Why Does Jerry Seinfeld Like The Mets?

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Jerome Allen Seinfeld, who is popularly known as Jerry Seinfeld is a 68-year-old American who made his fame from his career as a stand-up comedian. He also dabbles in acting, writing and production from time to time. His popularity as a comedian and his obsession with baseball sport has made him a recognized voice in the baseball space. Jerry is a big fan of the Mets and has never failed to boldly stand by them. Many have queried his love for the New York team which was ranked 5th  in the Major League Baseball (MLB) power ranking at the end of the 2022 season in October, as opposed to other bigger teams. However, Jerry’s love has been unwavering. Let us know more detail about ‘Why Does Jerry Seinfeld Like The Mets?’.

Why Does Jerry Seinfeld Like The Mets? Why Does Jerry Seinfeld Like The Mets?

There are several reasons Jerry Seinfeld loves the Mets as we would soon see, however, one major contributing factor has to be the fact that he has always loved the game of baseball at a very young age. A love for a sport or team that starts that young often grows and waxes stronger over the years. Now let’s look into specific reasons why he loves the Mets.

Reasons Why Jerry Seinfeld Likes the Mets

Here are three main reasons: 

  • He started young: This has got to be the first and most important factor behind Jerry’s love for the Mets. He had started watching baseball games early and had his first experience when his cousin took him to see a game live at the Shea stadium somewhere between the age of ten and eleven. It is important to note that at this point, he was not yet a Mets fan but he was awestruck by the experience that day at the stadium. In his interview with Mark Simon of ESPN, Jerry said his experience that day had to be the first powerful baseball moment he had. With this, we can see that Jerry started following the game of baseball early, he was also introduced specifically to the Mets and had “a moment” which was his first at their field, this kind of experience is usually hard to come back from but was it enough to make him a Mets fan? Let’s consider that next.
  • He followed the Mets games: Was the experience at Shea stadium enough to make Jerry a Mets fan? It is an emphatic yes! That was the point that changed everything for him. He may have been watching baseball games casually before that day but after that day, he became intentional about it. He started following their games on television. The more he watched their games, the more he got familiar with the team and its players and his love for them waxed strong. 
  • He picked out favourites: One thing that a true fan is usually known for is their love for certain players over others. They often prefer players of their clubs to players of other teams, however, even within their team they have favourites. One of such players that stood out for Jerry at the time was Tommie Agee. Jerry loved players who were fast and skilful because they were a delight to watch and Tommie was such a player. Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and  Curtis Granderson, who at one point or another played for the Mets also made the list of Jerry’s favourite Mets players.

It is also important to note that at some point, Jerry stopped following the Mets games and entirely, baseball games for a certain period. He attributed this to the fact that his career as a stand-up comedian became more demanding and he just found himself missing games and all that. This is understandable as Jerry had to build his career as much as the players of the Mets were building theirs.  However, Jerry Seinfeld is back to his ways of watching his team play and being a huge supporter.


Jerry is celebrated as a Mets fan because it’s not regular to find a renowned celebrity who goes all out in support of the Mets, as a large bunch of New York celebrities prefer the New York Yankees to the Mets. The Yankees were ranked 4th in the MLB power rankings just above the Mets at the end of the season.

Regardless, Jerry has repeatedly been reported to have been seen with his Mets baseball hat at the Mets games each season. A show of unwavering love for this New York side and in very recent times, the Mets took a night out to honour him for standing solidly by them all these years.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Jerry Seinfeld a joint owner of the Mets?

Many believe you cannot be a celebrity and go all the way out for a baseball team like Jerry does without having shares or being the owner of at least part of the club. 

However, Jerry Seinfeld does not have shares in or own the Mets in any way. Even when asked if he would love to buy the club, he gave an emphatic no. He says he enjoys the simplicity that comes with just being a fan, too much would be expected of him as the owner and he would not like to carry that burden.

  1. What year did Jerry Seinfeld start supporting the Mets?

His love for the Mets started sometime in 1964 or 1965. He was about 10 or 11.

Why Does Jerry Seinfeld Like The Mets?
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