Can You Drink At Baseball Games?

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Baseball is a fantastic game, and if you like drinking then it adds a kick to the enjoyment. Now sitting at home and enjoying a drink and watching the match is a very different perspective from doing the same while sitting on the ground. In some places, it is not allowed to do so. However, with recent trends, America and many western countries have accepted that people love drinking and enjoying the game. Thus, allowing drinks in baseball games. Let us know more detail about ‘Can You Drink At Baseball Games?’.

Can You Drink At Baseball Games?

Can You Drink At Baseball Games?

For many people drinking and enjoying any live game gives more excitement and kick, well for them the good news is they can drink and enjoy the game in a stadium or while sitting on the ground also.

The fans of different teams and states have set many records for drinking during a game. In fact, in many matches, there is a competition between fans of the playing teams on who can drink more, and therefore the observations and averages are recorded.

What can people drink:

Well, as per the servings in the game people can get light beer, or moderate beer for drinking during the match anything else is not allowed, and bringing any drinks to the ground is also not allowed.

Drinking records and observations: 

Drinking during any baseball game is allowed in most places. So, certain things have eventually risen in such games. The one thing which has risen the most is competition drinking among the fans of various teams, fans sitting in the sitting area compete with other teams’ fans on who drinks more. To find out which team fans drink most during matches, a survey was conducted among all team fans.

  • Oakland Athletics

According to the survey conducted, fans who like drinking beer were seen to order an average of 2.5 drinks per person during some of the matches of Oakland with different teams.

The average spent during the match was around $30 per person, and drinking contributed the most.

  • San Francisco Giants

This team has a huge fan base and when the matches are set there are a lot of fans who join the game to cheer for their favorite team. According to the survey conducted on the fans of this team, they drink approx. 2.7 drinks per person during a game.

The average spending of this team fan was $25, and all of this money was spent on drinking.

  • Houston Astros

In the observation made as per the survey conducted it was noted that during matches of Houston Astros people who drink get around 2.8 drinks per person on average.

And overall spending on drinks and other things was found to be $40. 

  • Toronto Blue Jay

The next in the line is the fans of the Toronto blue jay team, this team has a good fan base and their fans do not leave any chance to cheer their playing members. According to the survey conducted the average drinks per person in the game is recorded to be 3 drinks per person, which are served to customers in cans of 500 ml or 350 ml.

The average spending on drinks is around $30.

  • New York Yankees

One of the famous teams in baseball, this team also has a huge fan following in their state and people come in large numbers to cheer for their team. The average number of drinks that are bought by the fans is 3.1 drinks per person.

And the average spending on the drinks is recorded to be $29.

  • Cleveland Guardians 

One of the teams with the top ranking in the list, whose fans usually during a game drink around 3.8 light beer drinks, and their average spending on the drinks only is around $35 per person who is drinking.

  • Cincinnati Reds 

Many times, after the wins the team players are seen drenched with drinks because many people out of happiness love to give baths to the players with a drink, an unusual behavior but they are fans. 

The average drink per match is around 3.8 drinks and people spend around $40 in drinking only per person.

  • Chicago White Sox

By just hearing the name many people would have assumed the game in which this team is playing, every fan is almost seen holding a beer can or glass full of beer shouting and cheering for their favorite players and the team. According to the survey conducted Chicago White Sox fans are the number one in drinking as well as spending during a match.

With a 4.1 drink average per person and around $46, spending on drinks per person is recorded.


Drinking and enjoying a game of baseball had been a dream for many young fans. After the allowance of drinking during baseball games, there are certain rituals or competitions which have risen among the fans watching the game on which team fans can drink more during the game and thus leading to a survey conducted for the observation. 

Can You Drink At Baseball Games?
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