Did Meredith get Lexies money?

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The television series “Grey’s Anatomy” is known for its complex and interwoven storylines, including those surrounding the characters’ personal and financial lives. One such storyline revolves around the inheritance left by Lexie Grey, a beloved character who died tragically in season 8. In this article, we will explore the question of whether or not Meredith Grey, Lexie’s half-sister, received her money.

Did Meredith get Lexies money?

The Inheritance Left by Lexie Grey

In the show, Lexie Grey was a young surgical resident who tragically died in a plane crash in season 8. Prior to her death, it was revealed that she had inherited a substantial sum of money from her father’s estate. The exact amount of the inheritance was never specified in the show, but it was implied to be in the millions of dollars.

Following Lexie’s death, her half-sister Meredith Grey was named the executor of her estate. This meant that it was Meredith’s responsibility to distribute Lexie’s assets according to her wishes, as outlined in her will.

Did Meredith Receive Lexie’s Money?

The question of whether or not Meredith received Lexie’s money is one that has been the subject of much speculation among fans of the show. While the answer is never explicitly stated in the show, there are several clues that suggest that Meredith did indeed receive the inheritance.

Firstly, it is established in the show that Meredith is the executor of Lexie’s estate. As such, she would have been responsible for handling all of Lexie’s financial affairs, including the distribution of her inheritance.

Secondly, there are several instances in the show where Meredith is shown to have access to significant sums of money. For example, she is able to purchase and renovate her dream house, which would have required a substantial amount of money.

It is also worth noting that Meredith is shown to be financially stable throughout the show, despite the fact that she is a single mother and does not come from a wealthy background. This suggests that she may have received a significant sum of money from Lexie’s inheritance, which would have helped to support her and her family.

The Fate of Lexie’s Money

Assuming that Meredith did receive Lexie’s inheritance, the question remains as to what she did with it. Again, the show does not provide a clear answer to this question, but there are several possibilities.

One possibility is that Meredith used the money to support herself and her family, as mentioned previously. Another possibility is that she used the money to fund her medical career, such as by investing in research or opening her own practice.

It is also possible that Meredith used the money to honor Lexie’s memory in some way, such as by donating to a cause that was important to her or by establishing a scholarship in her name.


In conclusion, the question of whether or not Meredith Grey received Lexie’s inheritance is one that remains unanswered in the show “Grey’s Anatomy.” However, based on the evidence presented, it seems likely that she did receive a significant sum of money from her half-sister’s estate. The fate of that money is unknown, but it is likely that it played a role in supporting Meredith and her family, as well as potentially furthering her medical career or honoring Lexie’s memory in some way.

Did Meredith get Lexies money?
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