Why do Baseball Players wave when they get on base?

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If you are here, we are assuming you must have seen Red Sox players waving at nobody in particular, or their teammates,when they reach the base. While sports is all about such signs, ranging from cricketers dancing after catching a ball, to footballers having intricate handshakes, it is all about depicting your emotions through physical actions. Let us know ‘Why do Baseball Players wave when they get on base?’.

Why do Baseball Players wave when they get on base?

Why do Baseball Players wave when they get on base?

Even in baseball, we have had some famous movements such as Mookie Betts doing the very viral Salt Bae action, Manny Ramirez pointing at the dugout, or numerous other players just dancing and having a moment to themselves. The recent viral thing is the hand waving, which is like a mix between a child on the playground waving to his mother and someone just showing the world what they are capable of and encouraging acknowledgment for the same. 

Alex Cora, the manager of the Red Sox has some things to say about it as well, so keep reading. 

Why the waving?

This can be because sports is all about physicality, and you need to be verbal about your emotions. Who says sports are not worth reacting to? Ask any ardent sports lover and they will tell you all about the highs and lows they face with each home run, each dunk, each goal saved. 

After Franchy hit the double and reached second base, he looked at his teammates and waved, as if to say “hey look, I made it!” His fellow team players waved back, and this is where this tradition began. Now it is like an acknowledgement among players, and also looks classy but fun.

Where did it begin?

A few years ago players were doing fortnite dances because of its increasing popularity, and now we have the casual wave, which can be traced back to Red Sox’s player Franchy Cordero, or at least that is what manager Alex Cora believes. 

What could the waving mean?

The waving is a casual way of announcing that the player is on the field, or to garner attention. It can also be celebratory, depending on the situation. A lot of time players indulge in playful banter with the rival team and the player could be waving sarcastically to the other team as well.

While many players tend to jump around and even their mates when they score big, a wave is generally reserved as an acknowledgement, or can also be the perfect celebratory action for players who are introverts. It won’t be surprising if this trend expanded to other sports as well and we saw NFL players waving at each other and the audience.

What about when the audience waves?

While players doing such things are usually treated with respect and have the whole stadium hollering and hooting with affection for their faves, it gets annoying when you are in your seat or in the stands and someone in front of you decides to do the wave or any other hand gesture actually. 

It creates a barrier between you and the field and leaves you annoyed. So if you are one of those people, or carry large posters, we recommend you find seats that won’t disturb others, or simply don’t indulge in such things at all!

In baseball specifically, if many viewers are waving it can also mean that they are not interested in the game at all and are booing you in their own way! 

A lot of players have talked about dismissing it or even banning it altogether because they feel like it is distracting and also makes for a downer during the game. Which is understandable because no one would like to be disturbed during their job or told that they are not doing well while they are concentrating so hard.

Red Sox waving as a form of triumph is actually pretty justified. This beast of a team has been performing really well and this understated and muted celebratory action goes on to show their humble side while also displaying that they do not take their wins casually.

As Alex Cora maintains – it is fun to look at, and it gives off the notion that the team is on good terms which is what one would expect and wish for when it comes to their favorite teams. He thinks the wave is here to stay because it has definitely created a wave (pun intended) among the audience. It is cool, collected and stylish – all at once. 

We think it’s very cool, what about you?

  • Why did Franchy Cordero wave?

It was definitely a heat of the moment kind of situation where he wanted to express his delight, so he waved.

  • What does it mean when the spectators are waving at a baseball game?

It usually means that they are not interested in the game.

Why do Baseball Players wave when they get on base?
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