Why Stick Coins to Shoes? (Some Amazing Facts!)

Why Stick Coins to Shoes

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Why Stick Coins to Shoes

Why stick coins to shoes? What is the purpose of doing this? Does it make sense to do this stupid thing? I know these questions will make you shake your head. But don’t worry. I’m here to share some amazing facts about sticking coins to shoes.

There are many reasons why parents use sticking coins to the soles of their shoes. Parents stick pennies on their toddler’s shoes so tapping them can amuse them and motivate them to get ready for school in the morning.

What’s so special about Penny?

The pennies are made of copper, and the weight is perfect for resonating between the wooden or metal fittings of the shoe and the ground. That way, when parents stick it to their kids’ shoes, the resonating sound will amuse them.

Glue pennies to shoes for tap dancing

Another reason to put pennies on children’s shoes is to convert them into tap shoes. Tap shoes for kids are expensive, going up to $35. Since children’s feet are developing and occasionally wearing tap shoes, parents feel that it is not cost-effective to buy a special pair of tap shoes.

Everything you need to glue the pennies and stick them to the outsole of your kid’s shoe.

To stick pennies, you must first dip them in vinegar to remove any dirt or small particles that stick to them. After that, glue them together with epoxy glue like Araldite.

Let the glue dry so the pennies stick properly to the outsole of the shoe so the child doesn’t lose his balance. Coins make a wonderful sound as your child walks on hard tile or wood floors.

Also, I’ve seen parents stick coins to their kids’ shoes, which lasts longer because kids better protect their shoes with coins. If each toe has a coin attached to it, they are less likely to pierce the bottom or scratch the toe.

What kind of shoes can be coined?

If you’re wondering why coins stick to shoes, the answer is that you can stick them to almost any type of shoe. It works best with dress shoes made of leather or vinyl. You can also stick pennies on your toddler’s sneakers.

Also, be sure to try shoes your child doesn’t wear all the time.

Try sticking 2 to 3 pence in the forefoot area, which is the widest part of the shoe, and one in the middle for vibe and click.

Is there any reason to stick coins to shoes?

Sticky pennies aren’t limited to children’s shoes. Adults also put coins on their shoes to prevent them from wearing out more quickly. Because the heel is a narrow area of ​​the shoe, more pressure (measured in pounds per square inch) is put on this area. So if you collect coins at home, you can stick them on the heel area of ​​your shoes so the rubber doesn’t wear out as quickly. Pennies reinforce the heel area of ​​the shoes, making them more durable.

Why Stick Coins to Shoes? (Some Amazing Facts!)
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