulous analysis of his character, the history of the Eldian people, and the nature of the Titans themselves, we strive to unravel the secrets that lie behind Eren’s struggle to unlock his potential.

Why can't Eren use the Founding Titan?

I. The Duality of Eren’s Nature: A Clashing Titan Power

The foundations of Eren’s enigma are rooted in the complex duality of his nature, which encompasses both the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan. This intriguing dichotomy sets the stage for the challenges he faces in wielding the immense power of the Founding Titan.

  • The Unyielding Will of the Attack Titan:
    Eren’s indomitable will and unyielding determination are embodied by the Attack Titan, which fuels his relentless pursuit of freedom and justice. However, this tenacious spirit clashes with the submissive and pacifistic nature traditionally associated with the Founding Titan. The stark contrast between these two titanic forces creates a dissonance within Eren, inhibiting his ability to tap into the full potential of the Founding Titan’s abilities.
  • The Burden of History:
    Another factor contributing to Eren’s struggle lies within the weight of history and the knowledge he inherits as the holder of the Attack Titan. The memories of his predecessors, spanning generations, add layers of complexity to his psyche. The accumulated trauma, desires, and conflicting ideologies of past inheritors intertwine with Eren’s own beliefs, further complicating his connection to the Founding Titan’s power.

II. The Bloodline’s Curse: A Genetic Impediment to the Founding Titan

The enigmatic power of the Founding Titan carries with it a mysterious curse that impacts the descendants of Ymir Fritz, the progenitor of all Titans. Eren’s own heritage is tangled in the intricate web of this curse, contributing to his inability to utilize the full extent of the Founding Titan’s might.

  • The Royal Bloodline’s Influence:
    One crucial requirement to access the full capabilities of the Founding Titan is to possess royal blood. However, Eren lacks this essential lineage, rendering him incapable of using the Founding Titan’s powers to their fullest potential. The royal bloodline carries an inherent connection to the Founding Titan’s originator, Ymir Fritz, granting the ability to manipulate the minds of Titans and even alter the memories of Eldians.
  • The Vicious Cycle of the Curse:
    The curse that plagues the descendants of Ymir Fritz holds a dual nature, both empowering and limiting. It grants immense power to those who inherit the Titans but also condemns them to shortened lifespans, plagued by the imminent threat of death. Eren’s constant struggle to overcome this impending doom may overshadow his ability to harness the full might of the Founding Titan, as he grapples with the looming fate that binds him and the complex implications it carries.

III. The Complexity of Titan Biology: A Key to Eren’s Struggle

Understanding the intricate biology of the Titans provides valuable insights into the reasons behind Eren’s inability to utilize the Founding Titan’s power to its fullest extent.

  • Titan Shifting and Memory Inheritance:
    When a Titan shifter acquires a new Titan power, they gain access to the memories of its past inheritors. This process, known as memory inheritance, is a critical aspect of the Titans’ biology. However, the complexity of the memories and the way they interact with the individual’s own psyche can cause confusion and hinder the user’s ability to wield the Titan’s full potential. Eren’s experience with memory inheritance adds a layer of complexity to his connection with the Founding Titan, affecting his ability to access its power.
  • The Limits of Titan Powers:
    Despite their immense power, the Titans’ abilities are not without limitations. The Founding Titan, in particular, requires a clear and concise goal to activate its power. The nature of Eren’s goals and the complexity of the situation he finds himself in may impede his ability to harness the Founding Titan’s full strength. Moreover, the process of using the Founding Titan’s power to manipulate memories or control the Titans requires a significant amount of energy, potentially limiting the amount of time Eren can use the Titan’s power.


In conclusion, the question of why Eren cannot use the full potential of the Founding Titan remains a complex and intriguing enigma. His duality of nature, the burden of history, the curse of the bloodline, and the complexity of Titan biology all contribute to his struggle. Through a thorough analysis of these factors, we can gain valuable insights into the mechanisms that govern the Titan’s power and the challenges that Eren faces. Attack on Titan is a story that leaves a lasting impression, and the mysteries it presents continue to captivate and intrigue audiences.

Why can’t Eren use the Founding Titan?
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