Breaking Down Every Baseball Fundamental For Every Position

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Each baseball player will need to understand and have the fundamentals of playing baseball in their respective positions. New learners who want to be proficient in this game should understand these fundamentals. Teachers can also use these fundamentals when training young children who want to play baseball in the future. Each position in baseball has its fundamentals. Many people could be asking themselves what are these fundamentals for every baseball position and that is why this article will explain each fundamental of every position in baseball. In this article, we will see about ‘Breaking Down Every Baseball Fundamental For Every Position’.

Breaking Down Every Baseball Fundamental For Every Position

Breaking Down Every Baseball Fundamental For Every Position

There are very many fundamentals that you will learn as a baseball player in your career, but there are five fundamentals that will help you kickstart your career as a baseballer. The five most basic include the following, catching, throwing, hitting, fielding, and base running fundamentals. For baseball players to be successful in any baseball position they will need to be very proficient in these five fundamentals which are explained further below in this article.

Breaking Down Every Baseball Fundamental For Every Position:

1. Throwing fundamentals in Baseball

However, simple it can be looked at, throwing a ball in baseball is not an easy task because for you to perform a successful good throw you need to have some skills so that you outshine your opponents. It also requires the entire body to make a successful throw. Throwing a ball is the first basic thing that you will learn when you want to be a baseballer. 

There are 3 main fundamentals that you need to know when throwing a baseball. They include the following, the player’s grip on the ball, the player’s stance, and the actual baseball throw.

Players need to ensure they have a good grip on the ball, make sure that their bodies are positioned well facing the target, then throw the baseball towards the target.

If you are or want to be a baseball player you will need to be practicing these throwing fundamentals if you want to be someone who will be making consistent and accurate throws.

2. Catching fundamentals in baseball

Catching and throwing a baseball in a baseball game is a usual event and those players who know how to throw the baseballs should also know how to catch them, and that is why we moved to this second basic fundamental, catching the baseball.

It is easy to catch a baseball, you just need to position your glove in the path of the ball and catch it, here to be successful you should be accurate. It seems to be simple but here are a few fundamentals that you need to have when catching a ball.

  • Have the correct glove size
  • Start in the ready position
  • Your glove should be a target
  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • You should move with the ball
  • Use both hands to catch the ball
  • Make sure you find the four-seam grip on the ball without necessarily looking at the ball

3. Hitting fundamentals in baseball

The favorite part of baseball for many baseball players is hitting. It is not an easy task but here are some of the fundamentals that you will need to be a successful hitter.

  • Make sure you are gripping the bat
  • Loading
  • Keep your head still
  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Drive your hips forward
  • Bent your elbow backward and close to your body
  • Make sure you are following through

4. Fielding fundamentals in baseball

Fielding ground balls is highly associated with infielders but outfielders should also be equipped with this technique. When you practice with the correct fundamental fielding ground balls can not be a problem you will experience in the field. To be a successful fielder you need to practice, putting in mind the following fundamentals.

  • Able to assess the hit
  • Starting in the ready position
  • Should be getting Infront of the ball
  • Able to take small and quick steps
  • Putting the glove down
  • Use both hands when fielding
  • Making a throw

5. Base running fundamentals in baseball

Running the bases might be straightforward because you just have to run from base to base while avoiding getting out, but doing this correctly is advantageous if you want to score a run. Here are some of the baserunning techniques that should improve to be a good baserunner.

  • You should have a proper running technique
  • You should know how to slide when need be
  • You should be getting good primary and secondary leads
  • Good sign-picking skills from the base coach
  • Able to study the pitcher
  • Knowing the infield fly rule
  • Beware of when you can run through first base

Other baseball training fundamentals

Apart from the five fundamentals, there are other fundamentals that you should also know when practicing baseball, they include the following.

1. Catching fly balls fundamentals

There are five fundamentals for catching a fly ball, they include the following

  • Putting judgment on the flying ball
  • Able to run down a flying ball
  • Able to communicate with your teammates
  • Able to catch the fly ball
  • Always prepared to throw the ball after the catch

2. Pitching fundamentals

Pitchers should know/have the following fundamentals

  • Know how to grip your pitch
  • Take your starting stance, wind up, pivot, and stride
  • Make sure to follow through

3. A catcher’s fundamentals

  • Catching and framing pitches
  • Blocking pitches
  • Throwing out base runners
  • Signaling pitches
  • Calling out the infield strategy

4. Bunting fundamentals

  • Know why you are bunting
  • Square up to the pitcher
  • Keep the bat at 45 degrees angle
  • Catch the ball with the bat
  • Use your legs to adjust to the height of the pitch


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Breaking Down Every Baseball Fundamental For Every Position’, When you want to practice and learn baseball and then become a baseballer in the future then you have to practice following some fundamentals of the game. There are five fundamentals for the various baseball positions and they are, throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, and base running fundamentals. Other fundamentals that are not in the basic ones include, catching fly balls, pitching, bunting fundamentals, and those of a catcher. To be a successful baseballer, both learners and players should follow these fundamentals when training.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it a must to have the fundamentals of baseball as a player?

To be a successful baseballer, you should at least know all the fundamentals of a baseball player.

  • What happens when you do not have the throwing fundamentals?

You will not be able to make accurate throws thus failing your team.

  • What is the advantage of learning these baseball fundamentals?

When you learn these fundamentals and exercise them in training, it will be easy to learn baseball and you might end up becoming a good and proficient baseballer in the future.

Breaking Down Every Baseball Fundamental For Every Position
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