Can College Baseball Use Wood Bats?

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The National Federation of State High School Associations also known as NFHS does not have any restrictions on the use of wood bats in colleges. Here we will see Can College Baseball Use Wood Bats? Most Skilled and experienced federations use wooden baseball bats. However, in college or High School baseball numerous unique rules and statutes guide the kind of materials that are allowed to play with. If you are still considering whether one can use Wood bats for college baseball?

Then, this is everything you to understand.

Can College Baseball Use Wood Bats?

Can College Baseball Use Wood Bats?

The simple answer is Yes. Wood bats can be used in college baseball even though it is not so commonly used in high school because it is a group for unprofessional players.

Regardless, year in and year out players are recruited from college players to the Major league Baseball (MLB) teams.

And if players did not perform excellently in high school they would not be selected.

When playing in the Major league wooden bats are used. Hence, Using wooden bats is even more beneficial as it will enable players to be more accustomed to the usage, getting more experience long before the Major league Games.

The Baseball Game 

Baseball is a long-age game that is usually played between two teams each consisting of 9 players. Which takes position fielding and batting.

In playing the game, the vital pieces of equipment are the bat and ball.

Distinct from most popular sports, the baseball game is not constricted by timing.

Regardless, there are numerous statistics to analyze players’ performances. Such as the number of runs, at-bats, hits, games played, batting average, and many more.

Most of the time the winner of the game is determined by the team with more runs.

Furthermore, baseball bats are not made of the same materials. Some are made of aluminum, wood, and composite materials.

This makes the mode of handling differ even though they are used to achieve the same outcome.

Advantages Of Using Wooden Bats 

Safety And Precaution

One of the major reasons for using wooden bats is for the safety of the players. Also to protect the fans from being hit by a baseball.

This is because baseball travels far with aluminum bats but the wooden bat is constructed in such a way that it lowers the velocity of the ball from the bats.

Also, preventing fans and players from being injured.

Experienced And Coordination 

Hand-to-eye alignment is one of the vital skills for expert baseball players.

They can set the bat’s sweet area to meet the ball thereby hitting home runs. Wooden bats equalize by hitting on the sweet spot different from the aluminum bat hitting broadly.

In all, it takes professionalism and skillfulness to play with wooden bats.

Aluminum Bats

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) allows the frequent use of aluminum baseball because when the bats hit the ball it tends to travel far.

Moreover, it is effortless to swing with the aluminum bat.

Even though the swinging or wavering of the aluminum bat and the wooden one look exactly alike, they are quite different.

Using aluminum bats to play creates more excitement for both players and fans. But the rate at which the ball moves is a bit risky.

Also, the aluminum bats generally have a broad sweet spot for the ball, unlike the wooden bats that have to be well sectioned.


The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) enforces the BBCOR norm in all baseball college competitions.

However, excluding the wooden bats, the main goal is to make sure that the aluminum used is formulated more like a wooden bat.

Hence, every college utilizing aluminum bat must ensure that it is approved and stamped by BBCOR.

Fears With Using Wooden Bats In College Games.

  1. Players at this stage are still inexperienced and skilled to hit the ball very far.
  1. If the bats get broken it can cause anxiety for players on the field and when one wants to pick up later.

College school baseball is very essential in the record and pursuit of every baseball player.

NFHS more than the applause and joy of winning games is much more concerned about the safety and rightful development of players, hence its regulations and rules about the sport.

Also, Major Leagues Baseball won’t stop using wooden bats due to the fact it’s an ancient game and it has to retain its integrity status.

Moreover, deciding to stop using wooden bats will reduce the competitiveness of the game on the field. Wooden bats show how skillful the players are and also compare with existing players’ scores 


Does NCAA Baseball Use Wooden Bats?

Yes. Baseball players in college use wooden bats, but many use aluminum bats.

Is It Harder To Hit With A Wooden Bat?

Wooden bats need more skill because they have small sweet spots to hit the ball and are quite heavy.

Can College Baseball Use Wood Bats?
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