How does Zeke have Royal Blood but not Eren?

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In the ethereal world of Attack on Titan, where titans roam and secrets hide beneath every surface, one mystery that has perplexed fans and theorists alike is the enigmatic case of Zeke Yeager possessing royal blood, while the series’ protagonist, Eren Jaeger, seemingly lacks this vital lineage. The significance of royal blood ties intricately with the power to control titans through the Founding Titan’s abilities. In this thought-provoking blog post, we shall venture deep into the layers of Attack on Titan’s narrative, attempting to decipher the secrets behind Zeke’s royal heritage and the curious absence of the same within Eren’s lineage. Embark on this intellectual odyssey with us as we explore the intricate tapestry of titan lineage, family connections, and the enigmatic machinations of the series.

How does Zeke have Royal Blood but not Eren?

The Origins of Royal Blood:

At the heart of this enigma lies the crucial understanding of the origins of royal blood within the Attack on Titan universe. To grasp the roots of this phenomenon, we must delve into the history of Ymir Fritz, the first of all Titans. Ymir, a humble girl who gained the power of the Titans, unknowingly became the progenitor of all future titan-shifters. The legend surrounding her tells of her encounter with the “Source of All Organic Matter,” which transformed her into a titan and bestowed her with extraordinary powers. However, it is vital to note that Ymir Fritz, unlike her successors, did not possess royal blood.

The Royal Family: Eldia’s Bloodline

Within the expansive world of Attack on Titan, the royal family of Eldia holds immense significance. This bloodline traces its roots back to Ymir Fritz and is responsible for wielding the Founding Titan’s power, granting them control over countless subjects of Ymir. The first king of Eldia, Fritz, made a pact with the “Source of All Organic Matter,” which resulted in the “Curse of Ymir” and established the tradition of Eldian kings and queens possessing royal blood. The unique aspect of this lineage is that only those who possess the royal blood can tap into the true potential of the Founding Titan’s power.

In the case of Zeke Yeager, his connection to the royal bloodline can be traced back to his parents. Zeke’s father, Grisha Yeager, a Restorationist seeking to overthrow Marley’s oppressive rule, married Dina Fritz, a descendant of the royal family. This union resulted in Zeke inheriting the royal bloodline, granting him immense power and the potential to unlock the Founding Titan’s abilities.

Eren Jaeger: The Anomaly

While Zeke’s connection to the royal bloodline is well-established, the absence of royal blood within Eren Jaeger’s lineage has raised numerous questions among the fandom. Eren, the series’ central character, possesses the Attack Titan and later acquires the powers of the Founding Titan. However, his lack of royal blood seemingly impedes his ability to fully unleash the Founding Titan’s potential, unlike Zeke.

The explanation behind this peculiar disparity can be attributed to Eren’s maternal lineage. Eren’s mother, Carla Jaeger, does not possess any known connection to the royal family. Her ancestry remains shrouded in mystery, and no concrete evidence suggests her direct link to the Fritz bloodline. Hence, it becomes evident that Eren does not possess the crucial element of royal blood necessary for utilizing the Founding Titan’s full range of abilities.

Unraveling the Mystery:

The existence of Zeke possessing royal blood while Eren does not poses a fascinating conundrum that propels us to unravel the deeper mysteries embedded within the narrative of Attack on Titan. To shed light on this perplexing scenario, we must explore alternative theories and potential explanations that may provide insights into the enigma of Zeke’s royal bloodline and Eren’s surprising absence.

The Influence of Paths: A Nexus of Possibilities

To comprehend the disparity between Zeke and Eren’s titan powers, we must delve into the enigmatic realm known as the “Paths.” Paths are an intangible network that connects all Eldian subjects and titan-shifters, transcending time and space. It is through these ethereal pathways that the power of the Titans flows, allowing for memories and abilities to be inherited across generations.

One possible explanation for Zeke’s possession of royal blood lies within the Paths themselves. It is plausible that the Paths, in their vast and interconnected nature, serve as conduits for the transmission of the royal bloodline. This would imply that even without a direct ancestral connection to the royal family, individuals like Zeke can inherit the royal blood through the intricate web of Paths.

On the other hand, Eren’s lack of royal blood may be a consequence of an interruption in his ancestral Paths. The complexities of the Paths network may have caused a deviation in Eren’s lineage, resulting in the absence of royal blood within his family tree. This interruption could have occurred through a multitude of factors, such as intermarriage, conflicting titan powers, or even external influences that altered the course of his bloodline.

The Titan Shifters’ Connection: Paths Unveiled

A crucial aspect that intertwines Zeke’s royal bloodline and Eren’s absence of the same is the connection between the titan shifters themselves. As titan-shifters, Zeke and Eren share a unique bond, both inheriting the power of the Titans and carrying the weight of their respective legacies. This shared connection may hold the key to understanding their disparate lineage.

It is plausible to theorize that the exchange of titan powers between shifters can influence the transmission of royal blood. When Grisha Jaeger, Eren’s father, acquired the power of the Attack Titan from Eren’s uncle, he may have inadvertently disrupted the lineage of royal blood. This disruption could have severed the connection to the royal family, ultimately leading to Eren’s lack of royal blood inheritance.

In contrast, Zeke’s possession of royal blood could be attributed to a direct line of inheritance from Dina Fritz, his mother. The unbroken lineage of royal blood within Zeke’s family ensured the preservation of this crucial element, allowing him to harness the full potential of the Founding Titan’s power.

The Complexity of Fate:

As we delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of Attack on Titan’s narrative, the mystery surrounding Zeke’s royal bloodline and Eren’s surprising absence remains complex and multifaceted. The origins of royal blood, the influence of the Paths, and the connections between titan-shifters intertwine to create a captivating enigma that defies simple explanations.

It is vital to remember that Attack on Titan thrives on intricate storytelling and thought-provoking ambiguity. The intricacies of the narrative weave together elements of lineage, power dynamics, and the enigmatic nature of titan abilities. While we may strive to uncover the truth behind Zeke and Eren’s contrasting bloodlines, it is the tantalizing uncertainty that keeps us engaged, fostering countless theories and discussions within the fandom.

In this journey of unraveling mysteries, we have explored the significance of royal blood within the Eldian lineage, examined potential explanations rooted in the influence of Paths, and delved into the complex connections between titan-shifters. Yet, the true answers may forever remain beyond our reach, intricately entwined within the masterful story telling of Attack on Titan. The series continues to captivate and confound us, enticing us to explore the depths of its narrative and embrace the enigma that resides within.


As we conclude this exploration into the mystery of Zeke’s royal bloodline and Eren’s surprising absence, it is essential to acknowledge the beauty of ambiguity. Attack on Titan is a masterpiece that thrives on intricate story telling, complex character dynamics, and thought-provoking mysteries. The true essence of its narrative lies not solely in finding definitive answers but in embracing the profound questions that arise.

So, let us revel in the enigmatic nature of Zeke’s royal bloodline and Eren’s unexplained absence, allowing these mysteries to ignite our imaginations and fuel spirited discussions among fans. After all, the allure of Attack on Titan lies not only in the revelations but also in the journey of discovery, the exploration of profound themes, and the relentless pursuit of truth within a world cloaked in darkness.

As we bid farewell to this exploration, we encourage you to continue delving into the intricate lore of Attack on Titan, to seek your own interpretations, and to relish in the awe-inspiring complexity of its narrative. In the world of Titans, where secrets unravel and destinies intertwine, the enigma of Zeke’s royal bloodline and Eren’s surprising absence shall forever remain an indelible mark on the tapestry of Attack on Titan’s storytelling legacy.

How does Zeke have Royal Blood but not Eren?
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