What Size Baseball Bat For 8-Year-Old?

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Baseball is one of the most exotic and loved games developed by Americans and loved by Americans. This game is played with lumber (bat), a ball, and gloves. The kids between 8 to 10 love to play this game as it is the second favorite game after basketball. It is impossible to ace a baseball game without a right size bat. Let us know “What Size Baseball Bat for 8-Year-Old?

What Size Baseball Bat for 8-Year-Old

What Size Baseball Bat for 8-Year-Old?

The selection of a right bat plays a huge role in this game. It is necessary to select lumber of the right size, weight, and material as it increases your kid’s performance. Parents should pay special attention to selecting the right size of bat for their 8-year-old athletes, as it helps them and makes holding and hitting easy for them.

The right size of the bat helps kids of a young age such as 8 years old make accurate shots and also keeps them safe from harmful arm injuries.

What Is A Baseball Bat?

A bat or lumber is made of wood or metal and is used in the game to hit the ball after it was being thrown by the pitcher.

  • Baseball Bat Size for 8-Year-Old athletes:

The following two things must be kept in mind while selecting the right size of bat for kids of 8-Year-Old:

  • Length: Parents should select the bat that is of the right length. This means it should be between 26 – 28 inches long. If a bat is of the right length the 8-Year-Old athletes can easily swing them and make the right shots.
  • Weight: The selection of the weight of a bat depends on the weight of young athletes, which means how much a baseball bat can carry. On average, young athletes can carry a baseball bat of 18 oz. in weight.

The weight of a baseball bat may vary because of the different weights of kids, so parents can use the baseball sizing chart for help.

  • Determine the bat size for 8 athletes:

Height and weight are two things that must be kept in mind while selecting the right size:

  1. Height: When choosing the bat size, the height should be taken into consideration. If a kid is taller, he may play easily with the longer bat. If a kid is short in height, he may be better with the short bat. The best way to determine is to let the kids decide which bat is suitable for them. The kids must try different sizes before selecting one. 
  2. Weight: The next step is to select the right weight for the bat, if the bat is too light and has less weight it may give less power to athletes. But if the bat is too heavy it may be difficult for the 8-Year-Old athletes to carry and play with it. Eventually, this should also be left to the kids to decide which weight is easy for them to carry.  
  • Advantages Of Choosing The Right Size Of The Bat:

Picking up the right size of bat helps in a lot of ways, such as enhancing the performance of the kids. On the other hand, if the wrong size is selected, it will strongly affect the kid’s performance in the game.

Some benefits are:

  • Increases the strength of kids: If the size of lumber is selected correctly, by keeping in mind that the lumber height should be relative to the player’s height and its weight relative to the player’s weight, it will increase the strength of the kids and inspire confidence in them. 
  • Provide accuracy: The correct bat size increases the sharpness and skill of 8-Year-Old athletes. The players who choose the longer and harder lumber in comparison to themselves put them in a difficult situation and make it hard for them to make contact with the ball.
  1. Minimizes the risk of injuries: It minimizes the risk of injuries, so players can perform at their full potential on the field.
  2. Makes thinking fast: It is good for the brain as players have to make lots of decisions at a time, and it increases their decision-making skills.
  • Some good brands: Choosing the right brand of lumber helps a lot. There are a lot of brands that are making bats. The best brands are 
  • Easton
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Rawlings. 

These brands are making different types of bats with different materials. The kids can easily find the one by knowing their skills.

The Top 10 Baseball Bats For 8-Year-Old players:

There is a list of the top 10 baseball bats that can be looked at by parents at the time of purchasing bats for their kids:

  1. Rawlings, 5150, youth lumber
  2. Easton Tiger Youth Lumber
  3. Wilson goods lumber
  4. Rawlings raptor youth lumber
  5. Franklin sports kids youth lumber
  6. De Marini lumber
  7. Easton youth and kid lumber
  8. Franklin sports foam lumber.
  9. Us games foam lumber
  10. Wilson’s 2019 solo SPD baseball lumber
  • Conclusion:

The kids must start practicing with a bat or lumber that is the perfect size for them to handle. It could play a major role in their future. Parents should be very careful while purchasing bats for their kids. At this young age, they don’t need too many expensive bats, and the quality of cheaper bats may not be according to their strengths and can affect their performance in the game. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is it good to play baseball with bats that have less weight?

No, because the lumber has less weight swing and it may affect the performance badly.

  • Which three drills help to increase the batting speed?

There are the following three drills that help:

  • Push-ups.
  • Bench press
  • Medicine ball rotations
  1. Which bats make the longest hits?

Bats that are heavier in weight will make farther hits than lighter balls.

  1. Why is playing baseball good for kids?

This game helps in making the muscles of kids strong. As they get younger, they gain perfect balance and control of their skills. It is also beneficial for their health, as it will increase their muscular strength.










What Size Baseball Bat For 8-Year-Old?
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