Best Youth Catchers Gear Options

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VAccording to a study conducted for players who get injured during a game of baseball, the estimated figure is around 30 million, in which both adults and children are there. The figures are a little disturbing for parents as well as for players who have recently grown interested in baseball. One of the positions where there is a more likely chance of injury is the catcher, so if you are one or going to join a team as a catcher, it is very important to have proper protective gear around your body which will cover any such scenarios. Let us know “Best Youth Catchers Gear Options”

Best Youth Catchers Gear Options

Best Youth Catchers Gear Options

Best Youth Catchers Gear Options, Let’s dig into it. Baseball is one of the famous games in which catcher position players have a high risk of getting injured, so it is essential to have the proper gear which will protect us from unwanted events. There are mainly 3 main pieces that are essential during a baseball game:

  1. The helmet
  2. The chest guards
  3. And last, the leg guards

There are many options available on the market when looking for proper gear, some of which are popular catch gear brands are:

  1. Under Armour youth catcher’s gear
  2. Mizuno youth catchers’ gear
  3. Rawling youth catchers’ gear

And many more options available will be discussed in this article.

How To Determine Which To Choose?

First, it is essential to understand the pieces that are available on the market when looking for catcher gear and how to determine the quality of those.

  1. The Helmet

It is not worth explaining why the helmet is essential, but it is essential to know how to find good gear. The quality of the helmet depends upon the material that is used in it and the force-taking capability of that helmet.

Many helmets available on the market have the very little force-taking capability, meaning that when a fast-moving or heavy object strikes the helmet, it will come off or break easily. The helmets sold by famous brands are costly, but they are highly dependable in tough matches also.

The Chest Guards

The quality of chest guards is determined by the type of material that is used in their making and the weight of the guards. Some chest gears available on the market are found to be good but very heavy, causing problems in the movement of the body, so it is advisable to avoid such types of chest gear.

Instead, go with chest gears that are made with harder material and, at the same time, are of lighter weight. This can be found in many options available on the market that will be discussed in this article.

The Leg Guards

This is the same as the chest gears should be made up of the hardest material and, at the same time, should be lighter in weight. One more thing to add to leg gear is that it comes with extra pads to cover most parts of the legs and knees.

Sizes Available:

For every type of gear available, there is availability of different sizes of gear, such as different sizes for helmets, chests, and leg guards. How to determine which size is perfect

The answer is in the product that the customer finds comfortable, which is the customer should choose a size that covers most of the body and fits comfortably, not too big, which can cause damage, and not too tight, which prevents you from enjoying the game.

Brands such as Wilson, All-Star, Rawlings, and Under Armour offer sizes depending upon age and up a size.

The Best Options Available On The market Are

Knowing how to determine preference and quality is essential, as is knowing the best options available in the market that meet all the criteria. A huge number of businesses sell catch gear, but the quality is not up to the mark or is less available in the market. The discussed list down below is the best option that is easily available. The cost is comparatively high with local brands, but keeping security as a priority, they are the best option available.

All-Star Youth Catcher Gear

One of the renowned brands when talking about sports equipment is the type of catch gear available with them. They have different sizes available as per the child’s age and size. Their products are preferred by many, and they have proved on many occasions by protecting the catcher’s body which is why their products are well-known in the market.

Depending upon the size and product that you buy, the price ranges from However, spending between $150 and $350 can get you one of the best gears on the market.

Easton Youth Fishing Equipment

famous among baseball players Easton has a good name because of its different accessories, especially its catch gears. For young people who love different color combinations and different contrasts, Easton is their first preference because of their different style color combinations and availability of different colors. Almost every other seller does not offer many color options in their gear, but Easton stands out here. They have a good quality product with good options available. They have different sizes available depending on the age.

The prices vary a little from other business houses; they start from $100 and can go up to $380, and if any customer wants additional color options for their gear, it is available for $150.

Rawlings Youth Catcher Equipment

Rawlings is a very good name in most sports because, along with the basic items, they also manufacture some customized sports equipment and gear. Their baseball accessories are also famous in the market. They have gears of different sizes depending upon age, and they have different quality of gears. Some of them can be adjusted for a better fit.

They do not have many product color options. Some basic colors are available in all the products, but when looking for optimum quality, Rawling is one of the best available names in the market. The prices of its different products start at $100 and can go up to $460. If any customer wants any additional work or a specially designed gear, then its cost is different and it depends on the choice of material the customer wants to use in that gear.

Mizuno Catchers’ Gear

This is also one of the renowned brands in the segment of baseball sports. They offer one of the best yet most simple pieces of catch gear in the low-price segment. Mizuno Samurai are known for their complete sets. They come with a helmet, chest guards, and leg guards. The Mizuno sets also offer extra features such as a shoulder guard and extra padding in their leg guard, which is why many people prefer Mizuno over many other brands available on the market.

The prices of their different catchers’ gear start from $100 and can go up to $290, and when looking for all the complete accessories, it can add $200.

Under Armour Catchers’ Gear

This brand does not need any introduction in the sports market, not only in baseball but also in all the sports markets. Their products have been in the market for many years and have earned a reputed name in this segment.

They do not have a very huge collection, and they also do not offer many options in their products, but the quality which they offer in their gear is one of the best in the market, which is the reason they have acquired a large share of the sports market. Also, their mask quality is better than most available on the market, giving players a better vision of the game.

The prices start at $110 and when choosing all the gear options within the color options, the price can go up to $380 or $450.

Wilson’s Catcher’s Gear

They are one of the very famous in the low segment, meaning they do not offer the optimum quality of products. However, they are decent in the lower segment. It comes with all the protective gear and double padding in the leg guards and the chest guards. One thing which makes this brand one of the chosen options for many other available options is their color options They offer a wide range of color options in their gears. There are around 16+ color options available. They also have customization options available for their product.

The prices are comparatively low for the above-discussed products. The items start with a base price of $110 and can go up to $230 for all the gear.

Diamond Catcher’s Gear

This is usually seen in many of the adult players using this because in the youth segment it is not so popular, yet the product offered is good, and the quality of the product is also good. One of the most famous things is their face mask, which comes with extra cushions and hard material, which is good for proper protection of the face.

Their leg guard and chest guard come with very few color options and they are made of very hard material, which is not good for children below the age of 15 as it is heavy and many young users of diamonds have reported pain after using their products.

The base price of the products offered starts at $80 and can go up to $200 if you buy all their gear.

  1. Louisville 

One of the under-rated brands in the market which sells some good quality sports equipment for young players is Under Armour. They do not come with too many color options, and they are also not very good from the protection point of view. They have a balance in the whole segment because they sell good quality products available in simple designs and with fewer color options. Their product is best for youth who want to practice at a higher level or are joining the school team, as it is available at a low price and gives balanced output.

The prices are normal like with other brands; their base-level products start at $70 and can go up to $280 or $300 when looking for the whole catchers’ gear.

Buying pieces separately

One more option is available to all the customers and is used by most of the people who are going the purchase all the items discussed above. Some are good in some categories like some brands have the best helmets Other brands have a high-quality chest guard with extra padding, whereas some also offer shoulder guards with their gear, which can be taken off if not in use, or some have leg guards with soft yet hard material best for kids.

Some brands offer good quality for adults, some have better color options, and many things are related. So, the main conclusion behind this is that every brand has something of very optimum and best quality, and when a customer is looking for all or any one specific kind of gear, it is advisable to go with multiple brands.

By this, the customer will get the best possible material, and by shopping like this, they can get the best possible prices.


Now we have learnt “Best Youth Catchers Gear Options”, Baseball is a lively sport that includes some tough scenarios and seriousness. Being a good game, it is also a risky game as many people get seriously injured in baseball games. So, it becomes essential to look for proper safety, which players get from using protective gear. Many brands sell good quality catcher gear, among which are Under Armour, Wilson, Diamond, Mizuno, Rawlings, and All-Star. Customers can also choose to buy different gears from different brands to get the best quality of products.


Q1: From where to buy the best Quality Youth Catchers Gear Options?

Ans- With so many available options in the market, it gets hard to choose between which is good and which is not. Well, the answer lies with the customer only. For example, if any customer is looking for professional gear, then they should choose the best available options, and if for normal use, then brands like Wilson or Diamond are the best options.

Best Youth Catchers Gear Options
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