Do Baseball Gloves Need Oil?

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Every baseball player has a profound connection with their baseball gloves. Not withstanding, the quality gloves are pretty expensive, and to save your money; It is essential to adopt a method to properly break into the gloves without harming the leather. Let us know “Do Baseball Gloves Need Oil?”

Do Baseball Gloves Need Oil?

Most players question if baseball gloves need to be oiled and what routines can be adopted to keep the gloves in good condition. There are many reasons why baseball gloves require oil. This article will answer all your questions about oiling baseball gloves and other ways to keep your gloves in shape for an extended period.

People perform better on the field when they use a baseball glove that is well-broken in. Before a game, players should break in their gloves to ensure the glove is comfortable to wear and moves naturally with their hands. The glove should feel like an extension of your hand that fits perfectly. 

Breaking your gloves well enhances cohesion and eliminates any undesired stiffness or rigidity. Additionally, it makes a pocket-like friendly space that will retain the ball more firmly. However, the easy way to get the trick right is by oiling your baseball gloves.

One significant benefit of regularly oiling your baseball glove is that it will break in quickly. The leather of a newly purchased glove is stiff, making it challenging for the player to catch flying, close, and ground balls.

The glove’s leather becomes softer and simpler to shut when oiled. Also, oiling your baseball gloves increases their life span.

Why Oil Base Ball Gloves?

As earlier said, oiling your baseball gloves makes them easy to break in and increases the life span. However, there are specific reasons to oil your gloves:

Weather Change

The amounts of moisture change in different locations. Oiling your baseball glove at least once a week in excessively dry weather is advisable. And at least once a month, in humid regions.

Leather Preference

Baseball gloves are made of leather from animal skin and can easily year or wear out. Therefore, it needs to be maintained regularly. Otherwise, they can get worn out after one or two seasons. Also, note that purchasing baseball gloves can be rather expensive. Applying oil to your gloves is an excellent way to prevent these.

How Do You Oil A Base Ball Glove?

Find The Appropriate Oils.

Baseball gloves are made of leather, so you should use leather-specific lubricants and treatments. Some manufacturers recommend compatible oils for their products and sports goods stores to get them from.

Massage The Leather With The Oil.

 Put a small amount of oil into the pocket (the region where you catch balls between your thumb and forefinger) and rub it lightly. Ensure that there are no remaining spots of oil or liquids afterward.

Dry Off Your Glove

Allow the glove to sit for 12 hours so the oil can completely absorb into the leather. Make sure to keep it in a dry, cool environment. The following morning, dry-wipe the glove to get rid of any last traces of oil.

Draw The Pocket

This step is essential to ensure you oiled the gloves properly. The best way to achieve this is by playing catch for a short while each day for a few weeks. Doing this will help the glove fit your hand perfectly and provide the comfort you need for playing.

There are a couple of well-liked approaches to creating a pocket, like stuffing a baseball or softball in the pocket, then knotting the glove close. However, you will have to repeat this process for weeks which may be time-consuming. Alternately, you can also drive the pocket in with a hammer.

Things To Note When Oiling Your Base Ball Gloves

  • Do Not Place A Baseball Glove Inside An Oven Or Microwave

This is one of the ways that people break gloves, but it can lead to permanent harm. The leather will grow fragile and break if the laces are dried in the oven or microwave.

Always Use The Oil In Bit

Avoid applying too much at once when oiling with your hands to prevent it from getting greasy. Ensure to get out the excesses before moving to other parts.

Do Not Use Alternative Options That Are Not Recommended

Avoid using alternative options like kerosene, mink oil, linseed oil, e.t.c. These options may be cheap, but they can cause damage to your glove’s skin. 

Keep In The Best Environment

Store your baseball gloves within the house or in a dry location. Avoid areas that receive direct sunlight. Otherwise, the heat will cause the leather to dry up and cause cracking.


Finally, baseball gloves require oil to keep them in good shape for a long time. Also, it is the best method to break in new gloves stress-free. Furthermore, ensure to get compatible oil and not available options that could harm your gloves. Above all, store the gloves in a cool, dry area, away from direct sun or heat sources, as this can cause the gloves to wear out.


What Kind Of Oil Is Applied To A Baseball Glove?

Most glove conditioners contain lanolin as their main component, but if you want to avoid using extra cleaning agents while breaking in your glove, you can use plain lanolin oil. You can get lanolin oil from hardware stores and certain sporting goods retailers.

How Often Should A Baseball Glove Be Replaced?

The longevity of a glove depends on how much they are taken care of. Interestingly, professional baseball players are dedicated to maintaining their gloves so they can be used for four or more seasons which is astounding, considering how frequently they use their gloves. If you neglect your glove, it can dry up, crack early, and may only last you for one season.

What Is The Top Brand Of Baseball Gloves?

The top two manufacturers of baseball gloves are regarded as Wilson and Rawlings. As a result, there was a tie between these two outstanding baseball glove manufacturers. Each has advantages and disadvantages that depend entirely on the buyer’s preferences. However, most professional players prefer Rawlings gloves.

Do Baseball Gloves Need Oil?
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