How Early Can You Get To A Mets Game?

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Getting early to watch a game is one big deal fans never want to miss. For a Mets game, the fans would do everything to get in the place of the game as early as possible. They may do that occasionally to have the chance to watch some training or get autographs from the Mets players.

How Early Can You Get To A Mets Game?

How Early Can You Get To A Mets Game?

The Mets games would start as early as 6.35 am, while others would even start at 9 am. Depending on the time of the game, some people and the fans would get earlier enough before most of the game watchers or casual visitors to the game. So, for such fans that make it earlier to the game place, like Citi Field, they would arrive there as early as 90 minutes before the game would start. This allows them to get autographs from Mets players while they train before the game starts officially.

Depending on one need, getting to a Mets game would mean something to them. Searching for autographs and getting the front seats are all reasons. So, here are some clues about how early you can get to a Mets game.

Time When the Gates Opens?

Do you need to get early to a Mets game? Using the opportunity before the game opens is one way to help you be earlier enough for a Mets game. For instance, one of the places where the gate opens early is a place by the name Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

At Jackie Robinson Rotunda, the gates tend to open 30 minutes after the entry of some game watchers have started already. This gives some of the early comers or fans to be early before the games could even start. 

So before the general public gates are opened, early entry for such fans there would get the opportunity to get in. The gates would open 30 minutes before the general public’s entry would end after all the people had entered.  

However, those who enter this early are those ticket holders for the season. Otherwise, other people must wait for the general public to enter the game. 

During The Doubleheaders

There is a way some fans for the Mets have the chance to get to the game earlier enough before it could start. This happens for special occasions or dates for the game. 

For example, when the Mets have a doubleheader game, people would have the time they wish to come before such a game could start. However, the field gates opening would determine the earliest time the fans could enter. 

Nevertheless, some fans would do everything to enter the game as early as possible in such events as concerts or for a particular game date. This gives the fans a chance to enter the field gates even more than 2 hours before the scheduled game time.

 Also, this would happen on such special occasions, and the people would have to get a ticket for the season, which would help them have the chance to be there earlier. 

Before Citi Filed Games Starts

At Citi Field, people get a chance to enter the place earlier before the Mets game can start. This takes place when some fans wish to enjoy the fan of watching the batting practice by the players before the games could start.

Thus at Citi Field, it is one area if you want to go early for a Mets game, then you can 2 hours before the scheduled game time. The field gates will open before the game starts at around 2 hours before, so that some fans would have the opportunity to watch the practice of batting and infields. Also, this only happens on game days. 


Being a fan of a team makes people do something whatever the case. For instance, some people would get to a game before it could start. For example, for the Mets game, the fans would secure the opportunity to be at the field before the game starts. Also, some fans go ahead to get a ticket for the season, which is usually available for those who always like to be at the game fields as early as possible. This may happen to get to the game 2 hours or 30 minutes before a general gate opens. 


Does Citi Field open early on the match day before the games start?

Citi Field gates tend to open 2 hours before the games can start. If one wishes to be at the game area before they could start, or to have such a chance of watching the practices on batting by the players, then the Citi Filed gates would save your game day. 

Which gate opens the earliest to a Mets game?

If you wish to be at the Mets game early enough, then the Jackie Robinson Rotunda tends to save your needs. The gates at this point would open as early as 30 minutes for early fans or even more than 2 hours before the scheduled time for those who hold the season ticket.    

How Early Can You Get To A Mets Game?
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