How Is Killua’s Dad?

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The identity of Killua’s dad has been a source of mystery for fans of the popular anime series Hunter x Hunter since its debut in 2011. While the series has provided some hints about his identity, his identity remains shrouded in mystery. In this blog post, we will explore the evidence that has been provided by the series, as well as some theories that fans have developed, in order to try and answer the question: Who is Killua’s dad?

How Is Killua's Dad?

The Zoldyck Family

The Zoldyck family is one of the most powerful and influential families in the world of Hunter x Hunter, and Killua is a member of this family. The Zoldyck family is known for their immense wealth and power, as well as their highly-trained assassins. Killua’s father, Silva Zoldyck, is the head of the family and a powerful and feared assassin. He is a strict disciplinarian who has trained Killua since childhood to become a powerful assassin as well.

Silva’s Role in Killua’s Life

Silva has played a major role in Killua’s life since his childhood. He has trained Killua since he was a young boy and has taught him the skills and techniques necessary to become an effective assassin. Silva has also been very strict with Killua, pushing him to his limits and often punishing him harshly for any mistakes he makes. Despite this, Silva still loves Killua and wants the best for him, even if it means sending him away from home to pursue his dreams.

Silva’s Relationship with Killua

Silva’s relationship with Killua is complex. On one hand, Silva is very strict and demanding of Killua, pushing him to become the best assassin he can be. On the other hand, Silva also loves Killua and cares deeply for him, often showing him kindness and understanding. Silva has also been willing to put his own life on the line to protect Killua, and he has even gone so far as to break the law in order to ensure Killua’s safety.

Theories about Killua’s Dad

While Silva is the most likely candidate for Killua’s dad, there are some other theories that have been developed by fans. One theory is that Killua’s dad is actually Ging Freecss, the father of Gon and the leader of the Hunter Association. Ging is a powerful and influential figure in the Hunter x Hunter world, and it is possible that he is actually Killua’s father. Another theory is that Killua’s dad is actually the mysterious Chairman Netero, the leader of the Hunter Association. Netero is a powerful figure in the series and could potentially be Killua’s father.


The identity of Killua’s dad remains a mystery, and while there have been some hints and theories, nothing has been confirmed. Silva Zoldyck is the most likely candidate for Killua’s dad, but there are other theories that have been developed by fans. Ultimately, only time will tell who Killua’s dad really is.”

How Is Killua’s Dad?
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