Best USA Bats

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A baseball bat’s quality is considered good depending on its performance and its compliance with the regulation that the bat was made for. Pure wood is the standard for MLB baseball. In that regard, the best USA bat is whatever bat that best fits the player. Let us know ‘Best USA Bats’.

Best USA Bats

The best USA bats include Demarini Voodoo, Easton ADV, Voodoo, Rawlings Quatro, Louisville Slugger Solo and Select, etc. The best USA bats are amateur wood-bat leagues, which allow wood and wood composite designs. Rawlings and Demarini wood composites are the highest performers in this space.

Best USA Bats

  • Easton Maxum 360

The Easton ADV and Mazum 360 are some of the best USA bats in the market. They are known for their strength and volatility, 

  • Demarini Voodoo. 

The Demarini Voodoo is the next step up in terms of best USA bats due to the flexibility in mishit performance and balance. It’s one of the best USA bats due to its performance, despite having well-known durability issues. 

  • The Louisville Slugger Solo and Select

These bats are one of the best USA bats as they increase overall performance slightly, although the top end of the performance is still limited to a wood-like level

  • Rawlings Quatro Pro

The Rawlings Quatro Pro is considered one of the best USA bats due to its barrel size and drops. 

  • 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid

The 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid is loved for its ability to hit far. Its also loved by those looking for an old-school bat

Best USA Bats Classes

  1. BBCOR

BBC. The best bats in this standard are very heavily debated although the most famous BBCOR bats are the 

  1. Demarini 
  2. The Goods and
  3. Voodoo
  4. Easton Maxum 360  
  5. Louisville Slugger Select 716. 
  6. Before BBCOR was BESR, which was originally intended to regulate bats to a wood-like performance, although the measurement standard was flawed for multiple reasons. The best of that era were the 
  7. a) Easton Stealth, 
  8. b) TPX Exogrid, and 
  9. c) Demarini Voodoo although the very first BESR bats were carryovers from the previous generation of bats and likely were much better than the later BESR-regulated bats.

Limitation of some of the best USA Bats

Although they are considered the best USA bats, some of the bats above have some limitations including:

  1. They may break easily because of the switch to metal bats at the amateur level.
  2. They have thinner bat handles.
  3. They are mostly Maple bats and hence may break easily

Best USA Bats Ever Made

Before BESR was a bit of a wild-west type of bat world. There was no official regulation although the 1.15 bp standard was developed in 1995 as a gentlemen’s agreement among bat manufacturers to abide by, although their adherence is debated. The standard was officially adopted by USSSA in 2000, the same year BESR was introduced in the NCAA after a couple of years of backroom war between the NCAA, bat makers, and the U.S. Government. USSSA-regulated bats are the best bats you can get today. Of this regulation, the 2015 Easton XL-1, CF Zen from 2017, and the Marucci Cat 9 Compoite are the best bats you can get in that regulation, but these are the best in recent years.

Back in 1999, Easton and TPX were in a bat arm’s race to make the best bat. This was called the gorilla ball era. Of these, Easton’s Z2K/Redline line and TPX’s C555/Air Attack series of bats were the best of the best, so much so that even after 20 years of wear and tear, they still equal the performance of the highest level of bats today like the bats in the USSSA regulation previously mentioned. In their day, they were even better, so much so that Louisville Slugger got sued by the parents of a kid that got put into a coma from a comebacker because they made a baseball bat that’s TOO GOOD. The bat in question was the TPX Air Attack 2.

The CWS of 1998 used this and other TPX bats like it. The score of the final game of the College World Series was 21–14. The game set 35 CWS records and tied another 17, many of which still stand to this day, despite the CWS being held in a smaller stadium now with better quality baseballs. LSU had 8 home runs in 1 game and hit 6 the next day. USC had 17 home runs in the whole CWS games and in the final game, there were 9 total home runs and 39 total hits, including 2 check-swing singles. USC had 42 total bases that game. Only the best bats around could put up those numbers, especially since many of the pitchers from that game went on to have good Minor League runs, including Jason Lane who went to the MLB and is now the 3rd base coach of the Brewers. Almost by default, these bats are better than BESR and BBCOR since BESR was developed as a direct response to limit the performance of these bats and bbcor took regulation even further

Best USA Bats Models

  1. The Easton Stealth. Some of the best USA Bats Models include The Easton Stealth. It’s a composite baseball bat and is the bat that drove BBCOR certification. There was a recent HR Derby test which pitted this bat against a “shaved” 2015 Easton XL. This was often referred to as the hottest bat ever. The Stealth outdrove the 2015 Easton XL by far.
  2. Easton Synergy and Stealth. Other good bats ever made were BESR bats of the Easton Synergy and Stealth lines in 2007 and 2008 before BBCOR was introduced. Once BBCOR was instituted there was a noticeable decline in the number of home runs hit during the College World Series. This was due to the new standard of testing which reduced the performance of bats. The new composite technologies allowed bats to get hotter and hotter once the fibres of the composite were broken in, allowing the bats to go beyond the testing standards of the time. No BBCOR bat will ever reach those levels.
  3. Other Notable models were BCN2, BCN4, and BCN8. Of course, there were more, some from other manufacturers. But it was bats of this period before the change to BBCOR.

As of the beginning of 2018 Little League is changing to new USA Bat standards, which make the bats have even low performance making them comparable to wood bats.

Popular Baseball Bats Brands

  1. Easton Baseball Bats are One of the most popular types of baseball bats and are loved for their ability to hit far. It’s also loved by those looking for an old-school bat 
  2. Combat is one of the industry’s best brands that has delivered the best baseball bats for years. The new 2016 Combat Baseball Bats lineup has just hit the market.

Factors To Consider Before Buying USA Bats

  • Approval

Before you buy any baseball bat, it is important to ensure that the bat is approved by a relevant organization. 

  • Barrel

If you are looking for Best Big Barrel Baseball Bats. The Bat with a big barrel is also referred to as a senior league baseball bat.


In conclusion, when looking for one of the best USA bats, the professional market is dominated by Louisville Slugger, Demarini Voodoo, Easton ADV, Rawlings 360 and Marucci, etc. The best USA bats in the class of Metal bats include the Easton which is putting out the best bats with the most pop at the moment! Back in the day, the metal bats were dominated by TPX. Those were some great bats for their time

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Which End of a Baseball Bat Is the Top?

Neither. One end has the handle, the other end has the barrel. But neither is the top nor the bottom. The “top” of the bat, such as it is, would be the side of the barrel with the label on it. Nobody ever really refers to “the top” of a bat, though.

Question 2: How Do You Choose a Baseball Bat?

Pick one up! How does it feel, how is the grip, too narrow? Too big? Next swing the bat, can you whip it around or does it lag (probably too heavy)? Finally, go to a batting cage and try one you think will work, if you are successful that is the one, if not try another.. Remember today’s bats are far lighter than in the past.

Question 3: Why Is the End of a Baseball Bat Cupped?

To reduce the weight of the bat by a few ounces to increase bat speed, but keep the overall length of the bat the same, and also to keep the location of the ‘sweet spot’ on the barrel of the bat at the same location.

Question 4: Which Is Best and Why for Self-Defense, An Aluminum Baseball Bat or A Wooden Baseball Bat?

The wooden ones hurt, a dull heavy hit; you cower running dreading the Ping of the aluminium bat which seems to hurt much more.

Therefore, although the wood will perhaps be a better “stopper” if you’re swinging an aluminium bat, you’re going to be ok

Best USA Bats
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