Baseball Drills For 6 Years Old

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Just like the popular saying that the journey of a thousand miles starts with just a single step. So also, is the case of every super baseball champion out there, it all started from somewhere. It all started with the passion for exploitation and the best-supporting aids for the growth of those inexperienced six years old. Baseball is a very captivating game that just came from nowhere as they all started from somewhere. These days there are quite good baseball players from a young age which necessitates the quest for baseball drills for 6-year-old. There are baseball drills for different age brackets and 6 years old is never an exception. There are also drills for well-acquitted baseball drillers and ones for early learners.

Baseball Drills For 6 Years Old


Baseball Drills For 6 Years Old

There are a countable number of baseball drills for children at the age of 6. There are up to thirteen baseball drills that children of six years enjoy the most, encompassing:  Alligator drill, Basepath Relay drill, Blast Ball drill, Belly Up drill, Bullseye drill, Catch and then Chase Drill, Clean Up Crew drill, Lazy Catch drill, Sacrifice-catch drill, Selfies drill, Soft Toss Bunt drill, Tee Time drill,   Over Under drill, and Water Balloon Derby drill. All these baseball drills are the best and top ten for six years old.

Some Baseball Drill Tips (Pros And Cons) For 6 Years Old

In every game, if you wish to be a champion in it, you need to gain mastery of all the pros and cons of it. The target is not just to win because if the rule is not followed, the winning can be nullified in the same vein, baseball drills for both the six years old and the aged drillers have some guidelines that every successful person in it has to follow. Some of them encompass but are not restricted to these:

  1. Ensure as pertinent as possible not to remove people in the game in the game during the competition because it goes a long way to affect the children who so eagerly wish to learn and do well in the competition.
  2. Every time you can, try to incorporate enjoyable activities and challenges into the baseball practice sessions for the six years old. Children within the age of six enjoy competition, therefore they will enjoy the drills that include it more than other drills.
  3. If the six years old drillers don’t have to toss as far, it’s simpler to complete as many repetitions. This is because, at the age of six, they need to learn less strenuously. Additionally, when there is less distance involved, kids of six years frequently accomplish more effectively. And this will in turn encourage the coach.
  4. Bridging the gap of communication: When the six years drillers are near you, communication and coaching are simpler. And when the gap is bridged, they tend to perform excellently.
  5. Optimum Drills: Practice sessions that emphasize batting, fielding, and throwing (a plastic ball is a perfect tool) are usually awesome for six years.
  6. The usage of space seems to be a key factor with a few of the drills; most especially when the six years old are involved. Utilizing less area during sessions on the baseball diamond has many benefits. When the six years old are playing catch, practice the throwing however if they are especially looking to throw for path length in a drill.
  7. Entertaining Drills: It’s indispensable to implement some entertaining drills, to ensure that they learn the game in the most pleasurable way possible: It’s fun to play baseball but six years old drillers, could, however, find the repetition and boredom of the baseball drills a turnoff at this age and should be switched to what they love.

Baseball Drills For 6 Years Old: Most Preferred Thirteen For Them

There is always a preference when it comes to doing with every game that has an alternative. Baseball drill is not exempted especially when it six years old drillers. These drills for six years old encompass but are not restricted to these:

  1. Hitting: Children six years old love to hit. Even no baseball drillers love to do this because, by default, this is what they love doing and the catch is that none of them can strike at once. Each six-year-old should succeed in each drill, but the line should move quickly. In addition, on a batter’s “final hit” of a practice, have six years sprint to first base. Creating schedules is essential for the six years drillers at this age.
  2. Belly Up Baseball Drill: This game helps six years old Belly Up Players become faster movers, and the advantage is that the learning method is well enjoyed by all of the six years old drillers.
  3. Lazy Catch Drill: This is one of the most enjoyed drills by them as it makes them expert field grounders.
  4. Selfies Drill: In this game, the six years old drillers are literally in a different league. This is because each of them drills on their own as the name applies.
  5. Water Balloon Derby Drills: It is the ideal method for cooling off after a hot practice and this cooling off through a practice still, gives room for the six years old drillers to always wish to go for the baseball game continually.
  6. Over-Under Drills: In this uncomplicated drill called Over Under, six years old infielders get to practice two different throwing and catching techniques.
  7. The Cleaning Team: This is another fun-filled type of drill for the six years old.
  8. Alligator Baseball Drill For Six Years: The six years old driller should receive instruction on how to catch with both hands during the alligator drill. Here, the six years old should be instructed to approach each ground ball and to place their wrist covers on the ground with the inner arm raised.
  9. Tee Drill For Six-year-old: When seeking baseball drills for six-year-olds, tee drills can be a great option. It will assist them in paying attention to proper ball swinging. 
  10. Moving-Tee Drill For Six-year-old: This baseball drill for six-year-olds is really simple. Here, striking off the tee should be done by the hitter (offender).
  11. Pausing, Striding, and String ball Drill: Coordination of mobility is indispensable throughout the swing although challenging at six. Dividing the swing will be great at six. So when they advance, they ought to be allowed to halt for a while and then proceed.
  12. Front-Tossing Drill For Six-year-old: For this drill, a tutor softly pitches the ball from a closer range further toward the striking zone (utilizing the throwing technique as an easier alternative in hitting the ball for the batter). And then because of the tendency to be stunned, six soft baseballs or a tennis ball are utilized while each of them is allocated five hits per turn. 
  13. Knockout Drill For Six-year-olds: It’s one of the more well-known drills for six-year-olds that has more of a futuristic aim than the present.  The six-year-old drillers throw in the first pitch just to engage them. 

Some Unsuitable Baseball Drills For 6 Years Old

Even though there are enormous baseball drills for adult drillers of all ages, there are still some that are not suitable for six years old and their parents and coach are expected to exempt them from these baseball drills. Some of them encompass though are not restricted to:

  1. Bunting Drills (offensive)
  2. Baserunning Drills (offensive)
  3. Pitcher Drills (Defensive)
  4. Outfield Drills (Defensive)

There are still others and also those that can be for six years old with little modifications and guidance.


There is so much to do when it baseball drills. But there is a need to equate the age of the driller and for that fact, baseball drills are categorized. For the six years old, there are still some baseball drills that are not for them that they can play with a little modification of the drilling tools. But generally, six years old can utilize the following drills: Alligator drill,  Blast Ball drill, Belly Up drill, Bullseye drill, Clean Up Crew drill, Lazy Catch drill,  Selfies drill, Soft Toss Bunt drill, Tee Time drill,   Over-Under drill, and Water Balloon Derby drills, etc.

Some FAQs On Baseball Drill For Six Years Old

  1. Is there any defensive and offensive baseball drills for  6 years old?

Yes, there is. Baseball drills irrespective of the baseball drillers’ age will always have both defensive and offensive drills and six years old is not an exception.

  1. Are all the baseball drills okay for six years old?

No. Some baseball drills are otherwise too complex for six years old, as such, not okay for them at the age of six.

Baseball Drills For 6 Years Old
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