Are Batting Gloves Necessary?

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The majority of players wear batting gloves. However, some of them don’t wear batting gloves because now most modern aluminum bats have a thick layer of grip which almost feels like gloves when holding the bat. So nowadays wearing gloves for batting seems redundant. While almost 80% of players wear gloves because it is more comfortable than not wearing them, it prevents blisters, gives warmth to the hands of batsmen, shock absorption when hitting the ball, and also improves grip. Some of them prefer not to wear batting gloves because they feel that it can take away their natural hit and can take them far from contact with the ball. It all depends upon the person, their comfort, and the choices that make them more comfortable hitting the ball from the bat. Let’s learn about ‘Are Batting Gloves Necessary?’.

Are Batting Gloves Necessary?

Are Batting Gloves Necessary?

Yes! It is necessary to wear gloves while batting because it improves the quality of grip on the bat. During a match, sweat can occur on the batsman’s hands and due to this their hands may slip and they can’t handle the bat tightly this may result in not giving a perfect hit and shot, therefore, it is necessary to wear gloves while batting. Gloves work on both wooden and metal bats and also decreases the amount of perspiration on batsman’s hands. Gloves also maintain a level of protection during a match. Wearing gloves is essential for batsmen as well as for the one who is catching, balling, or fielding.

List of sports where gloves are worn:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Motor racing
  • Skating
  • Handball
  • Rowing
  • Weightlifting

All these above-mentioned sports are sports where gloves are used while playing. 

Batting gloves facts: 

One of the first players who wore gloves was Bobby Thomson of the giants. He wore golf gloves in 1949 during spring training. The actual weight of the batting glove is around 8oz per glove. Approx 4oz and Youth: 9 weights per gloves. A lot of batting gloves turn isolated after some time while playing/using so they provide us with waterproof and wind-resistant gloves. While playing any sports games in which gloves are essential such as cricket, football, baseball, and hockey the players can face and go through certain injuries and they can hurt their hands therefore they wear gloves to avoid injuries and to play with safety and comfort. Grip and protection are the two primary reasons for using batting gloves. Baseball is the most common game among all where gloves are used while in other sports the players have their own choices and right whether they have to wear them or not. 

When you are going to have batting things you should consider the following: 

  • Size of the glove (the size of your gloves shouldn’t be very tight or too loose; it must exactly match your hand’s size; if not, then you may face some difficulties while batting).
  • Material of the gloves (the gloves are made of different materials; therefore you should try each material of gloves at least once while playing then, you can choose which was more comfortable).
  • You have favorite color or brand of gloves
  • How much money do you have to purchase gloves? 

Types of gloves:

There are 3 different types of gloves: synthetic leather and hybrid gloves. 

Synthetic gloves:

Synthetic gloves are made with synthetic leather which is known for its flexibility and comfy. These leathered gloves are made to provide the same feel as genuine leather to genuine leather and also remain very durable. Synthetic gloves are very easy to clean and are cheaper than genuine leather. These gloves may not provide you with a natural & good feel like genuine leather gloves. 

Leather gloves:

Leather gloves are made with genuine leather. It is good for grip because it provides a good feel while gripping and gives a similar feel to genuine gloves. Leather gloves provide a better grip than synthetic leather however, leather gloves are not so flexible and low in durability as synthetic leather. These gloves are not so affordable and are usually more expensive than synthetic and hybrid gloves because genuine leather is used while making these gloves and it is not very stretchy. 

Hybrid gloves:

Hybrid gloves are made with both synthetic leather and genuine leather. The gloves are made with synthetic leather on the fingers side and with genuine leather on the palms side. It provides both a natural/genuine feel and durability. Usually, it is the most comfortable glove because it has a mixture of both synthetic and genuine leather. These gloves are not easy to clean as compared to synthetic gloves. 


So, here is the detailed information about batting gloves. Why gloves are necessary to wear while playing, how it helps while playing, why some of them prefer not to wear gloves, gloves facts, brands, and different types of it’s gloves with full information. In brief, gloves play a major role in some sports games for some people while some of the players don’t prefer to wear them. Hope you find it helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question no.1 Which brand of batting gloves is the best?

Answer: The best brand of batting gloves are Nike and Franklin however, some more batting gloves are also the best and are DSC crunch batting gloves, DSC condor ruffle, Whitedot dot batting gloves, GM 1600453 gloves (fingerless), SG test cricket cotton gloves (inner gloves), SG club cricket cotton gloves (inner gloves), Raison’s combo of batting gloves and SG ecolite RH batting gloves. 

  • Question no.2 How to easily wash batting gloves?

Answer: First of all, do not use any oil-based cleanser or oily liquid to clean batting gloves. It will get greasy on your palm side gloves and make your grip bad. Remove all the dirt on the surface of the gloves using a soft brush until it is fully cleaned. Once it is cleaned hang the gloves under sunlight and then wait until it is all dry. Then your clean and tidy batting glove is ready to use again. 

Are Batting Gloves Necessary?
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