How Many World Series Have The METS Won?

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The New York Mets is a professional baseball men’s team which is located in the New York City borough of Queens. The club was formed in 1962 and it participates in the National League in the East division. The Mets supporters who do not know much of the team’s history in the world championships should now worry less after reading this article as it explain the story of the team when they participated in the world series. Let’s learn about ‘How Many World Series Have The METS Won?’.

How Many World Series Have The METS Won?

How Many World Series Have The METS Won?

Apart from participating in the National League East Division, the Mets have also participated in the world series championships five times in their history. The World Baseball Series is played once per year and it is a tussle between the winner of the American League (AL) and the winner of the National League (NL). The competition was founded in 1903, and the winner of the contest is determined through a series of best-of-seven playoffs, with the winner being crowned the commissioner’s cup. For the five times that the Mets have participated in the world series, they have only won on two occasions, in 1969 and 1986. They appeared in the series again in 1973, 2000, and 2015 and they failed to secure the trophy on both occasions.

The 1969 world series (1st World Series won by the Mets)

In 1969, the Mets secured a place in the world series after they were champions of the National League (NL). On the other hand, the American League (AL) champions were the Baltimore Orioles which meant that the Mets were going into the world series to play the American League giants. The speculation surrounding the playoffs in that year predicted the Mets could be edged out by the American League giants. The Mets came into the playoffs as underdogs and were dimmed to lose the lucrative trophy.

The Mets surprised many fans around the world, after being underdogs when coming into the World Series, they went on to pull a historic fight and won, pulling off an amazing upset by beating the Baltimore Orioles who were favorites. The Mets won four games to one in the playoffs.

This was their first win in the world series hence making it a historic for the New York Mets mens baseball team.

The 1986 world series (2nd World Series won by the Mets)

The Mets’ triumph in the World Series came again in the 1986 World Series playoffs. The Mets were the champions of the National League and in this round, they came to face the Boston Red Sox. The 1986 World Series is still considered one of the most exciting playoffs in the competition’s history.

The game was a thriller as it went back and forth with no clear leader, but it went down to the favor of the Mets who went on to win four games to three in a 4-3 thriller. The result of the game made many fans around the world conclude that luck made the Mets win the series, some may agree others will not, but what stands out as the most thrilling game was game six which saw the Mets come back from two runs down in the 10th inning, and the Red Sox failed to capitalize their chances which saw the Mets win the 6th game making the playoffs to stand at 3-3. The Mets went on to win the 7th game and this was a historic win for them as they won 4-3 and were crowned winners of the World Series in that year (1986).

Baseball fans around the world are still talking about the 6th game of this playoff up to this date, more than thirty-five years ago and this just shows the intensity of the excitement of that game. Indeed, this was a historic win for the Mets and it also impacted their fanbase by adding millions of supporters to their followers.

The 1976 World Series (Mets’ 1st loss in the World Series playoffs)

In 1976, the Mets were coming into the World Series for the second time in their history. They had won the National League. The competitors in this year’s World Series were the Oakland Athletics. They had won the American League and were also the defending champions of the World Series and were still major favorites to win the championships of that year.

The playoff of that year was a very big game for the Mets putting in mind that they were only reaching the World Series championships for the second time in their history and they were meeting a big team not to mention that the Oaklands were playing as defending champions, so this was a tough game for the Mets. The Oakland Athletics went on to win the seven games and were crowned the world series champions of that year.

The loss came as bad news to the passionate supporters of the New York Mets but they were not badly heartbroken as their team had something to take home as they had won the NL East Division with a narrow win over the St. Louis Cardinals and winning against the Cincinnati Reds, it was also a great milestone in their history as they featured in the World Series for the second time in their history.

The 2000 World Series (Met’s 2nd loss in the World Series playoffs)

The 2000 world series was a derby of its own because it featured two baseball teams from New York and this was a playoff between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees, this was a historic meeting as they were meeting for the first time in 44 years.

The Mets also came into this playoff as underdogs, they were facing the Yankees who were coming into the playoffs for the third consecutive time having won the two previous playoffs. The Mets were appearing in the World Series for the fourth time in history, having won on two occasions and lost on one outing.

That year’s series was often referred to as the subway series because they were crosstown rivals. The Mets lost that series with a difference of 1-4 in a playoff that was considered to be easy for their opponents. The outcome of the playoff was that the Yankees won the third consecutive World Series trophy hence building their strong legacy against their crosstown rivals.

The 2015 World Series (Met’s 3rd loss in the World Series playoffs)

The most recent appearance of the New York Mets in the world series came in 2015 when they played in the playoffs for the 5th time in their history.

The New York Mets had won the National League and were contesting against the Kansas City Royals who had been crowned champions of the American League.

The Mets had been tipped to win that year’s playoff but things did not go as predicted. The Royals went on to win easily by winning four games to one in an easily contested playoff of the World Series.

This went on to frustrate most of the Mets’ supporters but they remained strong and kept their hopes high that one time when the Mets come back to the World Series playoffs, they will be able to bring home the lucrative trophy back to their throne. After the 5-time appearance in the World Series championship, the history of the Mets team is building slowly and slowly.

What to hope next for the NY Mets baseball team?

The Mets are still a formidable side, although they have not been very successful in the World Series championships. They are also amongst the most popular teams in the baseball game. The 2015 World Series was the last time that the Mets appeared in the competition and their fanbase still hopes they will make a comeback soon and bring home the lucrative cup again. 


The New York Mets is a men’s baseball team located in the Borough of Queens, New York, and was founded in 1962. Their main competition is the National League (NL). The World Series Championships is an event between the winner of the National League and the winner of the American League and it is only played once each year, it was formed in the year 1906. The Mets have played in five World Series championships winning on two occasions in 1969 and 1986 and losing on the other three in 1976, 2000, and 2015. Despite being unsuccessful in three of their World Series appearances the Mets are still a formidable opponent that should be feared.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many teams participate in the World Series Championships?

Only two teams take part in the annual World Series championships, the winner of the National League plays against the winner of the American League.

  • Have the Mets won any World Series?

They have won two World Series championships.

  • How many World Series has the Mets participated in?

The Mets have appeared in the World Series five times in their history, winning on two occasions and losing on three occasions.

How Many World Series Have The METS Won?
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