High School Baseball Fielding Drills

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Games play a positive role in keeping a person healthy. They are a good partner of your free time if you want to keep yourself strong you should engage yourself in games. There are various games and like other games, baseball also requires good fielding tactics to win the game. Different teaching areas make the player learn how to become outstanding in baseball fielding. Thus the couch teaches them some basic baseball fielding drills and this is done in high schools too. Let us know more detail about ‘High School Baseball Fielding Drills’.

High School Baseball Fielding Drills

High School Baseball Fielding Drills

Baseball is played in different high schools, so baseball fielding drills are carried out in the schools. In the high and low five drills, the location of the ball is taken into consideration for catching it. Behind the ball and the zig-zag drill does not require gloves to catch the ball. The freehand field is the basic drill in baseball fielding. Bunt and over-the-top drill focus on the location of the person and the ball. All these drills are taught in the high schools with full attention by the couches. The game teacher also focuses on other important baseball fielding drill to make the player the best in baseball.

Some of the baseball fielding drills that a player should learn are as under: High School Baseball Fielding Drills

High five and low five drill

This is a basic practice that is done to make the player learn how to catch a ball. Doing this drill increase the confidence of a player toward catching the ball. If the ball is above the wrist you have to use your high five positions to catch the ball, and if the ball is below the wrist low five positions are used to practice this drill. The need for gloves is not necessary for this drill this removes. This drill removes the fear of a player using gloves in ball handling.

Behind the ball drill

This drill is done to make the player aware of different positions from which the ball can come, and you have to catch it. In this drill, you have to bend yourself backward or forward depending on the need of the ball location. 

Keep your feet in the air and thus catch the ball. This drill removes the fear of a person falling and thus practicing this drill is considered to be the basic learning step in baseball fielding.

Drill of zig-zag

The zig-zag drill is one in which you have to focus on all the corners of the ground. During this drill, the ball can come towards you from any location and you have such an experience to catch the ball. In this drill, the gloves are not used because it sometimes happens that if you use gloves the ball may slip from your hand, and tho the Ist position of the player is focused. The distance between the ball and the player should also be maintained to get a good grip on the ball.

Drill of pop up

In this drill, the fielder should focus to catch the ball at its highest position. The fielder should be fully attentive and when the ball come towards itself he should adjust his location, according to the ball speed, and make himself come under the ball as early as possible. 

This drill is given in a net-coated area in the high schools to make the player aware of the surroundings. Thus they can arrange themselves accordingly when the ball reaches them. This drill is a fundamental practice in baseball and the good player has a  full grip on this drill. 


In this drill, the coaches pay full attention to the location arrangement and standing style of the player. This drill is usually carried out with more than one player, and in this drill, the coaches throw the ball from the back side to arrange it according to the player’s location. 

The ball rolls and comes in front or back of the player. A player should make a full grip on the ball to catch it. In this drill, attention and focus on a good couch are required because this practice is not possible without a good couch.

Freehand field

This is a practice in which the player has to freely catch the ball, and keep his body relaxed during the catching of the ball. When your body will be relaxed you can easily handle the baseball coming from any of the possible locations. 

The distance between the ball and the catcher should not be more than 25 feet, because if this distance is high you cannot be able to grab the ball towards you. The velocity and the speed of the baseball are also kept in mind during this practice.

Over-the-top drill

As you know that during fielding the throw of the player also matters a lot because if your throw is not accurate you cannot play a part in team management. The players have to fully work on their throws in this drill the player throws the ball towards the next person from any angle and any distance, but the main point that must be kept in mind is that you have to check the direction of the other fielder too. All these points are very important in the over-the-top drill the couch also focuses on the angle of ball throwing by the player.

Comebacker drill

In baseball fielding drills this practice is very much important. As you have to deal with the baseball during fielding and catch the ball so to have a good grip on the ball you should have full work on this drill. In the comebacker practice the ball is facing your backside so to keep the ball in your hands you have to move back. 

Keep the full focus on the high and location of the ball. In these drills, the player is tough to grab the ball at the maximum height to reduce the ball acceleration.

Over-the-head drill

This drill is fully focused by the players and the coach in this drill the ball is facing your head. So you have to arrange the angle of your body in such a beautiful manner that the ball does not hit your head and it straight enters your hand. The head drill demands the attention of the player because if the ball hit your head it will change its angle and you will become unable to catch the ball.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘High School Baseball Fielding Drills’, In baseball, fielding practice holds great importance. The couch and the player pay full attention to get the advantage of the basic practices of baseball fielding. The drills make a player fully focused on his game and by these drills, the player learns to adjust his body weight and the far of catching and holding is reduced so these drills are considered to be a good practice in baseball fielding.


  • Do the attention of player matters during baseball fielding drills?

Yes, the attention of the player is the basic demand of the good practices of a player if the player is fully attentive in all the couching practices and thus pays full focus on the fielding he can learn very quickly.

  • What are the qualities of a good player?

Team management and cooperation are the basic points in a good player beside this the player should be very much invaded towards its game and they should play the game without fear or catching because a good player focuses on their skills rather than other points.

High School Baseball Fielding Drills
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