A Quick Guide To The MLB Dress Code

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Following is a summary of what is the MLB and its dress code. MLB is the combination of three capital letters. M means “Major”. L means “League”. B means “Baseball”. A very important question that comes to the mind of readers is that does baseball game players have some dress code to follow during the gameplay. In this article, we will see about ‘A Quick Guide To The MLB Dress Code’.

A Quick Guide To The MLB Dress Code

A Quick Guide To The MLB Dress Code

Baseball players have a dress code specific to their actions performed on the playground. There are three types of people in the baseball game as a whole. These three types or sections of people are players, sportswriters, affiliates, and managers. All of these people are required to wear a uniform or a dress code that represents their team.

What is the main dress code for Major League Baseball?

The dress code for major league baseball consists of criteria for shoes, criteria for shirts, criteria for hats, and criteria for jackets. The most important thing is all the players are required to put on a uniform that represents their team members as a whole. The uniform consists of a color code that their teams choose. Shoes must be at least 51 percent of the team color that they have chosen for their team. Now the question arises that what type of shorts they should wear to represent their team on the baseball ground. 

The shirt must be a tucked-in type of shirt. This tucked-in type of shirt is to represent their team during the gameplay. Besides, another thing that is compulsory to wear is the team hat that merely represents their team in the baseball match. Players dress up according to the criteria mentioned above. But what about the coaches? The team coach is required to follow the tradition and must have to wear a uniform that is representing their tradition on the baseball ground. The coaches have their own choice whether they put on the team uniform or they want to wear team jackets or team sweaters. They can follow their own choice which they prefer to represent their team on the baseball ground.

Rules and regulations regarding Major League Baseball dress code

The interesting rule for the major league baseball dress code is that the players are not allowed to wear anything or any dress that depicts or looks like a baseball or a bat picture or anything that can distract the other player during the gameplay. The dress code rules for major league baseball also include pants. Players are required to wear the pants with the belt tied on the pants so that the shirt stays in its position during the gameplay. Any other thing that can distract or irritate the opponent or that can affect the performance of the other team player is strictly prohibited in the playground during the match. Players are required to keep their clothes and the complete uniform in a good condition. As the uniform represents their team so, it should be neat, and clean, and must be worn properly.

Another main rule that regulates the game is that players are not allowed to change their shoes with other shoes or with others during the gameplay. Players are prohibited to change their shoes when they are running on the bases on the playground. 

Some additional rules and regulations for Major League Baseball (MLB) dress code

  • The interesting rule regarding the dress code of team players is that players have to tuck in their shirts during the whole duration of the gameplay. It is considered a sign of professionalism in the gameplay. So, it is focused on maintaining a professional image to the viewers or audience of the game. These tucked-in shirts maintain their morale and keep their look tight and clean during the whole match.
  • Players must wear face-forward hats. While catchers and participants of homerun derby must have to wear backward hats. The player’s face-forward hats are a sign of uniformity in the playground. It is just like wearing football and hockey helmets. Most of the game participants and players wear this hat to follow the tradition. But some players of the match also wear hats to avoid the sunlight and heat effect during the gameplay.
  • The team players must have worn the shoes containing 51 percent of the team color chosen for their team to represent their team in the baseball gameplay. The color of the shoes must consist of the primary color of their team. The primary color must cover 51 percent of each shoe. The rule is implemented because the management does not want the team members to distract each other by wearing some vibrant, distracted type of shoes.
  • All the shirts must be in the team color to represent the uniformity among the team members and are depicting the unity of the team members during the gameplay.
  • It is compulsory for the major league baseball players to wear the belt with the pants to keep their shirt in place and make the player look better and uniform.
  • If the players are running on the bases, they are not allowed to change their shoes. Because it could impact the result of the game.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘A Quick Guide To The MLB Dress Code’, The article addresses the dress code for Major League Baseball. The rules and regulations are strictly followed by every member of the team. The rules regulate this game and show uniformity among the players.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do the Major League Baseball players follow some dress code?

The team players are required to follow the dress code mentioned in the article to play the game.

  • What is the color code of the shirts in Major League Baseball?

The color code of each player is the color selected to represent the whole team. And each member of the team is required to wear a shirt having that color to represent the team.

A Quick Guide To The MLB Dress Code
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