How Long Are Syracuse Mets Game?

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If you’re looking to get a dose of professional baseball action, but don’t want to make an extended trip out west or head down south, consider looking into some options in Syracuse, New York. One great option is getting tickets and attending a minor league baseball game at NBT Bank Stadium! If this sounds like it’s up your alley- so long as you can stand sitting on chilly metal seats for a couple of hours, then you are in for some relaxing 3 hours of baseball action. Let us know “How Long Are Syracuse Mets Game?”

How Long Are Syracuse Mets Game?

Syracuse Mets are a AAA affiliate team of the New York Mets and play in the east division of the international league in the MiLB. Games played by Syracuse Mets in the 2022 MiLB season have had a duration between 2:30 and 2:45 minutes due to the implementation of the pitch clock. Before the introduction of the pitch clock, games would last up to 3 hours or close to 3 hours on average.

How Long Are The Games Played By The Syracuse Mets?

The Syracuse Mets are a triple-A affiliate team of the New York Mets and play in the east division of the international league in the MiLB. The team was founded in 1961 as the Jersey City Jerseys and went by different names for several years. 

Later they became the Albany-Colonie Yankees. In 1988, they relocated to Syracuse before once again changing their name and becoming the Syracuse Chiefs before getting re-named as the Syracuse Mets for the final time in ’97.

The Mets have been playing at the NBT Bank Stadium, a 10,500-plus seater stadium since 1997. The length of their regular season stretches up to three months from April through September with their game schedule changing every year lasting about 140 regular season games. This year, the number of games to be played was increased to 150.

Before the pitch clock, minor league games, including those played by the Mets would last for not more than 3 hours or a little over 3 hours at the most and it stayed that way until 2015.As of the conclusion of the 2022 MiLB season, minor league games involving the Syracuse Mets have on average lasted for about 2 hours and 35 minutes which is about a 20 minutes decrease from the near 3 hours run time the team used to play. 

What Is A Pitch Clock? 

The Pitch clock is a reverse countdown of numbers that warns the pitchers that they have only a few seconds left to pitch the ball to their opponent. It also warns the batters batting at home plate into taking their position quickly before they get an additional strike. 

The pitch clock gives the pitcher 14 seconds to throw the ball if all the bases are empty and 18 seconds with one or all four bases occupied.

Up until 2015, Minor league baseball games did not use any sort of set timer or clock to track the duration of play. Since the introduction of the pitch clock in 2014, the game of baseball aside from its major league sibling went through a noticeable significant change.

The reason the pitch clock was introduced by the MLB was to test how the new addition to the gameplay would help in speeding up the game by enhancing player performance, specifically that of the pitcher and the batter. 

Seeing the overall success, in 2015 MLB further expanded their testing of the new rule by introducing them in the upper two levels of the MiLB, the triple-A, and Double-A classes.

How Has The Pitch Clock Impacted The Gameplay At The MiLB?

The application of the strict shot clock use also called the pitch clock has managed to reduce game time by approximately 20 to 22 minutes. This new rule has managed to speed up the pace of the game without showing a drastic effect on scoring by teams across all levels in the minor leagues. 

For years MLB fiddled with the idea of implementing pitch clocks in an effort to speed up the games and the pace of play without compromising the run-scoring aspect of the game. 

MLB first introduced the pitch clock in the 2014 season of the Arizona fall league to test out the adaptability and viability of the new rule. Seeing its success in the fall league, MLB then went on to introduce the pitch clock at triple-A and Double-A levels of the MiLB in 2015.

The first 132 MiLB games that were played after the inclusion of the pitch clock witnessed a reduction of about 20 minutes of average game time thus, creating a new average of 2 hours and 39 minutes. 

However, many experts as well as players have shared their opinions about the inclusion and the successful adaptation of the rule into the game of baseball. 

The Syracuse Mets team management addressed its views on the pitch clock by saying that it allows unnecessarily wasted minutes of the games to be cleaned up and so far it has worked out exactly how it was intended to. 


The introduction of the pitch clock in the MiLB has proven to be a successful one with unnecessary game time getting cut short which in turn improved the pace of the game. For Syracuse Mets and other triple-A and double-A teams, the transition wasn’t as smooth as anticipated with numerous violations of the rule becoming an avid occurrence for the next couple of seasons since 2015. However, the success of this long-drawn experiment has finally allowed MLB to introduce the pitch clock to the major leagues with a few tweaks in the rule starting the 2023 regular season.

How Long Are Syracuse Mets Game?
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