How Many Baseballs Are Used In An MLB Game?

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The fans of the MLB games might wonder how much it costs to put on a big game event. As time goes on, more and more balls are being used on the pitch, along with opportunities for organizations to profit. Teams are now trying to sell game-used souvenirs at stadiums and online. In some locations, individuals can even take home a ball from the game they’re watching that day. Let us know “How Many Baseballs Are Used In An MLB Game?”

How Many Baseballs Are Used In An MLB Game?

When a person is watching a baseball game, they see a player tossing out a baseball after a few minutes to a new one. By the look of things, the number of balls used in the game is higher than what a person thinks. On average, 100 to 120 baseballs are used in MLB games for the major ones, while 40 to 100 baseballs are used for the minor games. According to the game arrangement, the lower levels use fewer balls than the higher levels. The usage of balls in a match also varies depending on the age of the players. For example, college games use around 60 balls per game, while high school players use lesser balls.

This article will discuss how many balls are used in MLB games in high schools, colleges, and minor league games. It will explain further how baseballs are prepared, how many balls are used in the MLB season, if the balls are reusable and what the MLB does with the ball that hits the dirt, and finally, how often the baseballs are replaced during the game.

Numbers Of Baseball Used In MLB Season

Baseballs are used in any MLB games. Here there are different numbers of baseballs that are used in every game. Every season number of baseball used in the MLB games ranges between 350,000 to 580,000 balls. Each team plays a total game of 162 in each season. Every MLB game uses an average of 10 dozen balls, which means that every 30 teams have 81 games home, so enough balls must be there for the game to continue.

Calculating the numbers of the balls mathematically to be used, a person should multiply the 81 games by 30 teams, and then the answer multiplies it by 12o baseballs used per game. This means that the total baseballs used during that MLB season will be 291,600 without including the practices, spring training, all-star games, home run derbies, or even the playoffs.

Number Of Baseballs Used In Minor League Games

The number of baseballs used in the minor leagues is few but vary depending on the league. For example, the triple-A games range between 70 to 100 balls per game which is a bit lesser than the MLB game. Other minor leagues like double and single A uses 40 to 70 balls per game.

There are several reasons why minor league games use fewer baseballs. The first reason the minor league games use few baseball games is that the balls are reused after hitting the dirt. According to the MLB games, once the balls have hit the dirt, they should be replaced.

The second reason they use few balls is that the double and single A games are more robust than those used in the major leagues. That means they last longer in the game, even when the players hit them around.

The Number Of Baseballs Used In College Games

The college games also use fewer numbers of baseballs than MLB games as well as minor league games. The college games use an average of about 60 to 65 baseballs, almost half the number of balls used in any MLB game. The baseballs in college games are prepared like MLB baseball, where they are rubbed with mud before the game starts.

During the tournament, many balls are used where. They can use up to 30 dozen. Balls are used a lot in tournaments because they get used quickly since one game uses approximately five dozen. The crews always ensure they have at least 10 dozen baseballs before the game starts. In the final round of the college tournament, the crew prepares 30 to 50 dozen balls to facilitate a smooth game for the players.

The Number Of Baseballs Used In High School Games

They used the least number of balls in the MLB games in high school out of any level. According to statistics, high school sports are much more expensive than other levels. The administration can lower the cost of high school baseball games by keeping the number of balls used per game low.

They use fewer and fewer baseballs until the game ends. The home team always provides 2 to 3 balls at the beginning of the game; those are the only balls that will be used until the game is over. Sometimes the new ball might be added into the continuing game in case the ball was hit out of the bound, even if on a home run or foul ball.

According to the rules of NFHS, the minimum of approved baseballs should be provided at the beginning of the game. But it depends on the agreement of both parties regarding whom to deliver the balls, but it is the home team’s responsibility to provide the baseballs to be used. They also added that no less than two balls should be used to complete the game.

Preparation Of Baseballs In The MLB Games

All MLB games use the Rawling baseballs, which are made in Costa Rica. The baseballs from Costa Rica are hand sewed and checked for consistency. According to the MLB games rules, the home team is the one who prepares the baseballs to be used from the start to the end of the game.

The home team prepares a minimum of 120 baseballs for every game, which is enough. But they usually prepare extra balls that range between 20 to 30 in case the ball is hit. If fewer balls are used than designed, the extra balls are used in the next game.

The balls are rubbed with mud before the start of the game. They are rubbed with mud to give them a grip for the player to hold, and also it makes the ball less shiny and rough, which improves the grip. The Umpires are responsible for ensuring that the balls are rubbed into the mud before the start of each game for consistency and up to the league standard.

How Often Are The Baseballs Replaced During The Game?

The baseballs are always replaced in every three to seven pitches on average. But this can depend on the situations that occurred during the play. Also, it can depend on how the balls are used, the quality of the balls, and if they are damaged. The main reason why the baseballs are replaced is because of the wild pitches and passed balls.

What Does MLB Do With The Baseballs That Hit The Dirt?

The first question that comes to people’s minds is. Are the baseballs reusable?  Answering this question is that they are not reusable; instead, they are sold to the MLB shops as memorabilia. The home team collects the discarded balls and sells them also.

In MLB games, any ball that comes into contact with dirt is usually replaced. MLB takes this ball to batting practices, and others are in the minor leagues. 

Cost Of Baseball In MLB Games

The baseball cost varies from year to year, but it is estimated that each baseball costs an average price of $10. $10 seems cheap, but considering the number of balls used in a game, it might be costly. Also, many balls are used in batting practice and on the field before the start of the game. For example, more than 900,000, including the playoffs, might be expensive in the Major League per season. Throughout the year, MBL teams use 10,000,00 total balls

In conclusion, MLB games are fun to the fan, and they enjoy them up to the end. Think of how many balls are to be used in a baseball game. Players should consider the ones used in the actual game and the baseballs used by the players while preparing for the game. Another thing to consider when preparing the baseballs is ensuring the team with that responsibility should have enough balls. More balls are required in the major MLB season, where there is a need to add dozens of baseballs in other games such as playoffs and the World Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many baseballs are prepared in every MLB game?

The number of baseballs prepared per MLB game may vary. But the number of balls prepared may be between 120 balls to 140 balls. And in case some of the balls are not used in one game, they are set aside for use in the next game.

  1. Reasons why the MLB games go through many baseballs

They are many reasons why many baseballs are used. The balls used in the pitch can be removed if the pitcher requests a new ball, if the ball is foul or home run, or even if the Umpire discovers that the baseball is discolored or scuffed.


How Many Baseballs Are Used In An MLB Game?
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