Why does Kol look different in the Originals?

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As avid viewers of The Originals, one cannot help but notice the mesmerizing character of Kol Mikaelson. Played by several actors throughout the series, Kol’s portrayal seems to vary, leaving fans intrigued and questioning why he looks different in different seasons. This enigmatic aspect of Kol’s appearance has sparked debates among fans and curious minds. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of Kol Mikaelson, exploring the reasons behind the character’s transformation and the factors that contribute to his ever-evolving appearance. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Kol’s aesthetic metamorphosis in The Originals.

Why does kol look different in the originals?

The Multifaceted Kol: A Tale of Transformation

Kol Mikaelson’s ever-changing appearance can be attributed to the intricate web of factors surrounding his character development. The Originals presents Kol as an immortal vampire, a member of the illustrious Mikaelson family, and a powerful being in his own right. With such complexity woven into his character, it is only natural for the visual representation of Kol to adapt and transform throughout the series.

a) Evolution of the Character: From Resurrection to Reinvention

Kol’s journey begins with his resurrection, a process that inherently alters his physical form. As the character experiences new life, his appearance reflects the changes he undergoes. The different actors portraying Kol bring their own interpretations to the role, adding layers of nuance and individuality to the character’s visual portrayal. Each actor infuses Kol with their unique essence, lending a distinctive appearance to the character, while still remaining true to his core essence.

b) Time, Age, and the Curse of Immortality

In the realm of vampires, time is a constant companion, leaving visible imprints on their appearance. Immortality comes at a cost, and the weight of age and experiences is reflected in the physicality of Kol Mikaelson. With each passing era and season, Kol ages and evolves, mirroring the passing of time and the impact it has on his immortal existence. This ever-present reminder of the burdens of immortality adds depth to Kol’s character, capturing the eternal struggle between timelessness and vulnerability.

A Tale of Shadows: The Influence of Lighting and Cinematography

The allure of Kol’s appearance is not solely dependent on his character’s development but is intricately tied to the artistry of lighting and cinematography. The visual aesthetics of The Originals play a significant role in shaping Kol’s ever-shifting looks, adding a layer of mystique to his persona.

a) Illuminating the Mystery: The Power of Lighting

Lighting techniques employed by the show’s creators have a profound impact on Kol’s appearance, casting him in various shades and shadows. Whether it’s the ethereal glow of moonlight or the dim flicker of candlelight, the interplay of light and darkness accentuates Kol’s enigmatic nature. Illuminated by strategically placed light sources, Kol becomes a mesmerizing figure, embodying both allure and danger.

b) Framing the Elusive: Cinematic Techniques and Kol’s Visual Metamorphosis

Cinematography, with its vast array of techniques and compositions, plays a vital role in transforming Kol’s looks from one season to another. From tight close-ups that highlight the character’s piercing gaze to wide-angle shots that capture his presence in grandiose moments, the camera becomes a storyteller, offering glimpses into the complexity of Kol’s being. Through the artful framing of each scene, Kol’s appearance becomes a narrative element in itself, adding to the enigma that surrounds him.

The Essence of Expression: Wardrobe and Styling

In the realm of storytelling, wardrobe and styling serve as crucial elements in shaping a character’s identity. Kol Mikaelson’s unique fashion choices and grooming styles contribute to his distinctive look and further deepen the intrigue surrounding his character.

a) Fashion as a Reflection of Personality

Kol’s fashion sense evolves alongside his character development, reflecting his personality and embracing the changing eras. Whether clad in elegant suits, capturing the sophistication of a bygone era, or donning edgy leather jackets and modern ensembles, Kol’s wardrobe mirrors his adaptability and his ability to blend seamlessly into any time period. The careful selection of clothing items allows the character to exude charm, confidence, or even a touch of menace, underscoring the multifaceted nature of his persona.

b) The Power of Styling: Hair and Makeup Transformations

In the realm of visual storytelling, hair and makeup play a transformative role in shaping a character’s appearance. Kol Mikaelson’s hairstyles and makeup choices vary across seasons, reflecting his ever-evolving journey. From tousled curls that convey an air of playfulness to slicked-back hair that adds a touch of sophistication, each hairstyle serves as an extension of Kol’s personality and the circumstances he finds himself in. Similarly, makeup techniques enhance the character’s features, accentuating his piercing eyes or emphasizing the intensity of his expressions.

The Magic of Special Effects: A Touch of the Supernatural

As a supernatural drama, The Originals employs special effects to heighten the mystical elements of its storytelling. Kol’s appearance is no exception, as the use of special effects enhances the character’s supernatural abilities and visual impact.

a) Transformation and Transcendence: Shapeshifting and Vampiric Powers

Kol Mikaelson’s abilities as a vampire and a witch allow him to shapeshift and transcend his physical form. These transformative powers create opportunities for the character’s appearance to evolve, as he assumes different guises and personas. From the intensity of vampire fangs to the flickering blue hues of witchcraft, special effects serve as tools to emphasize the supernatural nature of Kol’s character and enhance his on-screen presence.

b) Aesthetic Alchemy: Visual Effects and Post-Production Magic

The realm of visual effects and post-production adds an additional layer of enchantment to Kol’s appearance. Through the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other visual techniques, the character’s visual transformation becomes seamless and captivating. From subtle enhancements to grand displays of power, the skillful application of visual effects amplifies the impact of Kol’s character, creating a visual feast for the audience.


In the captivating world of The Originals, the enigma of Kol Mikaelson’s appearance remains a tantalizing subject of discussion. The multifaceted nature of his character, combined with the artistry of lighting, cinematography, wardrobe, styling, and special effects, contributes to his ever-changing looks throughout the series. As viewers, we are treated to a visual symphony that underscores the depth and complexity of Kol’s persona. The mysteries that surround his aesthetic metamorphosis serve to enrich the narrative, leaving us captivated and eager to explore the next chapter in the saga of The Originals.

Why does Kol look different in the Originals?
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