Can You Get A Full Ride Scholarship For Baseball?

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  A lot of students continually seek baseball scholarships to achieve their college dream. The competition for the scholarship is usually fierce due to the number of players that are involved. Scholarships reduce finance-shaking costs for a college education, which is why parents have continued to find answers to this worrying question. Here we will see Can You Get A Full Ride Scholarship For Baseball?

Can You Get A Full Ride Scholarship For Baseball?

It is rare for baseball players to get a full-ride scholarship. This is because baseball is an ‘equivalency sport.’ This article will focus on the various scholarships made available to baseball players, whether you can get a full-ride scholarship, and the criteria required to get the scholarship.

Can a baseball player get a full-ride scholarship

 There are a plethora of full and part-time scholarships available to baseball players. Players just have to choose the one that makes the most financial sense. They can get a full-ride scholarship for baseball, depending on the level-by-level scholarship division. 

Accessible scholarships for baseball players and requirements

 There are various baseball scholarships grouped into division levels. Although these scholarship programs are limited, they are available to teams without prejudice. Since baseball is an equivalency sport [a sport that’s not a headcount sport], only a portion of attendance for players on scholarship will be paid for, while the parents or guardians will cater for the rest. Without beating about the bush, we will go straight into the level by Level scholarship divisions.

  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association [Also known as NCAA]

  It is an Association that aims to improve the success and well-being of college athletes. The NCAA division each has a scholarship limit program.

  • Division 1: The National Collegiate Athletic Association for this division allows 11.7 athletic scholarships for a team. Players from the division receive a minimum of 25% of the overall cost of attendance, and it can be shared among 28 players.
  • Division 2: The school is allocated a maximum of 9 scholarships for the team. It also provides a full-ride scholarship, and the coach can, at their own discretion, divide it among the members as he deems fit.
  • Division 3: The school under this division offers other services that help reduce the cost of attendance. Student baseball players in this division are not offered any scholarships. Despite not receiving the scholarship, some programs in this category provide 100% financial needs of baseball players. The average team size for this division level is 34.
  • The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics [Also known as NAIA]

  The baseball program offers 12 athletic programs, providing a full-ride scholarship, including fees, books and supplies, tuition, room, and board. 

  • The National Junior College Athletic Association [Also known as NJCAA]

 There are three main programs under the NJCAA. It is important to note that every institution under this association will compete in various sports at Division I, II, or III levels. There is a distinguishing comparison between Division I and II NJCAA offers.

  • NCAA D1: This division can offer full athletic scholarships to baseball players and a maximum of 24 scholarships for the team. It also offers perks like room and board, tuition, books, fee, And $250 for students to get course-related supplies and transportation costs.
  • NJCAA D2: This division also offers full athletic scholarships to baseball players and a maximum of 24 scholarships. This scholarship has limited perks as compared to NJCAA [Division 1 ]. It covers tuition, fees, and up to $250 for course-related supplies.
  • NJCAA Division 3: Just like the Division 3 NCAA’s program, this division does not also offer financial assistance to baseballers. Players can participate in Division I or II level.

Scholarship requirements for baseball players

  To qualify for the scholarship program, baseball players must prove themselves worthy of receiving a scholarship. The sole aim of the various scholarship division levels is to promote financial assistance and opportunities. Highlighted below are some of the scholarship requirements:

  1. The applicant must be a major or minor league player that is a member of a professional baseball league. 
  2. Applicants must be applying to accredited programs which are accredited by the scholarship committee
  3. Applicants must comply with all rules laid down by the school program
  4.  Applicants must provide 2 letters of recommendation from a teacher or mentor.
  5. Applicants must provide academic records and attendance during the period of the scholarship.

Duration of scholarship offer

  Baseball scholarship agreements are usually signed by players for one year, and they can subsequently renew their scholarship depending on their ability to meet the requirement. At their discretion, the coaches can dole out the scholarship to those who qualify for it. Although players can get a full-ride scholarship, it is rare. This is why parents need to get themselves prepared financially.

Chances of getting a baseball scholarship

  Where there is a will, there will always be a way. It will amount to no good discouraging and shattering the hope of a player regarding a scholarship program. Although only a limited number of players are awarded the scholarship program yearly, who says you can’t be one of those players? As long as you put in the effort and are 100% committed, you have a chance of getting a baseball scholarship.


 To answer the question of whether or not you can get a full-ride scholarship for baseball, it is safe to say that baseball players can get a full scholarship. Although it can be very competitive, judging by the number of scholarships that are dished out yearly, where there is a will, there is always a way.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Can a baseball player renew their scholarship

 Answer:  Yes, baseball players can renew their scholarships for their college, depending on how well they do to sustain the stipulated requirements.

  1. Are coaches’ key determinants of how scholarships are shared between teams

 Answer: Yes, baseball coaches are fundamental determinants of how scholarships will be shared among their teams. this is why baseball players must try to stick to the laydown principles and be in the good books of their coach

  1. Does the NAIA offers up to 30 athletic scholarship programs

 Answer: No, the NAIA offers a maximum of 12 to 15 athletic scholarship programs to outlets.


Can You Get A Full Ride Scholarship For Baseball?
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