What Can I Bring To Mets Stadium?

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Citi Field is a baseball stadium which was opened in 2009. It is located in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, which is in the Queen borough of New York. Citi Field offers high-class events and hospitality. It is the home field of Major League Baseball’s New York Mets. Yankee Stadium is at a distance of 11 kilometres from Citi Field. Citi Field is one of the largest stadiums and it is very easy to navigate and also reachable. Let us know ‘What Can I Bring To Mets Stadium?’.

What Can I Bring To Mets Stadium? In the Mets stadium, one audience is allowed to bring stuff like a water bottle, ID proof in case someone wants to purchase an alcoholic beverage inside the Mets stadium, cellphones, strollers and many more things that didn’t disobey the guidelines of Met’s stadium.

What can I bring to Mets stadium?

  1. The Citi Field, allow bags such as purses, tote, drawstring, and fully clear backpack-style bags with no covered inner pockets.
  2. Diaper bags that are not backpack-style and messenger-style bags along with small soft-sided coolers are allowed at the Mets stadium.
  3. Visitors are allowed to bring sunscreen to the Mets stadium.
  4. A valid photo ID proof if you are twenty years or older and want to purchase alcoholic beverages at the Mets stadium.
  5. Blankets and seat cushions are welcome on artificial grass berms seating. Blankets must be carried over the shoulders and are subject to inspection.
  6. Both still and video cameras are permitted in the stadium for shooting before the game during and in innings until they are not interrupting the view of other viewers.
  7. The Citi Field allow banners, signs and flags to be displayed in the stadium as long as they do not create any kind of disturbance in the viewers’ game.
  8. Spectators can bring gloves if they are sitting down the line, where there is no netting.
  9. Strollers are permitted in the Mets stadium. Non-folding strollers and large folding strollers should be deposited at the Fan Assistance Booth.
  10. Umbrellas of all shapes and sizes are allowed in the Mets stadium until they don’t interfere with the views of other fans.
  11. The visitors are allowed to use cellular phones in the Mets stadium, provided they do not interfere with fellow visitors’ enjoyment.

Things not allowed at the Met Stadium

  1. Backpacks are not permitted.
  2. Food and beverages from outside are not allowed inside the Mets stadium. 
  3. Chairs are not allowed at Berms seating.
  4. Bringing alcoholic beverages and illegal substances into the Met stadium is not allowed.
  5. Entry of fans into the ground is strictly prohibited. If someone tries to enter the ground during the game, they may get arrested for violating the stadium rules.
  6. Intoxicated or disorganized fans are not allowed into Met Stadium.
  7. Use of noisemaking devices and laser pointers is strictly prohibited in the Mets stadium.
  8. The Mets stadium authority doesn’t allow Smoking in any locations on Mets property.
  9. No one is allowed to use offensive words inside the Mets stadium. Any kind of verbal abuse may lead to arrest directly.
  10. Tailgating is not allowed in Lots A, B, or G/ official lots.

Services provided at Mets Stadium 

  1. Wheelchair-accessible seat locations are available in various sections throughout the Mets stadium.
  2. Citi Field provides a cashless facility; viewers can deposit the case in reverse ATMs and use Mastercard directly at different vendors where Mastercard is accepted. 
  3. Charging tables are installed on the Excelsior Level and Delta Level for guests with access.
  4. Ladies, Gents and family restrooms are available at the Citi Field. 
  5. Lost and found service is available at Citi Field. The owner of the lost item is not contacted by the stadium members on their own. 


Mets game is very popular and with great popularity comes a huge fanbase. There is a very large audience when the Mets game takes place in the stadium. With a large stadium, the crowd comes great responsibility for the safety, and security of the audience as well the players. There are so many things which Mets stadium is allowed to take inside but not all things are allowed inside the Mets stadium. Things like water bottles, id proof, backpacks with no inner pockets etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I bring a Stroller to the stadium?

Answer 1: Yes, you can bring a Stroller to the stadium and it should be stored at the Fan Assistance Booth if is non- folding or large. 

Question 2: Can I bring a water bottle to the stadium?

Answer 2: Yes, one can bring a water bottle to the stadium, but the weight of the water bottle should be around 20 or less than 20 ounces

Question 3: Are there any charging points at Stadium?

Answer 3: Yes, charging tables are installed on the Excelsior Level and Delta Level for guests with access.






What Can I Bring To Mets Stadium?
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